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Tuesday News: Adam Schiff Opening Statement; Comey Confirms Possible Trump/Kremlin Coordination; GOP Puts Party Over Patriotism


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, March 21.

  • Robert Reich:

    “I have no special training in mental health (although I have worked for and interacted with a number of U.S. presidents), but I’m struck by the number of mental health professionals who believe Trump has a serious mental illness (see below). If he’s not impeached first, I think the 25th Amendment to the Constitution will be utilized.”

  • Interesting…

    Roemmelt backs Roem for 13th District

    Endorsement marks first issued by any former 13th District Democratic nominee

    March 21, 2017

    MANASSAS – Educator, Navy veteran and former Prince William County firefighter Bruce Roemmelt, EdD, today endorsed Danica Roem for the 13th District of the Virginia House of Delegates.

    Roemmelt ran for the 13th District as the Democratic nominee in 2005 and 2007 and released the following endorsement, the first issued by any of Del. Bob Marshall’s (R-13) previous challengers:


    “I’m proud today to endorse Danica Roem in the Democratic primary for the 13th District of the House of Delegates, a seat I ran for as the Democratic nominee in 2005 and 2007.

    As an educator, Navy veteran and former firefighter, it’s important to me that Danica has committed to take care of those who serve abroad and at home. It’s also important to me that she can defeat Del. Marshall on policy and at the ballot box Nov. 7.

    I met Danica at a rally for Tim Kaine in Woodbridge during the summer of 2005 when she was a freelance reporter at home on break from college. By that point, I had knocked on thousands of doors and told her, “If you’re not going to work hard to get votes, then you’re not going to work hard when you’re in office.”

    Danica works hard.

    Not only did her campaign turn in more than 500 petition signatures to qualify for the ballot last week but no reporter was better prepared and a tougher interviewer than she was for nine years at the Gainesville Times.

    As someone who served as the Prince William County Democratic Committee chairman and ran twice for this seat when it was much more Republican, I also know the political reality of the district and I know Danica is uniquely qualified to win. She is a lifelong Manassas resident and a longtime local journalist who covered the district she wants to represent and knows Del. Marshall’s record inside and out.

    Delegate Marshall knows it too or he wouldn’t be responding to her multiple times in the press or sending out taxpayer-funded letters to constituents trying to pass the buck for not fixing Route 28 after 25 years of backups on his watch.

    Just like I said to Danica 12 years ago, the citizens of the 13th District deserve to be appropriately and profoundly well-represented by a delegate down in Richmond, not what they’ve had out of Del. Marshall.

    I put a premium on candidates doing their due diligence and I have seen first-hand that Danica does her homework. I’m proud to call Danica a friend and I’ll be even prouder when she earns the title of Delegate-elect this November so the people of the 13th District finally have a delegate who focuses on transportation, not discrimination.”

    Danica Roem released the following statement about Bruce Roemmelt’s endorsement:

    “I’m grateful for Bruce Roemmelt’s service to his country, community and party as well as his support in this race. Bruce was the first candidate for delegate I ever voted for in 2005 (as well as the second in 2007) and I’m honored to have his endorsement.”

    • Danica Roem for Delegate

      Thank you, Lowell! I appreciate the support!

      • I’m neutral in this race at the moment, but am always interested in significant developments like this one!

  • Philip Whitman

    Has there been any talk of Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello (and perhaps also the candidates for lieutenant governor) debating before the primary? As I recall, there were a few in 2009.

    • Haven’t heard much, which is kinda strange, but I guess it’s still fairly early…

  • Progress Virginia Denounces Family Foundation’s Delay Tactics on New Abortion Rules

    Richmond, VA – Progress Virginia, the commonwealth’s leading voice for progressive values, this afternoon denounced new steps taken by arch-right Family Foundation to stop fixes to Virginia’s sham restrictions on abortion providers from going into effect.

    In October, the Virginia Board of Health approved amendments to state regulations to reflect scientific evidence and the guidance of medical professionals, repealing provisions motivated only by political ideology. The sham restrictions were first enacted in 2012 and designed to shut down access to first trimester abortion in the Commonwealth. The United States Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that state laws that inhibit women’s access to safe and legal abortion must provide a commensurate medical benefit. Virginia’s sham restrictions, which single out first trimester abortion providers for a level of regulation not applied to like medical providers, do no such thing.

    “Politicians have no business interfering in women’s private health care decisions, but that’s exactly what the Family Foundation is pushing,” said Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. “Make no mistake, these right wingers have zero interest in women’s health and safety. The Family Foundation has a long history of colluding with archconservatives to push a radical agenda designed to limit women’s access to abortion and contraception, from transvaginal ultrasounds to extreme personhood legislation. It’s no surprise these are the same people who want to monitor bathroom usage and use government funds to discriminate against LGBT Virginians. This ridiculous appeal is yet another frivolous attack by out of touch extremists to try to end access to safe and legal abortion in Virginia.”

  • DPVA Calls on Republicans To Take a Stand Against Trumpcare and Medicaid Cuts

    Gillespie, Wagner and Stewart All Endorse Block Granting Medicaid, Putting Thousands of Virginians at Risk

    Not All GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Have Stated Their Position on Trumpcare

    RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Susan Swecker and House Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring called on Republicans to stand up to the Trumpcare bill today, as Virginia’s Medicaid program stands to lose $1.8 billion under the House proposal.

    Ed Gillespie and Frank Wagner have refused to give a straight answer on whether or not they support Donald Trump’s and Paul Ryan’s bill. Yet, Republican governors from across the country are speaking out. Last week, four GOP governors sent a letter to Republicans in Congress opposing the Trumpcare cuts to Medicaid.

    “Medicaid changes like this would force Virginia to either raise taxes to pay for health care benefits or kick vulnerable people off the program,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “It’s no wonder Trump and Republican leaders are trying to rush this plan through: nobody likes it. And we still don’t have a yes or no answer from all Republican gubernatorial candidates on whether or not they support Trumpcare.”

    Meanwhile, Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart and Frank Wager have all come out in support of block-granting Medicaid. This program that would shift Medicaid costs to the states and eliminate critical health services for elderly, disabled and low income Virginians.

    “Medicaid provides around one million Virginians with the care they need to live healthy and productive lives, and it delivers long-term care and support for the elderly and disabled,” said House Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “Any scheme to save the federal government money by pushing increased costs onto the states will harm the Virginia budget, our economy and the quality of health services we provide families in every corner of the Commonwealth — and that is exactly what the Republican gubernatorial candidates want to do.”

    Virginia co-chairman of the Trump campaign John Fredericks said Virginia Republicans were wrong not to expand Medicaid.

  • Video: Democrats Live – with Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, and Elizabeth Warren