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Thursday News: “Flailing” Trump Winning! at Being Unpopular; Is Trump a Liar, Delusional or Both?; “Devin Nunes is Dangerous”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 30.

  • Dan Rather:

    The 20th Century turned out to be the American century. What will happen in the 21st? That is the destiny now being written from Washington to Moscow to Beijing. New York Times columnist Tom Friedman makes the case in today’s paper for something I have been thinking a while as well, China could be the ultimate winner from Trump’s foreign policy. Friedman touches on everything from the scuttled Obama trade deal in Asia, of which Friedman was a fan, to Mr. Trump’s push for coal in a world that will be dominated by the need for clean energy. Mr. Friedman also bemoans the decimation of the State Department budget for such measures as foreign aid.

    It is important to remember how radical Mr. Trump’s foreign policy is. And this says nothing of the very troubling shadow of Russia on his campaign and our election. The United States has long wielded its power on the world stage by being seen as a leader of the future, a role founded on openness and moral justice. We have not always lived up to those ideals, at home or abroad. But we did project a vision of progress. Now the world sees a rapid regression and potentially a great geopolitical reshuffling. On climate, energy, and stability, China could now cast itself as emergent to America’s decline.

    Meanwhile, the play for influence is accelerating, from East Asia and the Korean Peninsula to other parts of the glove. Take the under reported showdown for influence in a place like Africa. China has spent billions on sprawling railways in East AFrica….from Ethiopia and Eritrea through Somalia and through Djibouti (in extreme north east corner of the African continent) and beyond, into Yemen. Note that some of the world’s most important shipping lanes run along that coast of Africa. Under the surface in East Africa, there are covert struggles for power with China in the game with diplomats and likely intelligence agencies, and military ops — clandestine and in some cases mercenary outfits – religious militias, and “foreign aid.”

    It is a complicated world and the global powers are not going to wait for a President to figure it out. The game is already underway.

  • Corey Stewart has a super-high opinion of himself, but honestly, I think most Virginia Dems would be thrilled if he were the GOP gov. nominee this year


  • DPVA Calls on Washington Insider Ed Gillespie to Release Client List Alongside Statement of Economic Interests

    Gillespie Breaks 2014 Promise of Disclosing Clients, Raising Questions On Conflicts of Interests with Virginia

    Ed Gillespie filed his Virginia Statement of Economic Interests today — except it was missing one big detail: his client list from his most recent top-secret consulting days.

    Back in 2014, Gillespie voluntarily disclosed his consulting clients, saying that if he were to ever run for office, he would do just that.

    Back then, he kept that promise — but today, he is breaking it.

    What does Gillespie have to hide from Virginians? Does his most recent roster of clients represent a conflict of interest the Commonwealth?

    “Ed Gillespie once said that if he ever ran for office, he would release his roster of clients from his top-secret consulting days. Today, he failed on that promise,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “When the choice had to be made whether to be ethical, honest and open — the Virginia good government way — or continue to swim in the DC swamp, Ed chose to stay much-deep in the swamp.

    “Virginians deserve to know who Gillespie intends to represent in the Governor’s mansion — the people of the Commonwealth, or big money Washington?”