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Wednesday News: Nevertheless, She Persisted; Trumpcare the Culmination of GOP’s Lies; Gillespie, Stewart Argue Who’s More Extreme


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, March 8.

  • Quizzical

    Tuned in to 99.1, WNEW on the drive home last night, and heard some business commentators talking about Trump’s legislative agenda. What an eye opener! It was crystal clear that all they cared about was getting the tax cuts and juicing up the economy that way. The health care bill to them is one tax cut, and then there will be another tax cut bill by summer, with the result that Trump would have two easy W’s in his column and his administration would be on track, and the economy would take off.

    I’m afraid that this isn’t a minority view, among Republicans.

  • How far has Congressional representation of Virginia’s 5th CD sunk since Tom Perriello was defeated in 2010? THIS far.


  • Jason Chaffetz: Lying turd.


    • Quizzical

      Yeah. It is clever spin to talk about the issue of “access” in order to confuse the issues of what is covered by the insurance with the issues of the affordability of the premiums and the deductibles.

  • VA GOP Chair (aka, anti-Semitic “joke” dude) John Whitbeck lies, lies, lies some more about ACA repeal (e.g., “folks in Virginia are behind you 100%”).


  • Andy Schmookler

    A question: If Trump and his people colluded with the Russians in their meddling in our presidential election, that would surely be a scandal.

    WOULD IT ALSO BE A CRIME? If so, what is the law that would make such collusion criminal?

    (More than the Logan Act, I hope.)

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Statement on ‘A Day Without Women’

    Alexandria, VA – Today, thousands of women across the nation are on strike. “A Day Without Women” is an attempt to shine a light on policies that harm women and demand that elected officials actually implement measures that promote women’s freedom and equality. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene released the following statement:

    “‘A Day Without Women’ proves one thing that we all know is true: the world simply cannot function without us. Yet in many ways we’re still treated like second class citizens. The Trump administration is hellbent to roll back the clock on women’s health and rights, and refuses to acknowledge that women continue to receive lower wages than men for equal work. We face discrimination, harassment, and higher degrees of sexual violence, and we still fight for basic human dignities like reproductive freedom. We’ve had enough and this must end!

    When women are treated as equals, our families, communities, societies, and economies thrive. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia stands in solidarity with women across the country and across the world who are fighting to promote freedom and equality in our workforce, in our homes, in our governing bodies, and beyond.

    Today, we are sending a strong message to President Trump that his dangerously misogynistic worldview will not be tolerated. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia rallies with those women who can and for those women who can’t. We will not be silent and we will continue to fight for and with you.”

  • From DPVA:

    Day 2: No Comment on Muslim Ban Round Two from GOP Gubernatorial Candidates

    No Word from Republican Candidates On Muslim Ban and Its Economic Impact

    Another day has gone by and Republicans running for governor refuse to comment on Donald Trump’s refreshed Muslim ban.

    Despite the fact that the first Muslim ban is driving jobs away from the region, Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart, Frank Wagner and Denver Riggleman all supported Trump when he rolled out almost the exact same executive order in January.

    When asked what changes would be different in the second Muslim ban, Trump said “very little.” Now, all four candidates are cowering in silence and won’t say whether they reject or support Trump’s executive order.

    “Trump’s executive order is un-American, it’s harmful to the economy and it’s putting the lives of Virginia families in danger,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “It is simply time for the GOP gubernatorial candidates to come forward and state whether they support or reject President Trump’s prejudice policies that are driving jobs away from the Commonwealth.”

    Last month, Governor McAuliffe said that Trump’s first travel ban had a “chilling effect” on Virginia’s economy, and that two overseas companies looking to join Virginia’s economy have since cancelled their plans.

    Gillespie, Stewart, Wager and Riggleman have already backed Trump’s Muslim ban once, and Virginians deserve to know where they stand for round two.

