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Sunday News: “It’s Never Trump’s Fault”; Ryan “Badly Damaged”; Mike Flynn Turns on Trump?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 26.


  • Video: “Thank Congresswoman Barbara Comstock for keeping her promise” – FAIL!


  • Robert Reich imagines potential Tillerson-Putin conversation:

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Russia next month, at a time when Trump associates are being investigated for links to alleged Kremlin-sponsored interference in the presidential campaign. (The NATO meeting was just rescheduled to accommodate Tillerson’s schedule). The purpose of Tillerson’s visit to Russia is not clear.
    If he meets with Putin, the exchange might go something like this:
    TILLERSON: Hello, Mr. President.
    PUTIN: Good to see you, Rex. I’ve been expecting you.
    TILLERSON: So what exactly do you want?
    PUTIN: Lift the sanctions, now. Destroy NATO before the year is out. Let us take over Ukraine. And don’t make a fuss when we establish a corridor to Kaliningrad.
    TILLERSON: And in exchange?
    PUTIN: I don’t leak a word about how Trump worked with us to win the 2016 election.
    TILLERSON: How can we trust you won’t want even more?
    PUTIN: I will want more, Rex. This is just a down payment.
    TILLERSON: How can we trust you won’t leak anyway?
    PUTIN: Why would I? The moment I leak, I lose my leverage. (He smiles broadly): It’s the art of the deal.
    TILLERSON: I’ll let Trump know your terms.
    PUTIN: Do that. But be careful. Your White House leaks like an old samovar. (Putin extends his hand) Goodbye, Rex.
    TILLERSON: Goodbye, Mr. President.
    What do you think? Is this too far-fetched?

  • Video: Mark Warner “Doubly Believe[s]” Russia-Trump Investigation Most Important Thing He Has Ever Done


  • Quizzical

    What now concerning Medicaid expansion in Virginia? As I understand it, the Republican opposition to it was that they thought eventually the ACA would be repealed, leaving the States that expanded Medicaid twisting in the wind and in financial crisis.

    Now it looks like the ACA is not going to be repealed at all. So what does Virginia get for having forgone about $10 billion in Medicaid funds since the ACA passed?

    Also, even before the repeal and replace bill was pulled, there were plans to financially ease the transition for the States that had expanded Medicaid. And States like Virginia which had not expanded Medicaid had their hands out, saying wait a minute, we want money too.

    Isn’t it time for Virginia to cut its losses and take the Medicaid expansion?

  • Quizzical

    There is no climate change crisis, says the coal guy
    Top US coal boss Robert Murray: ‘We do not have a climate change problem’ – the guardian

    • Shocked! Shocked! that one of the guys destroying the planet for $$$ denies that he’s destroying the planet for $$$. Evil.

      • Quizzical

        Among other thing, Robert Murray wants to strip all government incentives and tax breaks from green energy. The best answer to that is one given by Elon Musk, when asked about whether Tesla could survive without all the government incentives. His reply was yes, if all the government incentives were also stripped from the oil industry and conventional car makers.

        • Once we FULLY internalize the true cost of fossil fuels, then – and only then – should we talk about cutting incentives/tax breaks from clean energy.