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Lawrence Gaughan: Why I’m Supporting Ralph Northam for Governor


by Lawrence Gaughan

Ever since I ran as a Democrat for the 5th District Congressional seat once held by fellow Charlottesville native, Tom Perriello, I have been eager to get behind a great candidate for Virginia’s next governor. But I am not endorsing Perriello. Instead, I am fully endorsing our current Lt. Gov., Dr. Ralph Northam in the upcoming primary. Here is why.

It starts with relationships. Over the years, I have gotten to know and admire Dr. Northam on a personal level. Ralph traveled across the state on several occasions to support my 2014 Congressional run, and he has made close to 200 similar trips for candidates, even those running low budget, long shot campaigns.

I know Ralph will make sacrifices for the things he says he believes in. He served in the military, and he is giving up an important career as a medical doctor to serve for the next four years as our governor.

Also, Ralph has never been a big money political candidate by virtue. If he has outraised opponents, he has done so with smaller dollar, local contributions and grassroots support with no strings attached.

With Ralph, not only do you get consistent experience serving the people of Virginia, but you get a leader who has a strong sense of empathy. This ability to feel for people is a rare quality in politics that Ralph brings over from his medical work. Ralph knows and understands the struggles of ordinary working people and knows that they are also the driving force of our economy.

So, based on my experience and my intuitive response to the two candidates running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Ralph gets my vote and support, because he has proven to me that he means what he says, he stands up for what he believes in, and he cares about real people.

  • LHarrisonF

    Can someone explain to me why I should care what an embarrassing former Democratic candidate cares once they’ve left the party? http://www.c-ville.com/bad-calls-gaughan-left-23-vulgar-messages-77-year-olds-womans-phone/#.WRNwsty1uUk

    • Perseus1986

      Exactly. Why does this blog give full coverage of the political opinions and endorsements of run of the mill current and former politicians that offer no new perspective into why they support somebody or the significance of why someone like them is supporting the candidate? The summary of this article is: “That guy who was state delegate for a time- ‘Ralph’s a swell guy'”. The next article will be titled “Random guy running to catch train: ‘Support who? There’s an election!?'”

      • Lawrence Gaughan

        I was able to win the Democratic nomination in unprecedented manner, and went on to set a record for getting the most votes for the least dollars ever spent in a 5th District race. I am very proud of my truly progressive campaign.

      • We’ve been trying to provide as close to complete coverage of the Virginai 2017 Dem primaries as possible by – among other things – posting endorsements in either diaries or comments sections. So sorry for doing a thorough job! LOL

        • Perseus1986

          How is this a thorough job? Is he campaigning with Northam? Is he trying to bring an organization, coalition or movement under his wing like an endorsements from McAulife or Sanders might signify? Is there any greater context to this other than a political figure returning your calls for contributions?

          • You have no clue what you’re talking about; he actually asked to post this here.

          • Perseus1986

            And I can ask for my opinion to be posted on the New York Times as well but without context as to why it is important or relevant for my opinion to be shared to the readership in the context of the New York Times, it likely wouldn’t be shared. I wrote this after first commenting on a state delegate making endorsements for, among others, Sarah Townsend over Elizabeth Guzman, with the preface that his endorsees would be most likely to win in November. However, he did not provide either any insight to back up this claim (that Townsend was more likely to win than Guzman), and it was not clear from the nature of his role as a regular state delegate that he was in any position to have a greater insight into who would be likely to win. All this, when Guzman has vastly out-fundraised Townsend up to now. My concern is just this series of endorsements just allows people, whose endorsements don’t effect the political landscape itself, to vouch for their buddies without needing to either back up their claims or provide strong arguments why one Democratic candidate is preferrable over the other (which is essentially when a primary stage endorsement is).

