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Breaking News: Massie Turns Tail – Won’t Face VanValkenburg


UPDATE:  Eddie Whitlock, the chair of the Henrico County Republican Committee, will replace Massie on the ticket.

Del. James P. Massie III (VA-72) has called it quits!  After nearly a decade of holding his seat in the Virginia General Assembly unopposed, Massie folded when confronted by a strong Democrat running a vigorous and energized campaign: Schuyler VanValkenburg (Check Schuyler out here). 

Democrats and Progressives:  Virginia Republicans are feeling the heat – from Hillary’s victory in traditionally Republican districts (like the 72nd) to women “up in their grills” – and they are getting out of the kitchen!  First Pete Farrell, and now Massie, who campaigned for Trump and spoke against Medicaid expansion (see my article here).  They are vulnerable!  All eyes are on Virginia this year.  Let’s show the country the path forward.  Get new voters registered, volunteer on campaigns, spread the word about candidates on social media (yes, please post this article!) and donate money if you can.  You can donate to Schuyler here.


  • GoBlue!

    I doubt Whitlock will be the only candidate. Might be a bit presumptuous to say he’ll replace Massie on the ticket.

    • Ailurophile

      Good point – though it’s a bit late in the day….

  • Local public high school teacher Schuyler VanValkenburg today issued the following statement in response to Del. Jimmie Massie’s announcement that he will not seek re-election for the 72nd District Seat:

    “Since announcing my candidacy in January, I have been honored and humbled by the overwhelming grassroots support we’ve seen on the ground. “We’ve been out knocking on doors every weekend for the last six weeks, and we already have 160 individual donors from nearly every precinct in the district. We’re feeling the energy as we talk to working families across the County about the issues that matter most to them. These past couple days, we’re hearing from voters who are deeply worried about how President Trump’s budget will devastate so many programs that are critical to the Commonwealth’s economy, including education. Western Henrico’s public school system drives our local economy by attracting families and businesses from all over the country, and as a public high school teacher, I am deeply concerned about efforts in the Trump administration and in the General Assembly to drain funding from our public schools – the lifeblood of our community. I look forward to continuing my campaign and earning the support of every Virginian in my district.”