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Perriello Calls for Virginia to Join State Climate Alliance to Confront Climate Change in Response to Trump’s Abandonment of Paris Agreement


I was thinking about it this morning, and I’m absolutely clear that our planet is our home, and if we destroy that, no other issue will matter, since at the minimum our civilization will have likely collapsed. So…first save our home, without which all else – so many crucially important issues, from racial injustice to women’s rights to LGBT equality to gun violence prevention to education, health care, etc, etc, etc. – would be (horribly) moot. That’s why I’m so proud of Tom Perriello for leading on environmental protection (and just about every other issue, but that’s a discussion for another post!), from voting for the “cap-and-trade” bill in Congress to coming out strongly against Dominion Power’s proposed fracked gas pipelines.  And now, in another sign of cutting-edge leadership, check this out.  Oh, and don’t forget to vote for Tom Perriello on June 13 and remind everyone you know – friends, family, neighbors, people you met at the Women’s March, etc. – to do the same!

Perriello Calls for Virginia to Join State Climate Alliance to Confront Climate Change in Response to Trump’s Abandonment of Paris Agreement
Tom Perriello, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, announced his intention, if elected, to join the recently-announced United States Climate Alliance, which will push for the climate goals embodied in the Paris Agreement and foster innovation among the states in combating climate change. 
“Virginia must act now to combat climate change,” said Tom Perriello. “Donald Trump has made his choice: he won’t lift a finger to prevent sea levels from rising in Hampton Roads, won’t do a thing to stop homeowners’ insurance rates from soaring along the Chesapeake Bay, and couldn’t care less if Virginia’s coastlines fall victim to devastating storms. As governor, I will not wait for the worst to happen before taking action.”
The Paris Agreement calls for voluntary, individualized climate goals that are designed by countries themselves. Perriello believes a state-based version of this model will provide Virginia the flexibility to develop the best-tailored approaches to climate change while ensuring other states are doing their part. 
“When Virginia leads, the rest of the nation takes notice,” said Perriello. “By getting on the ground floor of a state-based Climate Alliance, Virginia will help pioneer new and innovative ways to fight climate change. Not only will we not fall behind on climate policy, Virginia will get to shape how our nation responds to one of the greatest challenges in human history.”  
Perriello’s announcement builds on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s recent executive action on capping carbon emissions, solidifying Virginia’s commitment to confronting climate change. Virginia would join New York, Washington, California, and other states in the Climate Alliance, ensuring that the Mid-Atlantic’s interests and needs are represented in this body.
Perriello concluded, “Our grandchildren will one day ask us what we did to stop climate change. I want them to know Virginia stepped up when so many others ducked responsibility.”
  • And also Ralph Northam:

    In case you missed it, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam this morning announced live on NewsRadio WINA that, as governor, he will support Virginia joining the United States Climate Alliance.

    Asked about President Trump’s announcement that the United States will be pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the lieutenant governor said the following:

    “Absolutely. I mean it’s just unacceptable. And you know we have made so much progress not only in Virginia but in this country. We’ve been world leaders. President Obama led the charge on that and to just turn back all of the work we’ve done is just, it’s really unacceptable. It affects our health, it affects our economy, it affects our environment.”

    “So I certainly support Virginia joining the United States Climate Alliance along with New York, California, and Washington. This will be something that we can all work together, we can share information and best practices, and again, continue to protect our environment. Because I am a scientist, you know I am a physician. I believe in climate change and global warming. I have worked very hard on sea level rise in Hampton Roads, which is affecting our economy there. It’s affecting national security. And we just can’t go backward. And this is why we all need to go to the polls on Election Day. These elections have tremendous consequences and you know, I just hope all Virginians realize that this year.”