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Monday News: Go Macron!; Government Shutdown Looms Over Wall?; “Resilience of the Resistance”; Go Caps!


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, April 24.

  • Quizzical

    Re Virginia wants to steal some of California’s driverless car thunder. I give the Governor full credit for trying. Maybe if he can get some R&D labs into Virginia, something good could happen. However, isn’t the bottom line that driverless cars are electric vehicles with little supercomputers in them? Virginia seems to be doing little to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, such as state tax incentives, or state initiatives to build out charging station networks, or state initiatives to switch to green energy and away from gas, oil and coal. To get to the forefront of driverless car technology without a viable and growing EV market in the state seems like a very heavy lift. I’d love to hear why I’m wrong . . . .

  • From the Jennifer Wexton for Congress campaign:

    Northern Virginia Leaders Endorse Senator Jennifer Wexton for Congress

    LEESBURG, VA – Today, State Senator Jennifer Wexton announced a list of endorsements spanning Northern Virginia, including State Senators, Delegates, Supervisors, Mayors, Town Council members, and School Board members.

    Kristen Umstattd, Leesburg Supervisor and former longtime mayor of Leesburg, praised Wexton for her dedication to the families of Loudoun: “From her work with the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, as a court-appointed attorney for abused children, and through the Virginia State Senate, Jennifer has been an active and dedicated public servant for Loudoun County. She understands the needs of the families here and does the hard work necessary to improve people’s lives.”

    Mary Daniel, Clarke County Supervisor, lauded Wexton for her dedication to her constituents: “I have complete faith that Jennifer Wexton will be a representative for all of the 10th Congressional District. I know how committed she is to hearing from and working with her constituents. This year she has already held four town halls across her Senate district, proving that she will listen to all of her constituents and be responsive to their needs.”

    Speaking of her endorsements, Wexton said, “I am honored that so many of my colleagues and leaders throughout Northern Virginia have placed their trust in my candidacy. We have accomplished a lot together in Virginia and the common sense leadership that we use here is clearly what is missing in Washington.”

    A former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County, Wexton was elected to the Virginia State Senate in a Special Election in January 2014. In response to her entry into the Congressional Race, the Cook Political Report moved the 10th CD rating from Lean R to Toss Up.

    Northern Virginia Leaders Endorsing Jennifer Wexton for Congress:

    State Senators
    Adam Ebbin (VASD-30)
    Janet Howell (VASD – 32)
    Dave Marsden (VASD – 37)
    Jeremy McPike (VASD – 29)
    Chap Petersen (VASD – 34)
    Scott Surovell (VASD – 36)

    John Bell (VAHD – 87)
    Jennifer Boysko (VAHD – 86)
    David Bulova (VAHD – 37)
    Charniele Herring (VAHD – 46)
    Patrick Hope (VAHD – 47)
    Kaye Kory (VAHD – 38)
    Paul Krizek (VAHD – 44)
    Marcus Simon (VAHD – 53)

    Mary Daniel (Clarke, Berryville)
    Sharon Bulova (Chair, Fairfax)
    John Foust (Fairfax, Dranesville)
    Koran Saines (Loudoun, Sterling)
    Kristen Umstattd (Loudoun, Leesburg. Former Leesburg Mayor, 2003-2015.)

    Kelly Burk (Town of Leesburg)
    Lisa Merkel (Town of Herndon)

    Town Councils
    Craig Green (Hamilton)
    Mike Snyder (Hamilton)
    Jennifer Baker (Vice Mayor, Herndon)
    Grace Wolf Cunningham (Herndon)
    Signe Friedrichs (Herndon)
    Jeff Davidson (Herndon)
    Bill McKenna (Herndon)
    Sheila Olem (Herndon)
    Ron Campbell (Leesburg)
    Marty Martinez (Vice Mayor, Leesburg)
    Karen Jimmerson (Purcellville)

    School Boards
    Patricia Hynes (Fairfax, Hunter Mill)
    Dalia Palchik (Fairfax, Providence)
    Jane Strauss (Vice Chair, Fairfax, Dranesville)
    Joy Maloney (Loudoun, Broad Run)
    Tom Marshall (Loudoun, Leesburg)
    Brenda Sheridan (Loudoun, Sterling)

  • Rational Lefty

    Bernie Sanders is backing an anti-abortion candidate. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/23/politics/bernie-sanders-heath-mello/index.html

  • A_Siegel

    Re the French election, the French voters in the US (including a heavy turnout at the French Embassy in DC) overwhelming rejected Le Pen. She got under 4% of the “US” vote and Macron over 50%. E.g., those French voters who have the ‘most intimate’ exposure to Donald Trump massively rejected Le Pen. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2017/04/23/1655606/-French-voters-who-know-Trump-best-rejected-Trump-Le-Pen-the-most

  • Congressman Connolly Endorses Hala Ayala for the 51st District Seat in the House of Delegates

    WOODBRIDGE – Congressman Gerry Connolly endorsed Hala Ayala today in her bid for the 51st District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, citing her long history of work for Democratic causes in the Commonwealth. Ayala is the former president and founder of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), vice president of Virginia NOW and serves on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Council on Women.

