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New PW County Mosque Opponents’ “fears and concerns are not rooted in reality or facts” but in Islamophobia


by Atif Qarni

The last few years Muslim population in Brentsville, Gainesville and Haymarket has grown considerably, with the highest concentration residing in Bristow. Three years ago, ADAMS, a 501(c)(3), bought land in the Brentsville (Rural Crescent area) to build a mosque. A permit from the Board of County Supervisors is required to build this structure.

Some local residents, who are opposed to the mosque, formed a group called FORCE.

First, FORCE complained that Friday prayers would coincide with Patriot High School’s dismissal and create traffic problems. Never in the history of PWC have demands been made on a religious organization to accommodate their worship schedule for the sake of the surrounding community. Nevertheless, ADAMS addressed their neighbor’s concerns by proposing a change to the scheduled Friday prayer times.

Next, FORCE complained that on a busy mosque day, congregants may be forced to park on the street in the event of an overflow parking situation. ADAMS accommodated the citizens’ concerns by agreeing to increase parking capacity at the mosque.

Then, FORCE complained about the size of the building. ADAMS again accommodated the group’s concerns by drafting a plan for a smaller facility. Interestingly enough, the FORCE group did not voice any concerns when the last 8 churches were built in the Rural Crescent, all of which are larger in size than the proposed mosque.

Lastly, FORCE complained that ADAMS wants to use the current sewage system, which feeds into Patriot High School, and that it should not be allowed to do so; instead, FORCE insists that the mosque use a septic system. All of the surrounding homes, schools, stores next to the proposed mosque were built to use the existing sewage system. According to blueprints received from the Service Authority, use of the current sewage system is convenient for the location, easy to hook-up, and cost-efficient. The septic system proposed by FORCE places undue and unnecessary hardship on the mosque and the land on which it is located – it is expensive, incredibly complicated to install, and bad for the land and the environment because it requires trees to be removed and uprooted.

I met with FORCE and tried to help allay their fears and concerns. I was not successful because their fears and concerns are not rooted in reality or facts. They are rooted in biogtry, xenophobia, and Islamophobia and their arguments sound eerily similar to those made by pro-segregationists in the 1950s.

Friends, I ask that you show your support for the ADAMS mosque and solidarity with the Muslim community here in PWC by attending the BOCS meeting on June 27th at 6:30 p.m., in which the mosque permit will be up for a vote.

  • Philistine

    Interestingly, the author failed to mention the need for a Special Use Permit because the mosque is not compliant with PWC’s Rural Crescent zoning which requires a septic system. Why a sophisticated organization like ADAMS would buy a site requiring this permit is a good question? Maybe it’s because their law firm promised that they’d sue if they didn’t get the permit. Seems like ADAMS could’ve saved the legal fees and bought a properly zoned site. But the author can continue to promote hate and victimhood instead of facts.

  • Jay

    This article is loaded with lies. The author has no idea what they are talking about. Key fact number one, the rural crescent policy states that only septic can be used, period. That rule applies to ALL of the residents. Fact, residents were told NO by the county on their SUP request for county sewer within a few hundred yards of county sewer. The only thing true about it he article is that county sewer is close by, but that area is in the unprotected area, not in the Rural Crescent. They knew the policy when the bought the property and are trying to circumvent policies to build on cheap land.

    I wonder if the author could provide a list of 8 churches approved to be built in the Rural Crescent. To my knowledge only two have been approved in the Crescent. One is entirely on septic, within policy, (with opposition, look it up, its public record. No mention of that huh? People opposed to a Catholic Church isn’t worth mentioning)and the other was granted a SUP for nearby county sewer because their property has gas lines underground, thus preventing septic. (The later is now selling that property and not building there anymore)ADAMS has said all along they refuse septic. Did occur to the author that FORCE is a response to the county for continually approving mega structures & development in the Crescent? Such as Avondale, the Grizzly complex, the two schools , etc. I know the rules and policies because my property is directly effected by the county decision makers…. Gussie what, it’s on septic & well. NONE of the homes surrounding the proposed building are on county water or sewer.

    • Brenda

      Thanks Jay for putting the truth out there. This article missed a few of the important TRUE facts, didn’t it?

  • Camille

    I’m sorry, but your facts are incorrect. I, don’t care if you pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that’s none of my business. I do care that ANY megastructure built within the Rural Crescent domain, and one that refuses to adhere by the guideline of that covenant, is in violation of the law. ADAMS should be angry with their legal team and board of advisors who told them this was a good investment and not at the residents who want the covenant of the Rural Crescent upheld. There are NOT 8 other places of worship that were allowed to be built in the Rural Crescent boundaries. Please get the facts right and stop using xenophobia as your defense. It shows your lack of understanding and only propels your agenda of hatred, not ours.

  • Brian

    This is full of lies, but expected