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Tuesday News: RIP Turkey, 1921–2017; Go Jon Ossoff; Vote for Jackie Smith TODAY in PW County!


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, April 18. Oh, and of course if you live in PW County, make sure you vote (regular times for a primary, regular polling locations) today for Jacqueline Smith for Clerk of the Court.

  • From the Perriello for Governor campaign:

    Perriello Campaign: Northam Should Join Perriello in Rejecting Dominion Contributions

    Dominion PAC and Two-Thirds of Dominion Executive Leadership Team Contributed More than $16,000 to Northam This Quarter, As Perriello Pledged to Reject Any Dominion Contributions

    Following the release of the gubernatorial candidates’ first quarter finance reports, Tom Perriello’s campaign is calling for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam to join Perriello in rejecting contributions from Virginia’s largest utility corporation, Dominion, which is regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and routinely has business before the state. In just the first quarter, Northam received more than $16,000 from Dominion’s PAC and senior executives, adding to the more than $70,000 his gubernatorial campaign and PAC have previously taken from Dominion. In contrast, in his campaign, Tom Perriello has pledged not to take contributions from state-regulated monopolies like Dominion. He made this pledge when he came out in opposition to the proposed Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines in Virginia, two fracked gas pipelines Dominion is promoting.

    “Lt. Gov. Northam should join Tom in rejecting contributions from Dominion,” said Ian Sams, Perriello’s communications director. “The next governor must aggressively promote clean, renewable energy in Virginia, and taking campaign contributions from the forces who hold it back is no place to start. As Tom has said, let’s let Virginia’s next generation of energy solutions be determined by the quality of the ideas, not the size of the campaign contributions.”

    According to VPAP, Northam took $16,399 in contributions in the first quarter from Dominion’s PAC and two-thirds of its executive leadership team.

    In addition, Dominion’s CEO contributed $5,000 to Republican frontrunner Ed Gillespie in the first quarter — showcasing how Dominion’s leader is “hedging his bets” for either a Democratic of Republican governor as the corporation seeks allies in Richmond.

  • Video: Trump has no clue who North Korea’s leader is (“this gentleman?”)