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Tuesday News: “The Law Can’t Stop Trump. Only Impeachment Can”; “Donald Trump is a serious threat to American national security”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, May 16.

  • VA GOP Chair claims Trump passing highly classified info to Russians is “fake; minutes later Trump admits it”s very real



  • VA GOP Chair says story of Trump passing secret info to Russians “fake news”; minutes later, Trump admits it’s true.



  • Prominent National Security Experts Endorse Dan Helmer, Form Helmer for Congress National Security Advisory Committee

    Flournoy and other high-ranking experts on military and defense policy praise Dem. Candidate for VA-10 as a “problem solver” with “deep credibility on national security issues”.

    Dan Helmer, an Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, business strategist and Democratic candidate for Congress for Virginia’s 10th District, announced today the creation of the Helmer for Congress National Security Advisory Committee. The committee will include national security experts who endorse Dan’s campaign for Congress because of his experience and judgment. As part of their involvement on the committee, they will continue to advise Dan on foreign, military, intelligence, and defense policy. The members include:

    Michele Flournoy — Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Obama Administration
    Brad Carson — Under Secretary of the Army and Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Obama Administration
    Andrew Exum –Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy, Obama Administration
    Charles H. Leven– Former CIA case officer and senior official focused on Russia

    “Our nation faces serious and complex global and domestic threats,” Flournoy said. “We need leaders in Congress who have both deep experience and new perspectives. Dan Helmer fits the bill. He served his country in uniform for a decade, and he understands firsthand the on-the-ground impact of decisions made in Washington. He is passionate, principled, and an innovative thinker and problem-solver.”

    “Dan Helmer has deep credibility on national security issues,” said Leven. “He sees old problems in new ways, and he will be an outstanding member of the new, rising generation of Democratic veterans in Congress. One of the many lessons to be drawn from November’s election is that the Russian government is intent on undermining our Democracy. Dan brings to the table exactly the kind of hard-nosed, clear-eyed thinking and experience to support an effective response.”

    “As someone with experience working to build coalitions and generate creative ideas, Dan will be able to look beyond politics to solve problems and address the biggest threats our nation faces today,” says Carson.

    According to Exum, “I’ve worked with Dan in both the Army and in business. Dan’s been a leader in both and has a well-earned reputation for seeking out the hardest problems to solve, whether it’s countering terrorism or helping businesses grow and create jobs.”

    Says Dan: “Ensuring that America remains strong and secure will be my top priority as a national leader, and the advice and expertise of the members of this committee will be invaluable. I am grateful for the counsel of these national security leaders, and I am honored to have their endorsement.”

    The National Security Committee, underscores Dan’s deep commitment to national security and the value he places on experience and expertise. It also highlights his ability to attract the trust of policy-making veterans and to convene broad-based coalitions of thought-leaders and analysts.

    The 10th Congressional District is home to tens of thousands of veterans, military families, Department of Defense employees, intelligence professionals, and defense industry employees

  • Dan Rather:

    “This is not politics. This is not policy. This is about the safety and security of the United States. There can be no learning curve for this type of situation. If this reporting bears out, our security and that of our allies has been compromised.

    This is a gut check time for everyone who considers themselves to be a patriot. Getting to the bottom of this must be the top priority of Congress.”

    • John Galtius

      It was a fake story that had no facts, relied on a unconfirmed report, and has since been proven wrong. Even the original headline said “IF he did…”

    • True Blue

      I sense that faithful followers will trust Putin’s interpretation rather than the media, because “we love Russia.”

  • Endorsement in HD-13…

    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Endorses Steven Jansen for Virginia House of Delegates

    Washington, DC (May 16, 2017) — Today, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) endorsed Steven Jansen in the Virginia House of Delegates 13th District election.

    Jansen has spent the bulk of his professional career working to reduce gun violence. As a prosecutor, he worked tirelessly to create safer communities. In his current role as director of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV), an organization devoted to protecting communities from gun violence, he has pursued commonsense policy solutions.

