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Welcome to Richmond, AG Jeff Sessions!


Yeah, cuz we just looove corrupt racists here in Virginia. (snark)

  • Congressman McEachin on Sessions’ Meeting in Richmond

    RICHMOND – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) released this statement following the Attorney General’s partisan exclusions from a Richmond meeting that reportedly discussed violent crime and public safety.

    “My serious concerns about the appointment of Attorney General Sessions continue to mount. He comes to Richmond for a press event, saying he wants to address violent crime here. But by not inviting the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Public Safety or Attorney General Herring, Sessions proved that he does not actually care about keeping our communities safe. Instead of meeting with all relevant law enforcement experts and officials — instead of consulting with them about the circumstances here in Virginia — it appears that the Attorney General is on a partisan mission to deliver talking points that are not based on facts. Mr. Sessions would have had a better-informed meeting if he had invited the state-level officials he chose to exclude.

    “Partisan and racial blemishes on Sessions’ background give me serious concerns when we think about the safety and security of Virginians. Individuals have a legal right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, no matter their race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or socioeconomic status. I have serious questions about whether Sessions will be able to impartially guide the Justice Department in sensitive areas like violent crime and poor policing. Today’s meeting only heightened those concerns.”

  • VIDEO RELEASE: DPVA Calls on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Resign

    RICHMOND, Va. – At a press conference held outside Richmond’s SunTrust Building this morning, the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) called on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign his position following revelations that he lied under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his meetings with the Russian ambassador.

    The press conference was held just prior to an event Sessions held in the building this morning with law enforcement officials, although Attorney General Mark Herring, the Commonwealth’s top law enforcement official, was not invited.

    “Jeff Sessions misled the Senate Judiciary Committee about his meetings with the Russian ambassador, and for that alone he should resign as Attorney General of the United States,” said DPVA Chair Susan Swecker. “He does not deserve the title of our nation’s top law enforcement officer if he does not respect the rule of law and the legitimate national security concerns about the extent of Donald Trump’s connection to Russia.”

    “Donald Trump has deliberately stoked racial tension to divide this nation,” said Del. Delores McQuinn of the 70th House District. “Now more than ever we need leaders to unite us. In the 1980s, Jeff Sessions abused his power and deliberately intimidated black voters in an attempt to suppress their fundamental right to vote. This is not an individual who deserves to hold the title of Attorney General. If Jeff Sessions was too racist to serve as a federal judge 30 years ago, he is too racist to serve as Attorney General today.”

    “My constituents have real concerns about whether we have an Attorney General who is truly committed to the rights of all Americans and I share those concerns,” said Del. Jeff Bourne of the 71st House District. “I was extremely disappointed to learn today that Virginia’s top law enforcement officer, Mark Herring, did not get his invite.”

    “There are great people that are Democrats, Republicans and independents, that believe that they should represent all the people,” said State Senator Rosalyn Dance of the 16th District. “I believe that those are those who could be found to come forward and take over such a responsible position as the Attorney General and that this is not, indeed not, not that person, as evidenced by his resume, by his record, because that’s what we look for in leaders…their track records to do the job. And the track record does not reflect that this is the best that America has to offer, and we need to find one that does.”

    Del. Betsy Carr of the 69th House District also joined the event.