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Video: Corey Stewart Complains About Being “Viciously” “Personally Attacked” by “So-Called Celebrities” on Twitter


Stewart also says “we fear public ridicule, embarrassment even more than we fear losing,” and that he’s been publicly ridiculed and embarrassed. Now, normally, that might make me sympathetic to a person, but in this case it doesn’t, because Stewart is running a campaign of hate, divisiveness, bigotry, and basically Confederate nostalgia and revisionist history (e.g., claiming the Confederacy wasn’t about defending the vicious slave system). And for that, he RICHLY deserves all the public ridicule and embarrassment that he’s experiencing.

  • Oh, and how about Corey Stewart leaping to the defense of a “Pepe the Frog” anti-Semite?



    Corey’s twitter account looks like a parody of someone running for governor– not somebody who is actually on the ballot and has held office since 2003. The people of Prince William County apologize to the entire Commonwealth. After he is defeated in the primary, we’ll get him to quit politics one way or the other. In the age of Trump, anything is possible, but I think he’s toast and his political career is over.

    • Yeah, of course Corey’s hero Donald Trump’s Twitter account looked like a parody of someone running for president, and now looks like a parody of someone who IS president. Ugh.


        Agreed. Corey has done the impossible — I have an even lower opinion of him now after reading the monument tirade.

        • He is like a parody of a parody of a parody of…LOL