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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Nails “Activist Judge” Neil Gorsuch for Anti-Women’s-Reproductive-Health, Pro-Corporate Extremism


I’m very proud of Sen. Tim Kaine for sticking to his guns – despite right wingnut pounding him for days, claiming falsely that Kaine was wrong – and calling out Neil Gorsuch’s extremist views on women’s reproductive health, contraception, corporate rights, etc. Check out the video below. As Sen. Kaine correctly notes: in the Hobby Lobby case, Gorsuch joined the majority ruling but went even further in his concurring opinion.

“Judge Gorsuch wrote a concurring opinion that was incredibly revealing…[he] had already joined the majority opinion…but he stretched beyond to rule that in addition the individuals owning the company should be able to sue to challenge the employer mandate even though they weren’t the employer…more notable…was the way that Judge Gorsuch described what the case was about…‘all of us must face the problem of complicity; all of us must decide the degree to which we are willing to be involved in the wrongdoing of others’…He’s talking about female employees of Hobby Lobby who wish to make their own choice from among available and lawful methods of contraception…He’s also referring to that choice as ‘wrongdoing’…it is a completely irrelevant and insulting reference to something that wasn’t part of the case at all…that’s very telling.”

  • Rob725

    The claim that Judge Gorsuch called contraception a “wrongdoing” is a bold-faced lie that blatantly takes the words in Judge Gorsuch’s opinion out of context. Gorsuch was describing the moral dilemma faced by the owners of Hobby Lobby who were being forced to participate in something that violated their deeply held religious beliefs. Hence the discussion of complicity.

    Elsewhere in the opinion he wrote: “No doubt, the Greens’ religious convictions are contestable. Some may even find the Greens’ beliefs offensive. But no one disputes that they are sincerely held religious beliefs.”

    I agree with the Richmond Times-Dispatch that wrote:

    “To conclude from the passage above that Gorsuch himself views contraception as morally wrong is pure nonsense. Kaine’s policy views and ours differ in several respects, but we have always thought of him as a deeply honorable public servant — which is why his smear against Gorsuch is so disappointing. It suggests he can’t come up with a defensible reason to oppose the nomination. But inventing one like this is indefensible.”http://www.richmond.com/opinion/our-opinion/editorial-tim-kaine-smears-neil-gorsuch/article_79a84983-b7e0-5c8a-93be-47641ded03dd.html

    Senator Kaine is either an idiot who lacks basic reading comprehension skills or someone inventing a lie to score political points. It’s a shame that a cheerleader blog like this one encourages Senator Kaine’s lie simply because it agrees with his political goal.