Home 2017 Races Final BV Poll Results: Perriello 486-Northam 418; Platt 349-Rossi 292-Fairfax 263

Final BV Poll Results: Perriello 486-Northam 418; Platt 349-Rossi 292-Fairfax 263


UPDATE 4/5 5:05 pm:  The final results are below. The highlights are that 1,087 people voted, of which 15.9% (173) didn’t want Blue Virginia to endorse, while 83.2% did want us to endorse (another 0.9% selected “other”). For governor, Tom Perriello ended up with 486 votes to Ralph Northam’s 418 votes.  For LG, Susan Platt had 349 votes, Gene Rossi 292 votes and Justin Fairfax 263 votes.  I can’t stress this enough, but again, these polls are NOT scientific, so take them with a big grain (pillar?) of salt. As for whether or not we’ll end up endorsing, these results are interesting, but certainly not definitive by any means. So…we’ll see, but the input was certainly helpful – thanks!

P.S. Also, Platt and Rossi voters tended – although not by huge margins – to go with Perriello, while Fairfax voters tended to be about evenly split, with a slight leaning towards Northam.

UPDATE 4/5 9:49 am: I’m shutting this down, as I said when I posted it, at 5 pm today. So…promoting it for last-minute voting.

Not an “April Fool’s Joke,” I’m really curious if people think Blue Virginia should endorse in the Democratic primaries for governor or LG this year. I’ll leave this poll open until the middle of next week (Wednesday ~5 pm). Let’s see what our readers think. Thanks.

P.S. Note – the order of choices in the poll is “randomized”; also, there are protections against voting multiple times from the same IP address, etc. Also, when it says “comments section,” I should have specified that I meant the Blue Virginia comments section (at the bottom of this blog post). Thanks.

  • Elaine Owens

    If we didn’t have a slate of all excellent, progressive Democrats vying for nominations, then I would have voted, “Yes, endorse…” However, we are fortunate this time to have extremely capable candidates running. I know who I’m voting for, but I feel that whoever wins will have my wholehearted support.

  • Andy Schmookler

    Maybe I’m missing something, but why wouldn’t the answer to the question be something like this: If “Blue Virginia” (whether that is an individual or a “board” of some sort) has a clear preference, it should express that preference, and the reasons for it, as it has in previous Democratic primaries. But if it regards the competitors as roughly equal in merit, there’s no reason to publicly declare a favorite.”

    • In the past, we’ve done many Blue Virginia endorsements. We’ve also had individual “front pagers” make endorsements. It should go without saying that we are under no obligation to make endorsements, either individually or as a group, regardless of what anyone wants us to do.

  • Andy Schmookler

    Alternatively, does the idea of “Blue Virginia” making “an endorsement” mean simply announcing the results of the above poll, expressing the preferences of the readership?

    • No, this is just a poll to see what Blue Virginia readers – and others who come here to vote in the poll – think at this point, mostly because I’m curious.

      • S. Lowe

        Not to be paranoid, but The Commonwealth’s status as a Blue, progressive state is in the balance here. Outside funds from folks like Koch, from PACs, from national GOP pockets will flow into this state. It seems to me that editorial curiosity might not be a priority in this context; any quotes from Blue Virginia can be splattered all over media to damage our chosen candidate come election time. We need, IMO, to be very mindful of unity, of winning. We do not need to see the kind of damage that the Clinton/Sanders race engendered; the mud that was slung by each side was detrimental. We want a Democratic Governor, we need to step up, get votes, avoid mistakes.

        • Dems definitely will need to unite after our gov and LG primaries are concluded.

          • S. Lowe

            We need to unite today; we can be a force to be reckoned with and we have some momentum. It pains me to quote a GOP truism, but, we need to not speak ill of any Democrat, from now on. We have so many components, so many pieces to our puzzle; but they all must fit together now, today, and from now on. We can exchange opinions, we can support the candidates we choose; we cannot afford to get down and snarky – and we won’t. We are in this thing to win it this year, and, in 2018, 2020. We can only beat these *(&^%!! irrational, crass, greedy, retro (and more) Trumps and Garretts when we are united.

