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Thursday News: McConnell a “stupid idiot?”; “Creeping Toward Crisis”; Kaine Tells Trump to Put On “Big Boy Pants”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, April 6.

  • Video: PWC Clerk of Circuit Court Debate – April 4th, 2017 (note that the election is April 18)


  • Video: Peter Fallon announces for Arlington County Board at last night’s Arlington Dems meeting


  • Quizzical

    Unusual number of icebergs in the North Atlantic.
    Wonder if this means anything?

  • Quizzical

    Trump keeps saying that he will never announce what he is going to do militarily, but the trouble is, he can’t build support either domestically or internationally that way.

  • Democrats Help Governor McAuliffe Sustain Record 111 Vetoes

    RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party Chairwoman Susan Swecker tonight issued the following statement following the successful efforts of House and Senate Democrats to help Gov. Terry McAuliffe sustain a record 111 vetoes through his administration. The governor has never had a veto overridden.

    “Whether he is fighting for the rights of women, immigrants, or the LGBT community, Governor McAuliffe has promised to keep Virginia open and welcoming for all its citizens. Thanks to the Democrats who fought to sustain his vetoes, he was able to keep that promise. With the help of Democrats in the General Assembly, the Governor has formed a wall of reason to protect Virginians from harmful legislation that would hurt our economy and working families. That is why it’s so important that we elect Democrats to all offices this fall.”

  • STATEMENT: Northam Campaign Responds To Gillespie’s Ethics Hypocrisy

    Richmond, VA – Today, the biggest gator in the Swamp, Ed Gillespie, released an ethics proposal full of promises his own party has routinely rejected in the Virginia state legislature.

    Northam Campaign Press Secretary, Ofirah Yheskel, issued the following statement:

    “Ed Gillespie proposing ethics reform is like a gator going vegan. I am not sure how anyone can take him seriously as he announced his plan standing next to some of the very Republicans who helped kill ethics reform in the legislature. With that said, we are glad he’s followed the lead of Lieutenant Governor Northam, who has been fighting for ethics reform since 2010, and alongside Governor McAuliffe announced a package of reforms in January of this year. Kudos.”

  • McEachin on Nunes’ Choice to Step Aside

    WASHINGTON – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement following Nunes’ decision to step aside and allow for a nonpartisan investigation into Russia’s attack on our country.

    “Chairman Nunes, after having repeatedly done the President’s bidding at the expense of objectivity, has finally decided to step aside. I have said repeatedly during my first three months in Congress that Russia attacked our country when they intervened in our elections. An investigation into Russia’s attack on our country should be taking seriously. While I have faith in Ranking Member Adam Schiff’s leadership, I am concerned about Reps. Michael Conaway, Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney moving forward with a nonpartisan investigation. Rep. Gowdy has demonstrated with his service as chairman on the House Select Committee on Benghazi that he does not lead in a nonpartisan fashion. I still believe that an independent commission is still the best option for the American people to get the facts they deserve.”

  • Virginia Delegate Alfonso Lopez stands up for immigrants in Virginia, rips this bill by Del. Bob Marshall (R-PW County) – and his argument for the bill – as “just ugly.” Sad to say, the Virginia GOP is all about immigrant bashing, let the facts (let alone compassion or any other consideration) be damned…


  • This is definitely a district we need to win and CAN win. So let’s win it! (for more info on Zack Wittkamp, click here)

    Zack Wittkamp qualifies as the only Democrat for 94th District House of Delegates Seat

    NEWPORT NEWS, Va.– Zack Wittkamp qualifies as the only Democratic candidate on the ballot for the 94th House of Delegates seat. Wittkamp will face off against David Yancey (R – Newport News) in the November 7th general election.

    Wittkamp, 40, is a partner and co-owner at Tradition Brewing Company, a craft brewery located in City Center in Newport News. He oversees the company’s finances and strategic growth initiatives. Wittkamp and his wife Allie are raising a five-year-old daughter, Larkin.

    “I’m gratified and fired up by the grassroots energy behind our campaign. I’m running because, like many Virginians, I’m frustrated by the gridlock and lack of collaboration in government. I would be honored to apply my experience as a small business owner to help create jobs and expand our local economy on a much broader scale.”

    The 94th District has been represented by Republican David Yancey since 2012, however the district has overwhelmingly voted Democratic in the last five statewide and national elections and is considered one of the top pickup opportunities for Democrats in the upcoming 2017 elections. Hillary Clinton won the district with 49% of the vote.

