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Khizr and Ghazala Khan Endorse Tom Perriello for Governor


A good one for Tom Perriello…

Khizr and Ghazala Khan Endorse Tom Perriello for Governor

Khans: Tom ‘Will Stand Up for Our Virginian and American Values of Liberty, Inclusion and Tolerance’

Today, Virginia Gold Star Parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan are endorsing Tom Perriello for Governor, ahead of the June 13 Democratic primary in Virginia. As Virginian immigrants and Gold Star parents, Khizr and Ghazala Khan know firsthand what it takes to stand up to the hate and bigotry of Donald Trump. They know Tom is the bold leader and fighter we need to protect our values from attack.

“Resisting President Trump and defeating the hate and bigotry that he sows will take people of conviction and good conscience standing up and fighting back. Tom Perriello is one of those people,” said Khizr and Ghazala Khan in a joint endorsement of Tom’s candidacy. “He will stand up for our Virginian and American values of liberty, inclusion and tolerance. He is a leader who understands that this country was built on immigrants, like my family and Tom’s grandparents, and that we are made great when we embrace our differences, not fear them. We support Tom Perriello for governor and will be voting for him in June because he will fiercely resist the unconstitutional actions of President Trump while advancing an inclusive Virginia that welcomes all.”

The Khans received broad praise for their appearance at the Democratic National Convention last year, where Mr. Khan spoke out against Trump’s hateful rhetoric while telling millions of Americans the heroic story of their son, U.S Army Captain Humayun Khan. Captain Khan, a graduate of the University of Virginia, stepped in front of a bomb that would have killed many of his fellow soldiers during a tour of duty in Iraq. He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal for his bravery.

“I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of Khizr and Ghazala Khan, two American heroes from my hometown of Charlottesville whose decency, honor, and patriotism are true to our most fundamental values. The Khans and their son embody the deep contributions that Muslim Americans and immigrants of all backgrounds make to Virginia and to our country,” said Tom Perriello. “As Governor, I will honor their sacrifice by using every legal tool at my disposal to oppose Donald Trump’s hateful and divisive agenda. Our campaign is about promoting an inclusive, progressive agenda to expand opportunity for all Virginians while making sure that our state stands as a firewall against hate. Together we will make Virginia a greater, more welcoming place than it has ever been.”

  • RELEASE: Northam Campaign Announces Rural Virginia Endorsements

    Richmond, VA – Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced the endorsements of local leaders and elected officials from across the Commonwealth’s rural communities, who are behind Governor Ralph Northam’s vision of a Commonwealth with opportunity for every Virginian, no matter who you are, no matter where you live. As a native of the Eastern Shore, the lieutenant governor is himself a rural Virginian.

    The endorsements come after the lieutenant governor’s recent swing through southwest Virginia, with stops Monday in Tazewell, Lebanon, and Castlewood. As lieutenant governor, Northam has traveled all across the Commonwealth, doing over 100 events in rural counties.

    Congressman Boucher said of his endorsement:

    “Tackling the issues facing rural Virginia is personal for Ralph because he grew up there. He knows how important it is that every Virginian, no matter who they are, no matter where they live, has a voice in Richmond and equal opportunities in life. As governor, every corner of the Commonwealth will have Ralph’s ear and his attention, which is what we need to make progress every day.”

    Senator Creigh Deeds said of his endorsement:

    “Ralph is from rural Virginia, he’s one of us. He wants to ensure that every Virginian, in every corner of Virginia, has the same opportunities to succeed no matter where they might live. He believes that every community should have the same access to a quality education, to affordable healthcare, and economic security. I believe it too, and that’s why he has my full support.”

    Senator Edwards said of his endorsement:

    “Ralph’s invested in rural Virginia — and we know it’s not just talk, because we’ve seen him here. As lieutenant governor, he’s traveled across the Commonwealth to elect local Democrats and to bring attention to the issues we uniquely face. That will only continue when he’s our next governor.”

    Today’s endorsers include:

    Duck Adams
    Stephen Adkins
    Gary Agar
    Tim Allen
    Ward Armstrong
    C.O. Balderson
    Mary Biggs
    Dorothy Blackwell
    Jennifer Boyd
    Dr. Thomas Brewster
    Catherine Brillhart
    Mark Broklawski
    Patsy Brown
    Sam Brown
    Marywill Browning
    Landon Butler
    Whitt Clement
    Susan Cloeter
    Steven Cochran
    Victoria Cochran
    Leslie Cramer
    Joe Daniel
    Butch Davies
    Jim Davis
    Aline Day
    Hank Day
    Dianne Carter de Mayo
    David Doughty
    Steve Draper
    Caren Eastham
    Wayne Eastham
    John Edwards
    Deborah Fitzgerald
    Joe Fitzgerald
    Lavenia Fletcher
    Aviva “Vee” Shapiro-Frye
    Terry Frye
    Todd Godwin
    Mike Hamlar
    John D Hardesty Jr.
    Jim Hoecker
    Rebecca Hoecker
    Bill Hopkins
    Nancy Horn
    Mike Hymes
    Bruce Jones
    Thomas Jones
    Scott Kasprowicz
    Jack Kennedy
    Derek Kitts
    Laura L Kleiner
    Sherman Lea Jr
    Sherman Lea Sr
    Lynwood Lewis
    Bob Lowerre
    Mark Marshall
    Susan Mastyl
    Laura Mays
    Doug Mullins
    Pam Nielsen
    Dee Pembley
    Anita J Price
    Sandra Price-Stroble
    Sam Rasoul
    Wesley Reed
    John Richardson
    Peggy Richardson
    Ron Rordam
    Isaac Sarver
    Nanalou West Sauder
    John Sherman
    Roman Sherman
    Linda Schulz
    Helen Jean Smith
    Ricky Sykes
    Arthur Townsend
    Roslyn Tyler
    Shannon Valentine
    Bud Ward
    Jack Weisenburger
    Andrew Whitely
    Elizabeth Yates
    Greg Yates

    • Withheld Information

      It’s interesting how you make a whole page for whatever endorsement Perriello gets and then you hide a Northam endorsement in the comment section.