    Last year, Jansen worked with our sister organization, the Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV), to develop national protocols to remove firearms from domestic abusers. Jansen and EFSGV Legal Director Kelly Roskam collaborated with PAGV and the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy to issue the groundbreaking report “Firearms Removal/Retrieval In Cases of Domestic Violence.”

    Prior to his work at PAGV, Jansen was the director of the National Center for Community Prosecution (NCCP) at the National District Attorneys Association, where he advocated for community-driven criminal justice reform.

    “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” Jansen said. “As a former prosecutor, I witnessed the plague of gun violence firsthand. As a gun safety advocate, I am committed to working with CSGV on the campaign trail and in Richmond to stand with 94% of Virginia Voters and finally bring a stronger background check system to the Commonwealth.”

    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

    “In Steven Jansen, voters in the 13th District have a candidate who will stand up for the safety of their families. As director of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, he has dedicated his career to preventing guns from falling into the hands of dangerous individuals. He has consistently advocated for commonsense policies to protect citizens from gun violence in all its forms — from domestic violence to firearm suicide. We need strong leaders like Steven Jansen in Richmond, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is proud to support him.”

    Additional Info about Steven Jansen and the 13th District:

    Virginia’s 13th District of the House of Delegates voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by double digits, and Democrats narrowly lost it by a margin of 498 votes in 2013, the last gubernatorial year. With Donald Trump in the White House and higher turnout during gubernatorial election years, Democrats consider it one of the top pickup opportunities in the Commonwealth.

    Steven Jansen is a dad, husband, advocate, teacher and former prosecutor, who has devoted his life to helping make his community safer, fairer, and more prosperous. Steven serves as the Director of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV), an organization devoted to finding policy solutions to protect our communities from gun violence. Last year, Steven oversaw the development of national protocols to ensure firearms are removed from domestic abusers. Steven was also the Director of the National Center for Community Prosecution (NCCP) at the National District Attorneys Association in Alexandria, where he advocated for community-driven criminal justice reform. Steven is currently a teacher of Justice, Law & Criminology at American University.

    Steven lives with his wife, Giselle, and their two children Greyson (6) and Angelina (2) in Lake Manassas, where Steven serves as Director of the Lake Manassas Home Owners Association.

    • John Galtius

      Thank you. I’ll find out who is opposing Jansen and donate some money to beat him.

      • Presumably they all support gun violence prevention measures…other than crazy “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, of course.

  • Quizzical
  • From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

    House Dems Call on Tom Brock to Drop Out; Endorse Kelly Fowler

    RICHMOND, Va. – In light of recent revelations of racist statements made by Tom Brock, a candidate in House District 21, in addition to Brock’s previously-exposed misogynistic statements, House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring today released the following joint statement:

    “Tom Brock’s racist jokes are appalling. His history of derogatory statements about women and people of color are not consistent with the values of our party. When we first learned of Mr. Brock’s offensive Facebook posts, we called on him to suspend his campaign. He declined. Now, with the revelation of these racist posts, we are renewing our call, publicly, for Mr. Brock to drop out of the race and are endorsing his opponent, Kelly Fowler.

    “Kelly Fowler embraces the values of inclusiveness and economic opportunity for all Virginians, regardless of race or gender. Having grown up in a military family in Virginia Beach, Kelly understands the needs of her district. She has improved her community through teaching in public school, restoring distressed homes, and now by leading a team of real estate agents who specialize in helping military families re-locate. Her progressive message of opportunity for everyone, not just the well-connected, will be a welcome voice in Richmond. It is with great pride that the House Democratic Caucus today endorses Kelly Fowler’s campaign.”

  • Southern Liberal

    Regarding the article about MSNBC – It depends on the show. Shows I recommend for progressives and liberals are Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Joy Reid, and Al Sharpton