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Friday News: “The most erratic U.S. president ever”; Foul-Mouthed Dick Saslaw Unleashed and Unhinged; VA GOP Extremists Debate


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, April 14.

  • Fairfax County School Board member Pat Hynes:

    From today’s VA Supreme Court decision in Andrea Lafferty, et al. v. School Board of Fairfax County. No standing means the case is thrown out. The take-away: the school board’s anti-discrimination policy does not harm people just because they disagree with it. This is a political discussion that never belonged in court. Gender identity is protected in FCPS – the policy stands.

    “This appeal concerns standing under the Declaratory Judgment Act, Code §§ 8.01-184 through -191. We address whether a student at a public high school, by and through his parents as next friends, has standing to sue the school board based on his alleged distress over potential repercussions from the school board’s expansion of its anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy. We also consider whether his parents, individually, and a third resident of the county have taxpayer standing. For the reasons stated herein, we conclude that the trial court did not err in finding that none of the plaintiffs have standing.”

  • Del. Marcus Simon (D-Falls Church/Fairfax):

    My predecessor, mentor, and dear friend James M. “Jim” Scott died today of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

    When Jim was first diagnosed he started carrying note cards to help him keep track of things. Not long after I was elected in Nov of 2013 he used one to make a list of his accomplishments. Nancy shared the card with me tonight. Jim was responsible for so many important things we now take for granted in Virginia- things like a motor voter law that allows people to register to vote at the DMV. He started Fairfax County’s SACC program. Introduced legislation to establish the Secretary of Technology in Virginia. Helped establish the School For Conflict Analysis and Resolution (SCAR) at George Mason University. Was a champion for fair housing and affordable housing. The list goes on.

    Much more to come, on this, including plans for a funeral and memorial. But for now, I wanted to share the news with all of you. Please feel free to add to this list and share your memories of Jim as well.

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    MOAB cost $16 million each.
    Estimated 36 ISIS fighters killed.
    Cost per fighter = $444,444.44
    Not counting cost to deliver on target

  • Connolly Statement on the Passing of Former Virginia Delegate Jim Scott

    Fairfax, VA – Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) released the following statement on the passing of former Virginia Delegate Jim Scott:

    “Virginia has lost a quiet, gentle but forceful advocate for all who feel powerless. Jim Scott was a voice for civil rights, women’s rights and LGBT rights because he believed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States meant what they said.

    Unusual for a politician, Jim was self-effacing. A natural mentor, he promoted talent and sought to bestow credit on others. He advanced the careers of myriad public officials. His generosity of spirit benefited causes throughout our Virginia Commonwealth. And most of that generosity was unheralded.

    He championed affordable housing, the homeless, the Fairfax Fair, telework, the environment, among scores of causes. In doing so he elevated politics and ennobled public service as a calling.

    Jim was a loving and devoted husband to his beloved wife Nancy and a proud Dad to two extraordinary and accomplished daughters. He was a devout Methodist, and passionate sports fan‎ for North Carolina and the Washington Nationals.

    It will be difficult to re-imagine the NOVA community without his towering presence and wise guidance. And his absence will be a void for those of us privileged to know him.”


    Everytown’s New Analysis of Mass Shootings in America Reveals American Women and Children in The Crosshairs: 54 Percent Involved Domestic Violence, 25 Percent of Fatalities Were Children

    WASHINGTON – Colin Goddard, a survivor from the 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech and member of the Everytown Survivor Network, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America today released the following statements ahead of April 16, which will mark ten years since the mass shooting at Virginia Tech where 32 students and faculty were killed.

    Earlier this week, Everytown for Gun Safety released an updated report analyzing mass shootings in the United States between 2009 and 2016 that shows a majority involve domestic or family violence, that American children are significantly affected and that shooters often exhibit warning signs. The full report is available here.