  • Edward N Virginia

    WE like the Khans. WE like Perriello (he was own Congress-human and a responsive one). WE DO NOT LIKE that he has taken multiple mutliple-$100,000 heaps of money from power players from outside Virginia! SHAME on him!

    • You do know where Terry McAuliffe got the bulk of his money from in 2013, right? Here are the top ones….by far and away DGA Action, also big check from Peter Angelos of Maryland? So what’s the problem with that? Got me.

      $6,250,000 DGA Action
      $955,000 Va League of Conservation Voters
      $500,000 Parker, Sean
      $300,000 American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
      $300,000 Law Office of Peter G Angelos

      • Jason Rylander

        I’m sure they wouldn’t be criticizing outside money if they were the ones raising it! Fact is this race will require a lot of outside money in the General Election. The candidate who can raise it may have the better chance of winning. It’s a silly attack. Certainly not worthy of shame.

        • They also weren’t criticizing Terry McAuliffe in 2013 for raising 2/3 of his funds from outside of Virginia. Actually, if you count independent expenditures by folks like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, it was a LOT more than 2/3 outside of Virginia. Don’t remember hearing a single Virginia Democrat complain about that in 2013. Fascinating how this works, huh? Then it was great, now it’s bad! LOL

  • Withheld Information

    Oh, how cute. Perriello has, what is it now, four endorsements? I guess that’ll look nice next to Northam’s endorsements from Virginia School Boards, Virginia Pro-Choice organizations, Virginian Rural Societies, every state delegate and senator, plus both Senators and the Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe.

    • Jason Rylander

      The only endorsements that matter are on election day. Northam may win. But he also may not. Will you support our nominee whoever he is?

      • Withheld Information

        I’ll support the Democrat. But I’ve donated 100$ to Northam and I’ll donate to him again before the primary vote. I doubt I’ll donate to Perriello should he win. I don’t like him nor do I trust him.

        • “I think the bigger question is will you and this site support Northam if/when he wins?”

          WTF? Is that even a serious question? (of course, coming from someone named “Withheld Information,” shouldn’t take it too seriously, but still…). Anyway, NEEDLESS TO SAY, of course we will support whoever the Democratic nominee for governor is 100%. And for the record, I both like and trust that BOTH Ralph Northam AND Tom Perriello would do a fine job as governor of Virginia.

          • Withheld Information

            It is a serious question. I have deep concerns over the bias of this site and your willingness to work with the candidate you clearly are clearly campaigning against. You bury any positive endorsement of Northm in the comment section here no one reads it and where it won’t appear on any search bar, while granting Perriello several editorials endorsing him and post full articles of whatever endorsement he gets.

            If you’ll support Northam too, then I’ll be happy to see you and your site there. But you’ll have to forgive me if I have doubts about whether or not you’ll actually do that when the time comes.

          • You’re simply not correct; I have not endorsed in this race and have gone out of my way to post (and tweet) press releases, etc. from both candidates. And again, I will strongly support the Democratic nominees for Gov and LG, whoever they are. But clearly you’re not going to believe a word I have to say, so it’s really a waste of time. So far, mostly what you’ve done is come on here (anonymously) and hurled all kinds of absurd accusations, falsehoods, etc. I just hope that you are not in any way representative of the vast majority of Northam supporters out there…

          • Withheld Information

            You moderate a site that has a clear favorite picked out. I have not seen a single complimentary article on Lt. Gov Northam in this past week, whereas every endorsement Perriello picks up and the amount of money he raises is given an entire article here.

            Don’t just dismiss me as irrational when I’m simply calling out your bias and your inability to admit fault.

            Am I indicative of the majority of Northam supporters? If by that you mean dedicated to the truth and the facts and willing to stand up for Mr. Northam as he has stood up for us, then yes, I suppose I am.

          • You’re very confused as to how a group blog works. The deal is that the “front pagers” on the site can write about whatever they want. Regardless, let’s just say we endorsed one of the gubernatorial candidates, what’s the issue? If you want to start a pro-Northam blog, go for it – the internet is vast and contains multitudes, to paraphrase Walt Whitman.

          • Withheld Information

            I’m not at all confused. I know that a group blog like this operates on a platform of mutual understanding between the people running it. Clearly you’re a like minded group and you’ve all chosen to endorse Perriello. That’s fine. This is your blog and you’re entitled to you own political views. But you should also stop pretending to be impartial or feign outrage when I say that I doubt that you’ll support Northam will nearly the same zeal this site has supported Perriello.

            And I won’t write my own blog. I have no gift for writing and I won’t just go away because you’re upset I’m calling this site out on bias.

          • I haven’t endorsed either Ralph or Tom. Nice try.

          • Withheld Information

            Nice avoiding the actual topic.