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Tuesday News: Yes, Dems Need Working and Rural People, No We Do NOT “Need the Mudcats” of the World; United Airlines Training Video


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, April 11. Also, check out that United Airlines training video. Yeah, I know, dark humor…for dark times.

  • Virginia Democratic candidate (note: she runs BP’s PAC and supports fracking, so no loss here) in HD-28 quits:


  • DCStrangler

    The way things are going for Democrats one would think they will take all the support they can get.

    The sad thing is that instead of mustering all of their resources against Trump, the ACDC is trying to figure out how to install Erik Gutless onto the ACB in an attempt to bring back the insular days of Zimmie and Babs Favola. How progressive!

    • Do you know Erik at all? If so, you’d know that he’s not “gutless” at all, nor is his personality similar at all to Chris Zimmerman’s. Finally, in no way is ACDC trying to “install” him – if they had been, they would have opted for a primary, which would have strongly benefited his candidacy.

  • Yet ANOTHER Democrat – Dan Helmer (see announcement below) – steps up to take on the deplorable Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10). The other announced candidate is Kimberly Adams, while State Sen. Jennifer Wexton and Fairfax County Board member Kathy Smith are possibilities…

    Dan Helmer, Democrat, Launches Campaign for Congress By Connecting With Community

    Helmer, U.S. Army veteran, offers new kind of leadership for VA-10

    FAIRFAX, VA – Today, Dan Helmer, a 35 year-old U.S. Army veteran, business strategist, and lifelong Democrat launched his campaign to represent Virginia’s 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a Rhodes Scholar, Dan will spend the day traveling the district, meeting with constituents and business owners, and donating blood at an area clinic as part of his lifelong commitment to service.

    “I am thrilled to formally launch our campaign for the 10th District today,” Dan said. “Our community deserves leaders who can rise above the dysfunction of Washington, bring people together, and get things done for the people of this district. We need a new kind of leadership to ensure that we have a thriving economy, schools that provide a great education to all of our children, and a foreign policy that reflects our values and keeps us safe. We will need to roll up our sleeves and work together, and that requires first that we listen. I look forward to spending the coming weeks and months hearing from members of the community about what they want for our District and for our country.”

    Virginia’s 10th Congressional District extends west from Fairfax County to Virginia’s border with West Virginia. It includes all or part of five counties, and three independent municipalities.

    Dan formed an Exploratory Committee in early March. After an outpouring of support — including $120,000 in donations in three weeks — he filed the paperwork to become a candidate on March 31st.

    Dan’s wife, Karen, and their two sons, Harris, 10, and Aaron, 8, will join him to kick off the campaign. The family will have breakfast in Winchester before visiting the Virginia Bloodbank so that Dan can participate in Donate Life Month by giving blood.

    The family will spend the remainder of the day visiting a farm and small businesses throughout Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. This evening, they will gather with supporters at a home in Loudoun County to formally announce the campaign’s launch.

  • Lieutenant Governor Northam’s Statement on Anti-Semitic Vandalism at Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia

    RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam released the following statement in response to reports of vandalism at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia.

    “I am disturbed to hear of the vandalism and hateful attacks that took place at the Jewish Community Center in Fairfax while many of our brothers and sisters were enjoying Seder and celebrating Passover last night. We must not sit idly by when any community in the Commonwealth is targeted by threatening acts intended to incite terror.

    No Virginian should live in fear because of who they are or who they worship. As your Lieutenant Governor and in the years to come, I will continue to do everything I can to keep Virginians of all faiths and backgrounds safe.”

  • Video: There is something really, really wrong with Sean Spicer. Like REALLY wrong.


  • Robert Reich:

    Today, Jewish people all over the world are celebrating Passover. Sean Spicer’s remark about Syria’s Assad couldn’t have been more ignorant or more badly timed.

    “You had someone who was despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,” said Spicer. Then he qualified his remark: Hitler “was not using gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing, where he went into towns and dropped them down to innocent in the middle of towns.”


    True, Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on innocent people in the middle of towns. Instead, the Nazi’s rounded them up from towns and shipped them into concentration camps where they then used chemical weapons to exterminate them.

    It’s hard to make the case that Assad’s technique is morally worse than Hitler’s.

    Why does the White House continue to allow this embarrassment of a press secretary to speak for the president? Maybe because the president is an even bigger embarrassment.

  • Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) made the following statement on recent vandalism and statements directly disrespecting the Jewish Community:

    “Passover is a time for Jewish families to come together to honor their rich history and tell the story of Exodus. I am extremely disheartened that during this sacred celebration, the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia was targeted by acts of hate. Hate has no place in the Commonwealth or anywhere else.

    “Today, the White House’s chief spokesman suggested that the means used to murder millions of Jews during the Holocaust was somehow dissimilar to the recent gas attack in Syria. Mr. Spicer’s comments force me to reflect on the Trump Administration’s slowness to condemn anti-Semitic actions. I condemn such reckless, wrongheaded comments from those in power.

    “To the JCC and to any community across the country impacted by reckless words and acts of hate, I have a simple message: I will stand with you, and I will stand up for you.”