    “I am proud to support my friend Hala in taking the next step to better serve Prince William County,” said Congressman Connolly. “Over the years, I have come to admire her passion for our community and advocacy on behalf of women and families. Without a doubt, she will fight to expand opportunities for working people and represent all of us in Richmond. I look forward to working with her when she is the next Delegate for the 51st District.”

    Ayala helped organize the Virginia delegation for the Women’s March on Washington in January and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention last year.

    “I am so honored to receive an early endorsement from my own Congressman,” said Hala Ayala. “I have long admired his commitment to Virginia’s families and record of public service, both locally and nationally. Congressman Connolly consistently seeks to represent all of his constituents equally and fairly, something that is clearly lacking in our current Delegate. When elected, I will put our community ahead of partisan Richmond politics.”

    Connolly’s endorsement follows that of Supervisor John Jenkins, member of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors- Neabsco District.

  • Video: Barack Obama speaks at University of Chicago; god I miss this brilliant, articulate, honest, ultra-competent, great man as our president!


  • Video: PW County Clerk of Court Swearing In Ceremony


  • RELEASE: Northam Calls For A Phase Out Of The State Grocery Sales Tax On Low-Income Virginians

    Richmond, VA – Today, Lt. Governor Northam called for phasing out the regressive nature of the state grocery sales tax in Virginia. The Lieutenant Governor is calling for this change in policy as part of a broader look at tax reform in the commonwealth. He is committed to bringing together a tax reform commission that makes Virginia’s tax code simpler, fairer, and more progressive. He believes tax reform should expand purchasing power for working families and allow Virginia to make smart investments in quality education and effective worker training.

    The sales tax on groceries has been found to disproportionately hurt the poor. Virginia is one of the few states that only partially exempts food for home consumption. The existing partial exemption provides households with enough annual savings to buy an additional nine days of groceries. By ending the regressive nature of the state sales tax on groceries, working families will have more purchasing power for essential items.

    Ending the regressive nature of the state sales tax on groceries can be accomplished in several ways, and is part of a broader set of guiding principles on tax reform to be looked at by an appointed commission on comprehensive tax reform. The larger set of principles will be forthcoming from the campaign later this week.

    Communications Director David Turner issued the following statement on the proposal:

    “Virginia has long talked about comprehensive reform of its tax structure to make it simpler, fairer and more equitable for every Virginian–no matter who they are or where they live. In order to continue making progress, Ralph wants to phase out the regressive impact of the state sales tax on groceries on low-income Virginians. This regressive, unfair tax hits working families the hardest, and they can afford it the least. Now is the time for real comprehensive tax reform that helps Virginia families who need it the most. Just like his lobbyist friends on K Street, Ed Gillespie wants to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires instead of helping families who need real relief. Ralph Northam’s plan will help working and middle class Virginia families who are feeling squeezed.”

    The Northam campaign will lay out a broader set of reforms later this week to make the tax code simpler, fairer, and more progressive.

  • Robert Reich:

    Trump will unveil his tax “reform” plan Wednesday. Part of it is a huge cut in the corporate tax rate, from 35 percent to 15 percent, in order to “make the United States more competitive.”

    This is truly dumb, for 5 reasons:

    1. The White House says the United States has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Baloney. After corporations deductions and tax credits, the typical corporation pays an effective tax rate of 27.9 percent, only a tad higher than the average of 27.7 percent among advanced nations.
    2. It will bust the federal budget. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center projects that it will reduce federal revenue by $2.4 trillion over 10 years. This will either require huge cuts in programs for the poor, or additional tax revenues from the rest of us.
    3. The White House says the tax cuts will create a jump in economic growth that will generate enough new revenue to wipe out any increase in the budget deficit. This is supply-side nonsense. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both cut taxes, and both ended their presidencies with huge budget deficits.
    4. American corporations don’t need a tax cut. They’re already hugely competitive as measured by their profits – which are at record highs.
    5. The White House says corporations will use the extra profits they get from the tax cut to invest in more capacity and jobs. Rubbish. They’re already using a large portion of their profits to buy back their shares of stock in and buy other companies, in order to raise their stock prices. There’s no reason to suppose they’ll do any different with even more profits.