          • Lawrence Gaughan

            Of course, it is interesting that someone would react this way to this. It is either out of some misguided concern for blog journalistic integrity or this Persueus has some sort of animus toward the subject of the piece (or the author). All I can add to this is that I am not afraid to put my name out there. Despite the fact that people continually post the one and only piece of bad press I have ever had, I put my name out there. This detractor here (Perseus) is anonymous.

          • Perseus1986

            I was never a detractor of yours, I had no idea who you were and have never held anything against you. My issue is just that the blog host has put up various endorsements from various political figures, such as that of a random state delegate picking sides in Democratic primaries in other races, without giving context as to why his insight into these races was particularly important or gave greater knowledge to the subject, particularly when the state delegates argument that the candidates he was picking would most likely win in November ran counter to many factors such as fundraising to date. So, since the blog host doesn’t want to explain this, can you give greater context to your endorsement, for example, why, as someone from Tom Perriello’s district, do you none the less see Ralph Northam as the better candidate than Tom Perriello (not just why you think Ralph is a good guy, I think that is not disputed in this primary race)? Is there anything in Tom’s service or interactions with his former constituency that was lacking? Was Ralph able to interact and relate with Virginians in your region better?

    • Lawrence Gaughan

      First of all, the C’ville article posted here is a disservice to all, because Nancy Porritt Johnson was on marriage number FIVE and it was my first and only marriage. That is not in the article. Secondly, I was the one who initiated the divorce almost immediately after I found out about all the lies. The writer, Lisa Provence failed to check basic facts like this. When Nancy was told to leave and the divorce was filed for, Nancy continued to harass me for almost a year. During that time, I cracked and left a bunch of bad messages on her phone (she was living with her mother after I asked her to move out of my house). So, I was WRONG. I was going through a difficult time and I was wrong. But that was FIVE YEARS prior to running for Congress in 2014, where I was able to win the Democratic nomination in unprecedented manner and went on to set a record for getting the most votes for the least dollars ever spent in a 5th District race. I am very proud of my truly progressive campaign. Your feeble attempts to belittle me based on this trashy hack journalism (and the ONLY bad press I have ever had) is pretty much a sign of your own weakness. As to my leaving the party?? I never left the party. I am bi-partisan in my support, but I really an Independent. The party left me a LONG time ago. I continue to support people not parties. Parties do not serve anyone. They only serve to help get people elected and they are not always the best people. Just Google Wes Bellamy, Chris Dumler, or Anthony @Weiner. Thanks. Have a nice day.

    • Lawrence Gaughan

      If you are going to let someone post that article it is only fair to let me respond with the facts. Nancy Porritt Johnson was on marriage number five and it was my only marriage. This journalist did not check facts. I was the one who asked Nancy to leave and filed for divorce. This was a private matter, and I was in the wrong, but it happened five years prior to running for Congress.

    • Lawrence Gaughan

      Please be aware that in my entire life (I am 50) I have only ever had one piece of negative press, and it was poor journalism regarding a very private and personal matter (a brief marriage under false pretenses). I take full responsibility for being in the wrong in many ways regarding my short marriage. But it really has noting to do with why I am endorsing Ralph over Tom. Maybe Tom will win. Then, how does posting a link to that bad article help?

  • ameri…canwork

    Myself as a proud Trump supporter ( well prior to his announced pres. candidacy )
    I will be supporting only the candidate who looks to make Governor McAuliffes Executive Order 24 stronger ( and there are still loopholes) and then sign the Nation’s strongest Employee Misclassification Laws
    What are all the candidates stance?
    What would their procedures be?
    There better be a darn good policy to back it up.
    End payroll fraud , labor exploitatation and the Santurary Employment in Va. that fosters illegal immigration.
    Va. First!

    • Pete McGuire

      Tom Perriello is the only candidate to address Payroll Fraud in his platform.

  • Cre ate

    I think Virginia should elect Ralph Northam, and it will end up being a very good decision. I’ll be moving back to CA soon, but heads up VA, i think he will be a good pick.