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Thursday News: Trump Budget Would Devastate Science, Diplomacy, Environment, the Poor…; Muslim Ban 2.0 Halted by Courts


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 16.

  • Video: Stephen Colbert parodies Rachel Maddow’s Trump tax returns scoop


  • Congressman McEachin on Rulings Against the President’s Updated Muslim Ban

    WASHINGTON – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) released the following statement after federal rulings in Hawaii and Maryland that halts the President’s updated Muslim ban:

    “I’m glad that constitutional protections and the independence of the judiciary are protecting the values of our democracy.”

  • Sen. Mark Warner statement on Trump’s budget:

    “This budget proposal from President Trump does not reflect a balanced approach. Instead, it includes many short-sighted choices that if implemented could actually harm our country’s strength and long-term growth. The Trump budget proposes to dramatically slash public investments in programs like early childhood education, job training, scientific research, and the protection of economic and natural resources like the Chesapeake Bay. We should be serious about addressing the fiscal issues in our country and work together to address the impact that the across-the-board spending cuts have had on the military and our national security. However, the roadmap the President has laid out does not meet those goals. I urge him to commit to working with Congress to take a more responsible, businesslike approach – one that also respects the role of smart investments in our nation’s economic future.”

  • Video: Tom Perriello calls out Donald Trump, Republicans, “corruption in Richmond” and Dominion Power for harming the Chesapeake Bay and for blocking Virginia from moving rapidly towards a clean energy economy.


    The Chesapeake Bay is one of the great environmental and economic treasures of Virginia. Unfortunately, it’s under threat today — from the Trump administration’s cuts to important anti-pollution efforts and from the dangers of climate change. Virginia can be a leader in tackling these threats, by fiercely resisting President Trump’s climate ignorance, aggressively standing up to fossil fuel interests, and demanding a shift to a clean energy future and the thousands of jobs it can bring.

  • Quizzical

    We already spend far more on defense than any other country.

    I am not convinced that we need to spend 54 billion more on defense next year. I hope our elected representatives ask the hard questions on this issue, and don’t just roll over.

  • Denver Riggleman drops out of GOP race for Virginia governor, leaving one raving bigot (Corey Stewart), one corrupt slimeball (Ed Gillespie) and Dominion’s puppet (Frank Wagner). Here’s the raving bigot’s statement on Riggleman (obviously Stewart wants Riggleman’s supporters):

    I would like to congratulate Denver Riggleman on a great race. He took the GOP establishment by storm and raised awareness on a host of important issues, most importantly the corruption in Richmond.

    Denver’s fight against Dominion Power was spot on, as his effort was primarily driven by his distaste for Dominion Power’s strong control over Richmond. This is a fight I’ve also engaged in, and so I understand how hard a fight it is, and I hope Denver’s effort to keep Richmond honest won’t stop now.

    I would like to specifically mention Denver’s staff and volunteers. They are some of the hardest working people there are, and no matter what happens this election, Denver’s #WhiskeyRebellion is alive, it is well, and it will continue.

  • If you thought Ed Gillespie’s tax plan was horrible (and it IS!), check out Corey Stewart’s monstrosity:

    Woodbridge, VA – Republican Corey Stewart today released details on his forthcoming tax plan, known as “Corey Stewart’s Big, Bold Virginia Tax Cut” as a part of his bid for governor of the Commonwealth.

    “In year one, my tax plan will reduce the tax burden on working Virginians by 17.4%,” Stewart said, “and it will phase out Virginia’s income tax over the next several years in order to grow our economy and make the Commonwealth a more attractive option for businesses and citizens alike,” Stewart said.

    “Virginia has to compete with our neighbors, so we will entirely eliminate the income tax in year one for those four localities on our border with Tennessee: Lee, Scott, and Washington Counties, and the City of Bristol,” Stewart said.

    “In contrast with Ed’s plan, which retains the regressive tax structure of the past, my plan removes the regressive tax brackets that take dollars out of the pockets of the poor by cutting taxes for all Virginians who make below $17,000 and establishes a single tax tier for ALL Virginians who make more than $17,000,” Stewart said.

    “In order to cut taxes, we absolutely must cut Virginia’s spending, and that’s where Ed and I differ — his plan doesn’t offer a specific plan to find the spending reductions necessary to cut taxes, but that is exactly what I did in Prince William County,” Stewart said.

    “As governor, I’ll require every state agency to produce a three-tiered plan with recommendations for budget cuts totaling 5%, 10% and 15% of their budgets,” Stewart explained. “Depending on which plan is most feasible, we’ll pursue those spending reductions which are most reasonable, and we’ll look to their recommendations as a guide to whittle down spending in year one,” he said. “This is what we did in Prince William County, and this is what we’re going to do in Richmond.”

    The Stewart campaign will roll out a full explanation of Corey’s Big Bold Virginia Tax Cut in the coming weeks.