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Saturday News: “The Week that Could Make—Or Break—America”; Is Trump “Unhinged?” (Hint: YES!); Va. Can Regulate CO2 Pollution


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, May 13.

  • Video: Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer podiums on a NYC street


  • Video: Chris Wallace and Shep Smith tear into Trump’s troubling actions


  • Del. Alfonso Lopez votes in Arlington County/School Board Caucus. Make sure you vote today (at W-L High School, 11 am-7 pm)


  • Dan Rather:

    I have lived through nearly 4,500 weeks in my life, and I have never seen a week like the one we just had.

    I have seen weeks of far greater darkness, of war, and death, and economic despair. I have seen weeks of more confusion and uncertainty. But I have never seen a week where a president of our nation has behaved with such a cavalier disregard for the norms and institutions of our democracy. And it now seems like the investigation is expanding into Trump’s business dealings. The comparisons with Richard Nixon are plentiful these days, but even he did not seem so untethered from our basic governance. And I have never seen so many members of a political party rally around incompetence, intemperance, and inanity.

    The threats, the lies, the willful disregard for the rule of law should be limited to the world of Hollywood caricature. To see this played out each night on the news, to read about ramblings and inconsistencies in justifications for actions that should never have been taken, is to see a moment of great peril for our nation.

    I remain, however, an optimist. I see the swellings of civic engagement and action. I hear the voices of those who demand that this subversion of our national ideals shall not stand. I have covered social movement of the past, and never have seen one where so much power and numbers lie on the side of the opposition. This is a clash for the values of our nation. Our destiny is in our hands.

  • Mike Penc

    Liberals who want to impeach Trump forget who the VP is…
    More conservative, and more competent…. a scary combo.. and, not as funny

  • Robert Reich:

    Ordering federal prosecutors yesterday to crack down on drug offenders, Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions said federal prosecutors should “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense” in drug cases, even when that would trigger mandatory minimum sentencing.

    Sessions is dead wrong.

    1. Mandatory sentencing laws for drug users are a relic of unfair, ineffective, costly, and racist policies – leading to the imprisonment of more Americans and at a higher rate than in any other country.

    2. Sessions said the crackdown was “a key part of President Trump’s promise to keep America safe,” linking drug trafficking to increased homicide rates in some cities. But the rate of overall homicides in America, as well as other serious crimes, is significantly down.

    3. The new policy disproportionately targets minorities because of how different drugs are categorized under the law. Even Republican Sen. Rand Paul said the “new policy will accentuate that injustice.”

    Jeff Sessions is again proving himself to be ignorant and racist.

  • Video: Michelle Obama wonders “why someone is ok with your kids eating crap.”


  • Video: Orwellian-named “Liberty” “University” disgraces itself yet again, features as commencement speaker someone who violates every aspect of Christ’s teachings


  • Quizzical

    I don’t see impeachment proceedings as a good thing for the nation. It would be a huge time sink and distraction, and we can’t afford to be distracted like that. Plus it would be divisive and an endless source of political grudges.

    What can be done at this point to salvage Trump’s Presidency? Podesta’s op ed is exactly right, Trump’s top aides have to go. Also, Trump needs his wife at his side. Who else can tell him at 4 am, put down that phone and go back to sleep? Trouble is, only Trump himself can put the necessary changes in motion.

    • Fair point about impeachment proceedings – which I don’t think will happen anyway – but as for Podesta’s op-ed, I don’t believe that: a) Trump will ditch his top aides; b) even if he does, that he’ll replace them with anyone less crazy/incompetent/etc.; and c) that this problem emanates from anyplace but the “head” — Trump — and that as long as he’s president, we are all in grave danger.

      • Quizzical

        Trump used to brag about how he would bring in the best people to run the government. But he didn’t, and maybe the truth is that he doesn’t know the best people, and the best people don’t want to work for him anyway. He absolutely needs the best people though, he can’t do this job without that kind of support.

        • Right, the truly best people wouldn’t want to work for this freakazoid.

    • Jim B

      Seems to me the only way the country can be saved is for the country to elect more democrats in 18. Meantime there will be a lot of hand wringing and things will remain the same.

  • Virginia 42nd House of Delegates district forums coming up


  • True Blue

    Follow the money and the shell games! “One way or another, (we’re) gonna find ya, (we’re) gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha… One day maybe next week…”

    Excerpts from John Amato:
    “Trump hired the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius to send a letter to Lindsey Graham about his finances which stated that “Trump’s last 10 years of tax returns do not reveal “any income of any type from Russian sources” with some exceptions. Even Fox News’ Shepard Smith and his guest, Geri Willis couldn’t contain their amusement and kept breaking out in laughter…”

    “Meantime, the law firm which wrote the letter for the president has extensive ties to Russia and according to a press release on its own web site…” and verified in The Washington Post: “Her law firm was honored by Chambers & Partners’ 2016 Chambers Europe guide as Russia Law Firm of the Year.”

    “Willis explained that Trump is the client, they report to him so make of that letter what you will. She continued, “If you read between the lines here, understand that major companies in Russia use subsidiaries in other places like Cypress, like the British Virgin Islands. So, at the end of the day, maybe there’s something else out there that we’re not seeing. In other words, this is another bogus attempt to camouflage any Trump ties to the Russians, but this attempt was more comical than any that came before it.””