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Ruinous GOP “Health Plan” Plan Hangs Americans Out to Dry


Millions of Americans, even those with insurance, are drowning in medical debt. Indeed as this NPR story discussed, medical debt is the top reason people go bankrupt.

But, medical debt can happen to anyone, even those with insurance. As a News and Observer journalist, John Murawski, revealed this past week, insurance is no protection from medical debt.

And this is before any less generous GOP “replacement” plan would go into place. It will be much, much worse under the proposed buzzwords in lieu of a real plan, “repeal and replace.” The biggest culprit seems to be high- deductible insurance. But there are other reasons. It sometimes occurs because of out-of-network providers on medical and surgical teams without the patient’s knowledge. Also, costs can vary significantly from one state, region or even hospital to another.

The most recent revelation by Murawski shone a light on the vast underbelly of patient debt at several local hospitals, including Duke University Health System, UNC Health, Wake-Med and Wake Forest Baptist Hospital Center. I urge you to read it to understand what can go wrong. Then consider that all of these deficiencies will be compounded with an on-your-own system, which is an access plan not an insurance plan. In other words, the proposed plan (thus far) will be a near-worthless approach to solbing the problems of affordable care. requiring an outlay in order to get a tax credit. And this problem will certainly worsen in an environment that has gutted patient-friendly consumer protections. The weight of high deductibles will be worse under the GOP plan, as deductibles will be driven higher.

Republican legislators have deceived voters by persuading them that rates have gone up for most people under the ACA. It’s just not true.

But the poor and older Americans too young for Medicare fare the worst under the GOP plan. The tax credit plan punishes them. Additionally, the GOP plan allows that they can be charged 5 times more than younger people (it used to be three times more under teh ACA). Take a look at the article and visuals here. It is almost horrifying how upside down the current GOP proposal is.

Please continue to let your elected representatives know you expect them to support health care for all, not on-your-ownership.

  • Russell Patton Davis – Journal

    Cotton & Cruz gets it kind of right, Ryan gets it all wrong.
    No one in DC seems to be getting mostly right..
    Maybe the following draft legislation is more right than any other so far.
    Radically Conservative measures are used to create a result that will pull
    the rug from under Pelosi & crew.
    Please suggest improvements in the wording or content.
    The draft in a mere 662 words follows :
    ObamaCare Repeal & Replacement Act
    Franklin Heath Care Individual Trust Act
    The Each and Every Human Citizen Individual Healthcare Trust Act.
    Congress Finds:
    1.1) The conventional structure of the health care argument is designed to make the citizens lose to the legal-medical industrial complex that is ultimately bankster controlled hence functionally owned.
    The real parties of interest can be stripped of deceitful camouflage.
    None of the parties have any just reason to be parties if not for the #1 prime owner, that is the ultimate customer.
    1.2.1) Every lie in health care serves to strip THE CUSTOMER of human of dignity and turns them by degrees into a chattel, into a legal person and not a human.
    1.2.2) It appears the every such 1.2.1) possible economic transaction does that based upon fraudulent-by-deception use of the UCC.
    Strictly speaking those who are knowingly party to that abomination are party to as many as seven criminal and biblical abominations as their professional custom.
    1.4) This the cheapest, best and most health and liberty producing health care legislation to date will find that it answers all arguments against it having legitimacy. That is the legitimate reservation or argument against it must be free of factual falsehood, equivocation, dissemblance and logical fallacy.

    Therefore Congress establishes:
    2.) That this act establishes the bounds of the US government’s exclusive legitimate interest in the health care
    2.1) which is limited to the legitimate beneficial-&-legal owners(BOs) of the trust incorporated that is the only lawful government of the united states of America;
    2.2) except minimally including other persons that are conclusively evidenced as being so negligent (liable or guilty) of their own health care that they are physically a health hazard to other proper owners;
    2.3) and that except within the 2.2) exception all owner-beneficiaries of the trust will be exclusively authorized to *self-manage their own health care expenses* up to consumption of the law defined limit to the equity government will contribute to that individual human’s health care trust.
    This provision 1.5.3) will remove most evil producing confusion within the heath care industry because the ultimate buyer and payer is the customer.
    Good stewardship and thrift in healthcare self-management will now have proper reward.
    2.4.1) Given the current expected value of the average lifetime health costs of legitimate owner-beneficiaries (roughly $200,000) the treasury is here by commanded to issue a book entry credit into a trust account for every proven legitimate US citizen in that amount of treasury note *Franklins* convertible into Fed Note dollars at the Congress assessed *inflated value* of fed note dollars value for a basket of typical medical services as Congress may determine from time to time.
    2.4.2) Congress also finds that these provisions gives BOs’ great motive to be frugal while making every investment in preventative health care the BO deems to have likely profitable consequence.
    2.4.3) Congress also finds that these provisions make the healthcare market customer driven (rather than lawyer driven) and so competitive for customers is it reasonably expected to cause the cost of heath care to drop while its cost-effectiveness increases.
    2.5) Value within the beneficial owners(BO) healthcare human’s trust may by the fully proper witness command of the BO be
    2.5.1)bequeathed to another BO in last will & testament or
    2.5.2)freely granted to another BO without compensation if the of over 70 years of age or,
    2.5.3) freely granted to another BO at anytime in so much as the asset balance of the BO’s trust exceeds its original balance.
    2.5.4) Any party may grant money to a BO’s healthcare trust.
    3.1) The Veterans Administration’s Healthcare service will embrace open market services for the veterans.
    3.2) A BO in military service will receive a contribution to their healthcare trust fund as part of their pay in so much as Congress determines.
    3.3) Congress also finds that by this method the US veterans will become the honored customer rather than a grudgingly accepted expense.
    4.1) Congress also finds that now the government is largely out of the health care business except for the CDC and the military.
    5) ObamaCare is absolutely repealed.

    Drafted by Russell P Davis on March 9th in the year of God’s Word Made Flesh 2017