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Wednesday News: Trump Inaccuracy-Filled “Bleak Vision of America”; Bernie Sanders on What Trump Did NOT Say


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, March 1. Also check out Bernie Sanders’ response to Trump’s State of the Union address. Great job, Sanders nailed it!

  • From Sen. Mark Warner:

    In response to President Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress, U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) released the following statement:

    “For those Americans looking for a clear and forward-looking agenda, tonight’s speech raised more questions than it answered. I believe the President missed an opportunity to begin to reach out beyond his political base to all Americans. And despite his claims to be concerned about our deficit, I am deeply concerned that the Trump agenda will make our nation’s underlying $20 trillion debt even worse. Americans did not hear specifics on his plans to replace the Affordable Care Act, protect Social Security and Medicare, and reform our tax code. His plans for more cuts in discretionary spending will not even begin to pay for his proposed increases in defense spending, and neither will cuts to foreign aid or wildly unrealistic promises of economic growth.

    “I have long supported investing to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, and if President Trump is willing to work in a bipartisan fashion we can accomplish that goal. But it will require sustained focus and bipartisan ‎commitment from the President.”

  • From Sen. Tim Kaine:

    U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement on President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress tonight:

    “President Trump’s first month in office has caused deep concern among Virginians. I was pleased that his address tonight was more upbeat than his gloomy and combative inaugural address. It is now time for President Trump to follow through with serious policy proposals.

    “I’m encouraged by President Trump’s commitment to investing in defense and infrastructure – areas where I will continue to look for common ground – but I have serious concerns about his plans to cut programs that help working families and protect our environment, create a voucher program that would hurt public schools, and gut State Department funding that’s critical to our national security. And it’s difficult to take President Trump at his word in areas like immigration reform when we’ve seen him repeatedly vilify undocumented immigrants and threaten a deportation force that would tear families apart.

    “Tonight, President Trump failed to put forward a specific plan to replace or improve the Affordable Care Act despite prior promises to keep coverage for all Americans. I’ve heard directly from my constituents – through letters, email, phone calls, and throughout my travels in Virginia – that a repeal of the ACA would be a disaster for them. The message from Virginians is loud and clear: we ought to be working together to find ways to improve the Affordable Care Act, not destroying it and injecting needless uncertainty into people’s lives.”

  • Quizzical

    I thought that President Trump’s’s speech last night was just a cleaned up version of the stump speech, which I’ve heard many many times during the campaign. To me it was all exactly the same thing. Yes, he did have a more presidential tone and he stuck to the Teleprompter. As I was listening to it, I wondered whether the president supposed to get speechwriters might be thinking that on the Democratic side, people hadn’t heard the stump speech before. Well I can say that’s wrong, we’ve heard it all before again and again.

    So we’re back to where we were before, witches, how on earth can we possibly pay for all the things that Trump is talking about? $1 trillion infrastructure program, a significant tax cut both for business and the middle class, a huge defense build up, A repeal and replace of Obama care that provides even better coverage for more people at lower cost,and oh yes, that big and beautiful wall on our southern border. How are we going to pay for all of it, or any of it?

  • Pragmatic Progressive

    I thought that former Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear was very effective in refuting Trump and hated to see how he was panned, wrongfully, by MSNBC’s panel.

  • From Gov. McAuliffe’s office:

    McAuliffe Administration Provides Guidance to Local School Divisions Following Trump Immigration Orders

    ~ The Virginia Department of Education Released Guidance to all 132 School Divisions ~

    RICHMOND – Governor McAuliffe announced today that Steven Staples, the Superintendent of Public Instruction at the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), has distributed new guidance based on legal advice from the Office of the Attorney General in response to recent executive actions on immigration.

    “President Trump’s unprecedented modifications to long-standing immigration policies have led to fear and uncertainty in many of our communities,” Governor McAuliffe said. “So let me be clear: the Commonwealth will continue to be a welcoming place for all students and families, and my administration remains committed to honoring our constitutional obligation to provide each and every pupil with a free and high-quality public education, regardless of immigration status.”

    “These guidelines outline the rights and responsibilities of our superintendents and school boards,” said Secretary of Education Dietra Trent. “They also reinforce our responsibility to provide every single student enrolled in a public school access to a secure learning environment where they can learn, grow and thrive.”

    “Every child in Virginia has the right to learn and grow in a safe, supporting school,” said Attorney General Mark R. Herring. “I’m happy to help Governor McAuliffe, Secretary Trent, and Superintendent Staples take proactive steps to make sure our students and their families understand their rights, and our schools understand their responsibilities to their students and communities.”

    To read the new guidelines: http://doe.virginia.gov/administrators/superintendents_memos/2017/059-17.shtml

  • RELEASE: Virginia Lt. Governor Candidate Susan Platt Announces Plan to Establish a Cabinet-Level Position to Advocate for Children in Need as Part of Her Opportunity Platform to Close the Opportunity Gap

    Great Falls, Virginia – Just weeks after President Trump has filled his cabinet with corporate millionaires and billionaires who want to undermine public schools, lower wages so businesses make more money at workers’ expense and lift protections for vulnerable children, Susan Platt announced today a plan to establish a cabinet-level position to advocate for children in need in the Commonwealth. The advocate will help parents navigate the seven different state agencies that provide services for children in need, especially filling the gap that the Trump Administration is creating by rolling back the ACA and cutting services for families and children.

    “As a mother who lost a child to addiction, I know first-hand how much we need a one-stop center to guide parents and children, especially when they face challenges like addiction, mental illnesses or learning struggles,” Platt said.

    “Virginia is number one in school to prison pipeline. Now more than ever, Virginia children need an advocate to speak up for them. The Trump Administration is expected to make drastic cuts to domestic programs and remove critical protections for kids. Our children and teens deserve an effective and impartial voice, while parents need resources and professionals who can help them navigate through problems when they first happen. Many agencies already do good work, but there is no central place where parents can turn to when suddenly presented with life changing problems. Mandated services are not accessible because people simply can’t find them. As the Lieutenant Governor, I will work to make government more accessible and streamlined,” added Platt.

    After 25 years working behind the scenes in politics and business in the Commonwealth, Susan Platt is running for Lieutenant Governor to fight back against the Trump Administration and to build a better Virginia for all families.

  • Congressman McEachin Reacts to President Trump’s Address

    WASHINGTON – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) released this response to President Donald Trump’s address to a Joint Session of Congress:

    “Last night President Donald Trump took quite a long time to say nothing to the American people, and those listening around the world. I found his message absent of the details that Americans deserve.

    “In the first 40 days of this president’s term, he has burdened hardworking Americans with a dangerous, counterproductive immigration ban; has rolled back protections for vulnerable Americans; and slowly condemned hateful acts against minority groups. His mention of these acts in his speech last night passively checked a box on actions that could have easily been disavowed in a timely manner.

    “The hate-based policies that have been enacted since the President was sworn into office do not reflect our values, and they do not serve our best interests. Americans expect and deserve a change in course. Continuing with this administration’s pattern of governing is unacceptable, and dangerous.
    “Additionally, we cannot ignore Mr. Trump’s lack of transparency with the American people. He has yet to release his tax returns, and increasingly gives us reason to believe that he is Putin’s puppet. Mr. Trump has no trouble with being tough with Mexico, Australia, China, and North Korea. Where is he on Russia’s actions? Russia had ships off the coast of Virginia and attacked our nation’s democracy. I would have liked to see the president swiftly condemn that attack. Instead, he initially denied that it had happened. Mr. Trump said that he would give himself an ‘A’ for his performance thus far. I would give our president an ‘F’.”