  • From Virginia House Dem leader Del. David Toscano:


    Bill expanding protection for victims of sexual violence and human trafficking to become law July 1, 2017

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (April 6, 2017 3:00 PM) – David J. Toscano (D-57), Democratic Leader of the Virginia House of Delegates, today announced that Gov. McAuliffe has signed HB 2217, Del. Toscano’s bill addressing confidentiality for victims of sexual violence and human trafficking.

    The bill expands the types of crimes victims are eligible to participate in the address confidentiality program. This program protects the personal information, in particular the addresses, of crime victims. Current law permits victims of domestic violence and stalking to apply to this program. With the expansion, victims of sexual violence and human trafficking are now included. The bill also increases the period of eligibility for all crime victims participating in the program from one year to three years.

    “This bill is a critical step in ensuring that survivors of horrific crimes like sexual assault get the protection and support they deserve, with the aim of helping to restore a sense of safety, security, and control as they pursue justice and healing,” said Attorney General Herring. “I am so proud this bill is becoming law, and I want to thank Gov. McAuliffe and Del. Toscano for standing with me as leaders in this fight for victims’ rights.”

    In responding to the news that the bill would become law on July 1, Rebecca Weybright, Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency in Charlottesville, said, “We are very pleased to have this confidentiality program expanded to include victims of sexual violence. This will give added options for safety. As advocates for survivors, safety planning is a crucial part of our work. We are grateful to Del. Toscano for his continuing support of services to survivors of sexual violence.”

    “I was happy to carry this bill on behalf of Attorney General Mark Herring,” said Toscano. “It will provide greater protections to those who wish to remain free of contact with their former abusers.”

    The Address Confidentiality Program presently includes more than 2,000 participants. Persons are screened by victim assistance programs and the Attorney General’s office before they can participate.

    HB 2217 was introduced by Del. Toscano in January and passed the House of Delegates and the State Senate unanimously. It was signed by the Governor and will become law on July 1, 2017.

  • From the Ralph Northam for governor campaign:

    RELEASE: Northam, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Slam Gillespie’s Extreme Anti-Choice Position

    Alexandria, VA – This week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie made the extreme anti-choice statement that he would like to see abortion “banned.” This afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam toured Annandale Women’s & Family Center, a women’s health clinic in Alexandria, with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene, to highlight the importance of electing a pro-choice candidate as Virginia’s next governor.

    Tarina Keene spoke about Ed Gillespie’s recent comments, and Ralph Northam’s record of defending reproductive rights.

    “Ed Gillespie’s extreme comments have raised the stakes in this election for women across the Commonwealth — their healthcare will be on the line if he makes it to the governor’s mansion,” said Tarina Keene, Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “That’s why we need a principled, progressive leader in Richmond who will never and has never wavered on defending women’s reproductive rights, and that’s Ralph Northam. With women’s rights and health already on the line under the Trump administration, we can’t afford to elect a governor who will take a page out of the Trump playbook.”

    Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam said of the visit, “Ed Gillespie should stick to what he knows best: how to navigate the D.C. swamp to help millionaires and corporations, because when it comes to women’s health, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Clearly, he is emboldened by the rhetoric and actions of the Trump administration. Any calls to ban abortion are shocking, and show no understanding of women’s health. The only thing we should ban is these types of views from the Governor’s office. As governor, I’ll continue to be a brick wall against these attacks on women’s reproductive rights.”

  • Robert Reich:

    The White House’s latest attempt to distract – using alleged wrongdoing by Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice, again without any evidence – has collapsed now that Devin Nunes has exited from the investigation, and the White House doesn’t want to release the documents it shared with Nunes that allegedly provided the basis for its gambit.

    But the willingness of right-wing outlets (from Fox News to Breitbart to the New York Post) to amplify the White House’s fake story is exactly the sort of echo chamber effect Russia used during the campaign to help Trump: baseless news suggesting nefarious plots, that titillate readers but confuse the public about where the truth lies.

    It’s all in preparation for the possibility that the intelligence agencies find that Trump and his assistants did in fact collude with Russian agents – which will surely prompt from Trump and his allied mouthpieces a campaign of distorting tweets, lies, digressions and distractions.

  • Video: Del. Mark Levine Supports Arlington’s Right to Fight Predatory Towing


  • Video: Hillary Clinton’s full interview at the 2017 Women in the World Summit


  • Video: Tom Perriello-Bernie Sanders Rally at GMU (4/6/17)


  • Sen. Tim Kaine statement:

    “Assad is a brutal dictator who must be held accountable for his actions. But President Trump has launched a military strike against Syria without a vote of Congress. The Constitution says war must be declared by Congress. I voted for military action against Syria in 2013 when Donald Trump was advocating that America turn its back on Assad’s atrocities. Congress will work with the President, but his failure to seek Congressional approval is unlawful.”