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Monday News: “McConnell’s Nuclear Trigger Finger”; “Dwindling Odds of Coincidence”; “Trump’s Fictional America”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, April 3.

  • From the Erik Gutshall for Arlington County Board campaign:

    Sen. Barbara Favola Endorses Gutshall in County Board Primary

    Today, State Senator Barbara Favola (D-31) endorsed Erik Gutshall for Arlington County Board in the Democratic firehouse primary to be held May 9, 11 and 13. Before her election to the Virginia Senate, Sen. Favola served on the County Board for 14 years, including three years as chair. The endorsement is the first endorsement by any of Arlington’s seven state legislators in this year’s County Board primary.

    In her endorsement, Sen. Favola said, “Erik Gutshall is a proven, results-driven
    leader who will bring a fresh perspective to the board. He has deep roots in the
    community and a passion for making Arlington an inclusive and welcoming
    community. We can trust Erik to put Arlington’s shared progressive values into

    Thanking Sen. Favola for her endorsement, Gutshall said, “On the County Board, Barbara Favola was a champion for Arlington’s children and families, and she helped establish mental health services in our public schools. Senator Favola’s tireless work for Arlington County has continued in Richmond, where she is a leader on education issues and domestic violence prevention. As the father of three wonderful girls and a former board member for Doorways for Women and Families, I am particularly honored by Senator Favola’s endorsement. On the County Board, I look forward to partnering with Senator Favola to continue to deliver upon our community’s shared progressive values.”

    Erik Gutshall is focused on the future of Arlington. A longtime community activist in Arlington, lifelong progressive, and an award-winning small business owner, Erik serves as Chair of the Planning Commission and liaison to the Economic Development Commission. His volunteer experience over the past 15 years includes several neighborhood-planning projects in the metro transportation corridor, president of the Lyon Park Citizens Association, and non-profit board member of Doorways for Women and Children. Erik and his wife Renee settled in central Arlington 21 years ago and their three daughters attend Arlington Public Schools.

  • From the Ryan Sawyers for Congress campaign:

    Prince William County School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers Announces Run For Congress In Virginia’s First Congressional District.

    “The values that I was taught in my small hometown are threatened. Where I grew up every hard working American was guaranteed certain unalienable rights. I was taught no person should ever go bankrupt due to illness, that if you worked full time you were able to feed your family and put a roof over your head. I was taught to love thy neighbor no matter how different they were or who they loved.

    I am running for Congress because it is time that we fight for that Virginia.

    We believe that all Virginians deserve the right to affordable health care. Despite campaign promises Republicans have proposed a healthcare plan that would drop coverage for millions while raising rates on people like my parents, who in 2018 will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

    We believe in defending a promising future for Virginia’s working families. Across America and in Virginia’s First Congressional District our small towns feel forgotten. Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress were elected while making grand promises to working class families but have failed to live up to those campaign speeches. We need leaders who work to keep American jobs here. Protecting the standards of living that keep our middle class communities strong will be my top priority in Congress. American working class values means that the future for your children will always be bright regardless of the turns of the American economy.

    We believe that public education is a public good. That we should invest in our schools and we realize that the moral choice, the ethical choice, is to pay for a child’s education rather than their incarceration. Investing in school infrastructure, the best technology available and paying school employees a fair wage are promises we must keep. That is what I have been working on here in Prince William County, where after years of missed employee step increases I helped lead the effort to put worker salaries back on track by passing step increases each year I have been the School Board Chairman.

    We believe that all people must be treated fairly. That members of the LGBT community just want their fair chance at the American dream without facing discrimination when applying for a job, a promotion, a marriage license, or getting an education.

    We believe that the women in our lives are smart enough to make their own health care decisions and they don’t need men, who aren’t doctors, giving them medical advice. And that a woman working the same job as a man should make equal wages.

    We believe in a campaign that cuts through the political noise and listens to real American families. We pledge to run a campaign that makes my own parents’ proud. Because I know that my dad, mom, and folks like them who still go to work every day, deserve a representative that is going to do the same. That is why I will be traveling the First Congressional District holding town halls to hear from you. Please follow our campaign and help us fight to restore American working family values.”


    About Ryan:

    Ryan Sawyers is a husband, a father, and a small business owner. He was the first Democrat elected to the Prince William County School Board Chairman’s seat and he currently represents all 450,000 residents of Prince William County.

    Ryan is a former college baseball coach, including three seasons at the University of Mary Washington, a volunteer Little League President, and an avid home cook who loves to smoke BBQ for his friends and neighbors.

    Ryan has degrees from West Virginia Wesleyan College and West Virginia University.

  • Ewwwwwwwwww Jackson’s been very quiet recently, but he’s clearly off his meds this morning!


  • Viola Baskerville, First African American Woman to Run for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Endorses Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor

    RICHMOND, Virginia– Today, the Honorable Viola Baskerville, 2005 candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, endorsed Justin Fairfax to be the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor. Baskerville has an extensive record of service in Virginia, most notably as the Secretary of Administration under Governor Tim Kaine. She was the first African American woman to ever run for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and was a Member of the Virginia House of Delegates, a Richmond City Council Member, and Vice Mayor for the City of Richmond.

    Baskerville gave this statement in support of Justin Fairfax: “I have known Justin Fairfax for over a decade and have been impressed with his energy and stance on the issues important to me and progressive Virginia voters. He will continue to fight to protect Virginia’s natural resources, fight for criminal justice reform, protect women’s reproductive and healthcare rights and insure equity and economic justice for those who are often marginalized. Justin has the skills, knowledge and temperament to be Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy and ask fellow Virginians to support him on June 13th!”

    Justin Fairfax responded with this statement:

    “I am honored to have former candidate for Lieutenant Governor Viola Baskerville’s endorsement. Viola has a phenomenal record of serving all Virginians in Governor Kaine’s administration, made history as the first African American woman to pursue the Lieutenant Governor position in Virginia, and has been a dedicated public servant to the people of Richmond. I understand as a young, Black man pursuing this office, that I stand on the shoulders of Viola Baskerville, Doug Wilder and so many others who have lighted the way. I am proud to have earned her endorsement and support and will work diligently to build on her legacy.”

  • Video: Top VA GOP donor Pat Robertson — culture, media “dominated” by “homosexuals”; “major universities” “infiltrated” by gays


  • DPVA Certifies Candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General

    RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker today announced the party has certified that the following candidates have submitted the requisite number of signatures to qualify for the June 13th primary ballot.


    Ralph Northam
    Tom Perriello

    Lieutenant Governor

    Justin Fairfax
    Gene Rossi
    Susan Platt

    Attorney General
    Mark Herring

    “We have a strong slate of candidates who all share our core Democratic values,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “We are the party of hardworking people fighting for hardworking people. We are energized, we are inspired, and we take nothing for granted. We look forward to the next few months as our candidates travel to every corner of the Commonwealth to learn more about the issues that matter most to Virginia’s working families.”

    The Democratic Party of Virginia submitted the certification to the Virginia Department of Elections this afternoon.

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