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Saturday News: “The Planet Can’t Stand This Presidency”; War on Science Hurts Everybody; “Enron Ed” Is Back


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, April 22.

  • Congratulations to new PW Clerk of the Court Jacqueline Smith! (photo by Mike Beaty)


  • True Blue

    No matter how much he doesn’t accomplish during the so-called “ridiculous” standard of the first 100 days, Trump will kill! (paraphrased tweet)

    *people, the planet, good legislation, relations with allies, ethics’ standards in terms of conflicts of interest, transparency, documented research, credibility. . .
    Can we survive this presidency?

    One of my favorite March for Science signs is “I like Big Brains and I Cannot Lie.” Happy Earth Day!

    • We MIGHT survive this presidency, but tremendous damage will have been done. And no, I will never forgive anyone who voted for and/or promoted this scumbag.

      • True Blue

        Indeed. As far as entertaining the “terrible trio” at WH dinner, want to bet the game show host in-chief had fun serving birtherism, juicy rumors, half-baked Alaska and a white Russian. . .

  • Virginia Dems have more energy and passion, but Virginia Republicans still have more money