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Statement from Tom Perriello on Gov. McAuliffe’s Carbon Emission Announcement Today

Statement from Tom Perriello on Gov. McAuliffe’s Carbon Emission Announcement Today

Perriello: ‘This Action is Good for Our Climate, Good for Economic Investment in Clean Energy Development, and Good for Job Creation Across Virginia’

Today, following Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s announcement to begin a regulatory process to reduce carbon emissions in Virginia, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia Tom Perriello released the following statement praising McAuliffe’s action and committing to boldness in tackling climate change as governor:

“Gov. McAuliffe’s bold move finally shifts Virginia into a 21st Century energy economy and gives us a better shot at good-paying jobs and at protecting our coastline and climate. This action is good for our climate, good for economic investment in clean energy development, and good for job creation across Virginia. As governor, I will look for every opportunity to take an ambitious approach to make Virginia a leader, not a follower, on clean energy, efficiency jobs, and protecting our rural heritage. This move could help force our utilities to evolve out of their outdated command-and-control model and prevent us from falling further behind neighboring states on clean energy business and job creation. Utility monopolies in Virginia, like Dominion, are holding us back from progress on this front, as they make multi-billion dollar investments in last-generation technologies and fossil fuels. Virginia should be at the forefront of the next generation of jobs, not stuck in the past, which is why I’m rejecting campaign contributions from Dominion and these utility corporations. With a new approach, we can put a lot of Virginians to work with efficiency investments and localized clean energy production, and this action today is an important step to jumpstart this process. In Congress, I supported cap-and-trade, which would have led to job creation in rural communities around alternate energy and put tradesmen and construction workers on the job. Boldness on climate change will open doors to innovation and economic opportunity, and as governor, I will spend four years advancing these important goals.”

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    Lieutenant Governor Northam’s Statement on Governor McAuliffe’s Carbon Reduction Executive Directive

    RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam released the following statement applauding Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Executive Directive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    “I am proud of Governor McAuliffe’s bold action to reduce carbon emissions and curb the impact of climate change in our Commonwealth. This is the right thing to do for Virginia’s economy and for our climate. Under President Trump’s administration, we can no longer rely on the federal government to lead. It is up to the states to step forward. By taking this action, Governor McAuliffe has positioned Virginia to be a leader in the response to climate change and to reap the economic benefits that will follow from it.

    “Clean air is both a public health and environmental priority. Because some our most polluted areas are in our densely-populated cities and industrial areas, many communities of color and low-income Virginians are at higher risk for respiratory illnesses and chronic lung conditions. Governor McAuliffe’s announcement is an important step towards making sure all Virginians have the opportunity to live and work in healthy environments.”