  • Tom Perriello nails it:

    Republicans, this is not a damn game. These are people’s lives. The only Americans who will not be harmed by the havoc you wreak with this cowardly Trumpcare bill are insurance CEOs. Just admit you were making up lies about the ACA all along. Yes, it has saved American families thousands of dollars per year. No, you can’t keep the “good parts” without the tough parts. Yes, it guaranteed pre- and post-natal care and created parity for mental health coverage that your plan would set back by a decade. No, you do not get to sound compassionate or reasonable when you cut coverage for the poor to give tax cuts to insurance executives. Yes, cutting Medicaid will have real impact on keeping millions of children healthy and in regular contact with a doctor. No, these families are not picking between an iPhone and health care — they are choosing food for their family or health care. Yes, without affordable health care options people will go to the emergency room for minor complaints or skip the doctor altogether. No, this does not provide them a choice for affordable, quality health care or continuity to a single doctor of their choice.

    Yes, there is still time for you to muster an ounce of political courage and protect millions. As someone who may have lost my congressional seat voting for the ACA, I have never regretted it. I assure you that knowing you’ve protected the lives of millions is more valuable than protecting your own political career.

  • Dan Rather:

    So it turns out drafting major health care legislation is difficult, who knew?

    For seven years we’ve been hearing from Republicans about how horrible Obamacare was, and this was the best they could come up with? A rush job that doesn’t seem to have any new ideas or fix the core problems? It seems to prove the point that this was always about rhetoric and not about actually trying to make health insurance either cover more people or lower costs.

    The ball is firmly in the court of the GOP. They control the government, and President Trump made promises on the campaign trail about lower premiums, keeping your doctor, everyone staying insured, etc. Basically a version of healthcare that would be better told by Hans Christian Andersen – a fairy tale. And everyone with any sense on this issue knew it.

    Legislation isn’t a campaign speech. It actually has to be made up of words that lead to law. And those words have to actually tell you something about who will win and who will lose. Who will be covered and how much it might cost. And now that we have a GOP plan, it is getting picked apart by politicians and interest groups on all sides. It is starting to look about as popular as ants at a picnic.

    You had to guess that with Paul Ryan running the show, progressives would not end up liking the result. Millions more likely uninsured? Check. Massive tax cuts for the rich? Looks that way. Also, some powerful outside voices are lining up in opposition. The AARP said ” this harmful legislation would make health care less secure and less affordable.” You can also add a major hospital group and others in the healthcare industry to the critics.

    But perhaps most threatening to the long term prospects for the bill is the push and pull within the Republican Party. Moderate Senators are complaining about how rushed the process is and what will likely happen to lower income Americans. Meanwhile, the hardline conservatives see this effort as some sort of Obamacare light. And they are being propelled by outside groups on the right.

    There is a lot of wonderful analysis in the press about what the GOP approach means in terms of policy. But ultimately, sadly, this will be decided on political grounds. When Ryan said “Doing big things is never easy, but we have made a promise, and we’re going to keep that promise,” he was talking of political promises made on campaign trails and fanned by conservative media. He was not talking of making promises to insure more Americans.

    So here we stand. And President Trump is swinging the full weight of his Administration behind the Ryan plan. Maybe that will be enough to arm twist skeptical Republicans. Or maybe this effort will fall apart in spectacular failure. Mr. Trump promised to replace and repeal Obamacare on day one. But the Affordable Care Act (yes to some out there, that is the same as Obamacare) is still the law of the land. And who knows how long that may last. It likely will be dramatic political theater. It’s just a horrible shame that the stakes being toyed with are millions of Americans and their health insurance.


    ROANOKE, VA – Delegate Sam Rasoul (D-Roanoke City) has become the first member of the General Assembly who will no longer accept any special interest Political Action Committee (PAC) donations. Citing the corrupting influence of money in politics, Rasoul noted that Virginia is ranked 46th out of 50 states in political financing by the Center for Public Integrity. He made the announcement in front of supporters and organizations at Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge in downtown Roanoke this morning.

    “This commitment will send a signal to the people of the Eleventh District that everyone has an equal voice to me,” said Rasoul. “While it is impossible for me to do my job without learning from both paid and citizen lobbyists, the influence of money has the potential to prevent legislators from looking at issues objectively. It would be best if we would have public financing of all campaigns, but we can make strides where we are able. As we work toward campaign and election reforms, I feel called to clearly define my values and behave in accordance with them.”

