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Video: Joe Biden on Decision Not to Run in 2016, Why Dems Lost, Where We Go From Here


Excellent stuff from former VP Joe Biden, speaking at Colgate University on Friday, March 24, about his decision not to run for president in 2016, his belief that he could have won, his lack of regret for not running, how Democrats lost in 2016, and what comes next. For the full video, click here. And as you watch this, just consider the stark contrast between this man of emotional and intellectual integrity, honesty, compassion, enormous experience, etc. and the corrupt, clueless, incurious buffoon now occupying the White House. To put it mildly, Joe Biden would have made in INFINITELY superior president to the Orange Gropenfuhrer. And, as Joe Biden likes to say, I mean that LITERALLY!  Heh.

  • Elaine Owens

    One thing that I especially liked in Biden’s long talk was that he had completely thought through a problem and a realistic solution. Example: Free community college for all students wishing to attend will cost $6 billion annually. So, how do we pay for such a new program? End the tax loophole called “stepped up basis” for inherited assets. Taxable capital-gains income is the selling price minus the basis, so making the “basis” of an asset its value when inherited, not its original value reduces any capital gains tax when the asset is sold. Getting rid of that one loophole that mainly benefits the very rich would result in a gain of $17 billion a year in tax revenue. Paying for a free college program would be easy, with $11 billion left over to reduce national debt or pay for other needs. This kind of arithmetic was what neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton gave during the presidential primaries.