  • I know who my preference is in both races, but I think that in each race we have at least two excellent choices, so…no.

  • Esther Ferington

    I voted “No, do not endorse anyone, please just report on the races” but the phrase “just report” is a bit strong. I look forward to your analysis and opinions on any aspect of the candidates’ policies or political talents, but just don’t see a need for an endorsement given the mix of good candidates.

  • stuckinthewoods

    Yes, if an endorsement involves stating clear reasons why you consider one candidate more capable than another I’d like to hear those reasons.

    • Exactly, to me that’s the key – the logic/reasoning behind the endorsement(s).

      • S. Lowe

        Your clear reasons might come back to bite you if GOP opposition reporters from GOP pacs use them to smear either candidate.

  • Another Scott

    I voted “Other”. I want to hear much more about their policy positions, I want to see them debate several times, and I want to see how they interact with voters, advocates, and the press. The main interest I have is in having the longest coat-tails possible in the fall, and in having whoever the Democratic nominee for Governor is win and have strong backing.

    Let’s see what they have to say and how they’re received. If you then want to endorse, say, a week before the primary – then go ahead. But let the process play out. I don’t think that it will help the main effort for you to endorse too early.

    On the other hand, if you have a strong opinion already about who the better candidate is, the one who will help us gain more seats in the HoD and Senate, then let us know. I would worry, though, about driving up negatives on both sides in endorsing early.

    I see that at least so far things are surprisingly evenly divided, so waiting might make sense.

    My $0.02.

    (And now to read the other comments.)

    • CJ Ballantyne


  • Joe Mancini

    No please don’t. We will need to unite behind whomever wins the nominations. I believe we have an edge in statewide races, and we need to nurture it.

    • How does endorsing in a primary – which tons of people have done already in this one (e.g., almost every elected Dem for Ralph) and in previous ones (e.g., I strongly endorsed Barack Obama in 2008; I endorsed Mark Herring and Aneesh Chopra in 2013) – harm our “edge in statewide races?” I don’t follow…

      • The point is, endorsing in primaries is Standard Operating Procedure in politics, and has been forever pretty much.

  • old_redneck

    Endorse Corey Stewart just to see rightwing heads explode.

    • Oh, I’d LOVE to see them nominate Corey. But they almost certainly won’t; that race has been over for a while, as far as I can tell…Enron Ed’s going to win.

  • Corey Stewart fundraising off of Bernie Sanders endorsing Tom Perriello

    I am in shock. Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont, just endorsed one my Democratic opponents, Tom Perriello. You may recall that Bernie Sanders ran for President last year promising to raise taxes on millions of Americans, fully socialize healthcare, and increase the national debt by trillions of dollars.

    Lowell, this is alarming. If Tom Perriello is elected Governor, we can expect the same liberal policies from him.

    I am doing everything I can to STOP this from happening, but I need your help. Lowell, please consider this a top priority for every Republican, conservative, and patriot. We must prevent Tom Perriello, a Bernie Sanders and Terry McAuliffe crony, from being elected.

  • ameri…canwork

    I am Independent and we know how close it will be .
    Dems will go after Trump .
    Republicans will tell about Va. debt Governor growth , gun rights.

    I am very interested in Va.’s Employee Misclassification Task Force findings and being that our next Governor will likely sign
    Employee Misclassification Legislation and probably have to make some amendments to the Va. Employment Compensation Act so there are no loophooles.

    Northam has been in the know for a growing better of 3 years now .
    What kind of legislation does his leadership deem to be acceptable?

    Perriello , a lawyer , previous Congressman should understand Employee Misclassification on a national level.
    What productive policies would he implement?
    If this legislation is properly done it should have immediate substantial wage and revenue gains , much better than a mandated across the board minimum wage increase.
    How will the end labor exploitatation?

  • S. Lowe

    We might well remember that any registered voter can vote in our June Democratic Primary. It’s not beyond reason that GOP strategy might be to vote, and to split our votes. It seems to me that endorsements are counterproductive when two candidates are evenly favored – on this site – and perhaps it’s smarter to back off and get a clear winner who can beat Gillespie.