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Monday News: Trump Coming to “early tipping point?”; “Pause This Presidency!”; “Marine Corps rocked by nude-photo scandal”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, March 6.

  • Congressman McEachin on Marine Corps Investigation

    RICHMOND – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) made the following statement in reaction to reports that Marines and former Marines shared nude photos of women on social media:

    “I am extremely disappointed to hear about reports of active members and veterans of the Marine Corps sharing nude photos of their female fellow service members. Persons who have dedicated their lives in service of our country should not be victims of this heinous action, especially by their fellow service members. There must be zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the armed services.

    “I applaud the individual who brought this information forward. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I am calling for a full investigation and a promise that victims receive the resources they need. I trust that the Marine Corps Commandant, General Neller, will right this wrong and will make it clear that all service members must be treated with respect and that harassment will not be tolerated.”

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    Now the Germans are thinking maybe they need to have a massive military buildup.
    I guess this can be marked up as a foreign policy success for Trump. He wanted NATO allies to spend more on the military, right?

    And so the lessons of the 20th century were forgotten in the early days of the Trump administration.

  • Video: Bald Piano Guy, Gilbert and Sullivan Do Trump Administration

  • You know you’ve missed possible 2018 US Senate candidate Ewww Jackson’s spittle-flecked ravings recently. Right? LOL


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  • Connolly Statement on Trump’s Executive Order Reinstating Travel Ban

    Fairfax, VA – Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) released the following statement after President Trump’s executive order seeking to reinstate his Muslim and Refugee ban:

    “This Muslim Ban 2.0 is still rooted in the same bigotry and discrimination that’s come to define this Administration. It’s un-American and antithetical to our values.”

  • From DPVA:

    Republican Attempts to Rig Voting in Virginia Costs Taxpayers Millions

    After last week’s United States Supreme Court decision that scrapped Republican-drawn state house districts, Governor McAuliffe asked Republicans in the state house to collaborate on non-partisan redistricting. Rejecting both the Governor and Virginia reporters, Republicans insisted to continue their mission to rig election maps, regardless of the cost. Unfortunately for them, we found out how much taxpayers are on the on hook for:

    “A federal court has awarded $1.3 million to the attorneys who successfully sued to redraw Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District, an amount assessed partially against Virginia taxpayers and partly against current and former Republican members of Congress.”

    You read that right, the Republicans’ latest scheme to ‘fix’ house districts has backfired to the tune of $1.3 million. But that’s not the end of the tab that the GOP has expensed to the people of Virginia.

    “Taxpayer money has been used to defend House of Delegates members involved in the case, as well as to defend the case in general. When the Daily Press cataloged costs for all three redistricting cases in the spring of 2016, taxpayer costs had reached nearly $3 million to pay outside attorneys brought in to defend the lines or to represent state officials, including those trying to avoid releasing emails and other documents sought in the case.”

    While the McAuliffe Administration’s fight to expand democracy is changing lives across the Commonwealth, Republicans are fighting around the clock to rig the district lines to keep themselves in office and their power grab is costing Virginians millions.