    “The moment that gunshots rang out in Norris Hall, my eyes opened to the reality that students sitting in class – in the right place, at the right time – can become victims of gun violence in our country. This weekend, I’ll join with my family and other Virginia Tech families to remember those who were killed and reflect on our shared bond that we never asked for but will now always unite us. Looking back, I’m incredibly proud of how much the gun safety movement has grown, how millions of Americans have pushed back on the gun lobby’s dangerous vision and will continue to fight for the change that will help save lives.”


    “As we saw yet again this week, every time there is a school shooting, it destroys a kid’s and a community’s sense of security. In the face of unimaginable loss, Virginia Tech’s survivors and families continue to show amazing strength and courage. The Everytown family joins them in honoring the memories of their loved ones and friends, and in their commitment to end gun violence.”


    “In the 10 years since the tragedy at Virginia Tech, more Americans have gotten off the sidelines to support gun safety. Unfortunately, Congress has not. More than 90 Americans are shot and killed every day and hundreds of others are injured. That’s why our grassroots movement is fighting tirelessly every day for a future free from gun violence. And we’re making progress in statehouses and boardrooms. In honor of the 32 lives taken at Virginia Tech – and for all Americans killed and injured by senseless gun violence – we will keep fighting for stronger gun laws.”

  • RELEASE: Northam Campaign Announces “Women for Northam” Coalition

    Richmond, VA – Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced the launch of “Women for Northam”, a coalition of women across the Commonwealth who are behind Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam’s vision of a Commonwealth with opportunity for every Virginian, no matter who you are, no matter where you are.

    Dorothy McAuliffe hosted the inaugural “Women for Northam” event in Richmond, joining Pam Northam and the lieutenant governor as part of the “Virginia Values” tour in February. The coalition will continue engaging women across the Commonwealth through the June 13th primary.

    Senator Jennifer Wexton said of their endorsement:

    “I can think of no greater warrior for Virginia women than Ralph Northam. His commitment to gender equality and a woman’s right to choose has been unwavering, and that’s exactly what we need from our next governor.”

    Senator Jennifer McClellan said of their endorsement:

    “Ralph’s commitment to an inclusive Commonwealth shows in policy proposals that demonstrate he listens to Virginia women and our concerns. As governor, Ralph Northam will ensure that women have a seat at the table to discuss taking Virginia forward without leaving anyone behind.”

    Democratic Activist Cheryl Zando said of their endorsement:

    “Ralph’s honor means the world to him. He’s never gone back on his word to Virginia women, whether that’s standing up against invasive mandates like transvaginal ultrasounds or pushing for equal economic opportunities. Virginia women need a fighter in Richmond. We’ll have that fighter in Ralph Northam.”

    Today’s endorsers include:

    First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe
    Anne Holton
    Lisa Collis, Former First Lady and Community Leader