    As part of his pledge, Rasoul said that he will also not accept donations from registered lobbyists. He was joined by local representatives from Represent Us, Indivisible, Together We Will, Strong Women Strong America, and Our Revolution.

  • Ha, love it – Virginia Dems fundraising off of a potential EW Jackson run for US Senate in 2018.

    Lowell — Guess who could be the next U.S. Senator from Virginia? I’ll give you a hint: Think extreme. Think bigoted.

    Ok, if you guessed E.W. Jackson, former lieutenant governor candidate and current zealot, you’ve hit the bullseye. Jackson has told reporters he’s considering a challenge to Democratic Senator Tim Kaine in 2018.

    And make no mistake, this will be a competitive race. If Democrats don’t step up now, we could end up with someone like Jackson representing us in Washington — and working with Trump to screw over Virginia for generations to come.

    But with your help, we can keep extremists like Jackson OUT and reelect strong Democrats like Tim Kaine. Will you pitch in today, Lowell?

    Here are just a few reasons why E.W. Jackson is WRONG WRONG WRONG for Virginia:

    He compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK

    He called LGBTQ individuals “frankly very sick people” who want to “poison our children”

    He tweeted that it was likely President Obama wiretapped Donald Trump (which no one except Trump believes)
    It’s clear we have to stop him — but to do that, we need to make sure we have the resources to run a winning campaign. Will you pitch in to help us defeat Jackson and his allies and elect strong Democrats for Virginia?


    Kees Nordin
    Political Director

  • From the Justin Fairfax for LG campaign:

    Campaign Statement on International Women’s Day

    “Today, as we observe International Women’s Day, we stand with women of all backgrounds and pay tribute to their immeasurable value in our economy, our culture, and our lives. We stand united to fight for equal pay for equal work and for women’s rights to make their own reproductive and healthcare decisions free of interference from employers and the government. Women deserve the opportunity to have a high-quality education, economic security and opportunity, and to be free from the discrimination, harassment, and violence that women so often face in workplaces, homes, classrooms, and on the street.

    “I was raised by a strong woman, I am married to a strong woman, and I am raising a strong woman. As a proud feminist and the Vice-Chair of Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington Action Fund, I know that when women are empowered, our communities are stronger. So, I stand in solidarity with those participating in “A Day Without A Woman” today and honor their courage. And, I pledge to continue to fight until all women’s rights are guaranteed.”

    – Justin Fairfax, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – On International Women’s Day, U.S. Senators Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine announced that they are original co-sponsors of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that would guard a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion. The act would prevent restrictive regulations and laws – such as those in place in states like Virginia – that curtail reproductive health services for women. Unfortunately, in the year since Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt was argued and in the months since the Supreme Court declared the decisive victory for women and their families, politically motivated attacks against women’s health care have increased across the country.

    “Women should have the right to make their own reproductive health decisions based on their own values and using the best medical judgment available, not on the basis of where they live or the views of politicians there,” Warner said.

    “This bill seeks to stop laws aimed at restricting a basic Constitutional right afforded to women decades ago. Every woman has the right to make her own health care decisions. We must protect the access women have to basic health care freedoms from restrictive regulations and deceptive laws. This is not just a women’s issue, but a family and an economic issue,” Kaine said.

    Warner and Kaine joined Senators Richard Blumenthal and Tammy Baldwin in introducing the Women’s Health Protection Act. The bill has 40 co-sponsors in the Senate and 102 cosponsors in the House.

    This legislation would prohibit laws that impose burdensome requirements on access to reproductive health services such as requiring doctors to perform tests and procedures that doctors have deemed medically unnecessary or preventing doctors from prescribing and dispensing medication as is medically appropriate. Other examples of laws that make it more difficult for a woman to access an abortion include restrictions on medical training for future abortion providers, requirements concerning the physical layout of clinics where abortions are performed, and forced waiting periods for patients.

  • Quizzical

    The UN billion tree campaign
    Best news I’ve read today