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Conservative Republican Prince William County School Board Member Calls on Racist Corey Stewart to Resign for Advocating “White Nationalism”


This is heinous, even by Prince William County Board Chair (and 2017 Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate) Corey Stewart’s low, low, nonexistent “standards.” Good for Willie Deutsch, a Republican and Prince William County School Board member, for calling Stewart out on his “racist language.” Unfortunately, Deutsch is a rare case of Republicans strongly calling out the Corey Stewarts, Steve Kings, etc. of their party. Still, glad to see Deutsch doing it. Now, let’s see if the anti-Semitic jokester who heads up the Virginia GOP, John Whitbeck, will join Deutsch in condemning Stewart. Also, how about Stewart’s decade plus of xenophobic vitriol and demagoguery? Where has the Virginia GOP been all this time???

P.S. Stewart’s Reddit chat is here. Note that Stewart also agreed that Bill Clinton is a “rapist,” agreed that Terry McAuliffe is a “cuck,” vowed to “pass campus carry,” claimed the media is “FAKE NEWS,” claimed that Hillary Clinton is probably “in the woods, probably not with Bill,” and said he supports “deporting all illegal aliens, beginning with those who have committed additional crimes while in the U.S.” Of course this vile excuse for a human being is a Republican…vomit.

  • OK, the anti-Semitic “joke” dude who heads up the Virginia GOP has weighed in with a statement. Again, note that Whitbeck never weighed in as Stewart made many xenophobic, racist statements during the course of this governor’s race or previously…

    “The term “cuckservative” is racist and its use is not acceptable in political discourse under any circumstance. I condemn the use of the term unequivocally and without exception. No Republican should ever use this type of language in a campaign. ”

  • Turbocohen

    I’m Jewish. I’m also a republican. The joke you refer to spoken by RPV chairman was neither auto semitic nor offensive. Not in any way.

    Corey Stewart is generally despised by the majority of republicans.

    • I’m Jewish as well, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on the anti-Semitic nature of that joke.