    Abby Carter
    Betsy Jane
    L. Louise Lucas
    Catherine Read
    Kathy Abbott
    Lashrecse Aird
    Naila Alum
    Shazia Amer
    Sandra Antoine
    Rhonda Arrington
    Beth Arthur
    Jane Barker
    Priscilla Bele
    Dorothy Blackwell
    Gena Boyle
    Jennifer Boysko
    Sandra Brandt
    Catherine Brillhart
    Patsy Brown
    Laura Bryant
    Sharon Bulova
    Kelly Burk
    Sheila Bynum-Coleman
    Danni Campbell
    Betsy Carr
    Dominique Carter
    Erin Carter
    Dianne Carter de Mayo
    Jen Chambers
    Elizabeth Childress
    EunHee Choi
    Charlene Christopher
    Rose Chu
    Susan J. Cloeter
    Victoria Cochran
    Joanne Collins
    Keyanna Conner
    Joyce Connery
    Cassandra Conover
    Leslie Cramer
    Vanessa Crawford
    Katie Cristol
    Cindy Cutler
    Gail Gordon Donegan
    Delores Dalton Dunn
    Rosalyn R. Dance
    Eileen Davis
    Tara Dickenson
    Jane Dittmar
    Haley Durudogan
    Abbi Easter
    Rida Fatima
    Barbara Favola
    Eileen Filler-Corn
    Deborah Fitzgerald
    Leslie Frazier
    Vee Frye
    Melissa Gallahan
    Libby Garvey
    Tasina Gary
    Nadia Golding
    Leni Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gore
    Karen A. Graf
    Candace Graham
    Kimberly Gray
    Penelope Gross
    Lori Haas
    Kristina Hagen
    Evelyn Morris-Harris
    Charniele Herring
    Brenda Hill
    Susan Hippen
    Janel Hofler
    Bailey Holland
    Margo Horner
    Mary Ann Hovis
    Janet Howell
    Cathy Hudgins
    Pat Hynes
    Lisa Hystad
    Joni Ivey
    Helen Jean Smith
    Karen Jackson
    Ernestine Jenkins
    Marilyn Jerome
    Gaylene Kanoyton
    Shannon Kelly
    Rida Khan
    Stacy Kincaid
    Wendy Klein
    Laura L. Kleiner
    Kaye Kory
    Bettina Lawton
    Hyun Lee
    Amelia Leong
    So Jung Lim
    Jennifer Little
    Mamie Locke
    Sosan Loeberg
    Stephanie Lynch
    Bridget Maas
    Josie Mace
    Vicki Magruder
    Andria McClellan
    Jennifer McClellan
    Carolyn McCrea
    Delores McQuinn
    Lisa Merkel
    Emilie Miller
    Cynthia Mitchell
    Cyliene Montgomery
    Denise Moore Pierce
    Stephanie Morales
    Cynthia Morrison
    Ingrid Morroy
    Sally Mullikin
    Radhika Murai
    Kathleen Murphy
    Missy Neff
    Kathy Neilson
    Patty Nicholas
    Jamie Nolan
    Leigh Nusbaum
    Faye O. Prichard
    Katie O’Grady
    Sheila Olem
    Atima Omara-Alwala
    Dalia Palchik
    Carrie Palmer-Johnson
    Diane Parham
    Silvia Patton
    Christine Payne
    Redella S. Pepper
    Bettye Potts
    Anita Price
    Marcia Price
    Sandra Price-Stroble
    Toddy Puller
    Toni Radler
    Phyllis J. Randall
    Diane Raulston
    Rachel Rifkind
    Tracey Rilly
    Laura Robinson
    Virginia Robinson
    Alexsis Rodgers
    Nancy Rodrigues
    Brittany Ronquest
    Amelia Ross-Hammond
    Leslie Rubio
    Daun S. Hester
    Margaret Sacra
    Nelly Samaniego
    Linda Schulz
    Aviva Shapiro-Frye
    Kathy Shupe
    Allison Silberberg
    Shelly Simonds
    Caroline B. Smith
    Kathy L. Smith
    Lisa Speller-Davis
    Marie Stella
    Shannon Taylor
    Deloris Thomas
    Kelly Thomasson
    Jennifer Tierney
    Dietra Trent
    Roslyn Tyler
    Kristen Umstattd
    Bridget V. Murphy
    Shannon Valentine
    Gabrielle Vaneck
    Nancy Vogel
    Katherine Waddell
    Becky Wang
    Ella Ward
    Jeion Ward
    Molly Ward
    Bettie Washington
    Vivian Watts
    Katheryn Waycaster
    Jennifer Wexton
    Kelsey Wilkinson
    Peg Willingham
    Jessica Winkley
    Carol Woodward
    Haipei Xui
    Cheryl Zando

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  • Great news from Democratic candidate Chris Hurst in HD-12 — apparently he will have raised the most money by a Democratic challenger in a targeted Virginia HoD seat. Nice!

    $84,515 raised; $69,529 COH; 697 contributions

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    • Virginia is pathetic on this. Thanks Dominion!