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Thursday News: “Rhetoric and Bullets”; Special Counsel Looks Into Trump Obstruction of Justice; “Virginia’s GOP Has Lost It”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, June 15.

  • Quizzical

    I can understand the feelings of the Congressman who was pinned down in that gunfight yesterday, and who made a public statement afterwards that from now on, he would always be carrying a pistol in public appearances. (He already has the permit to do it.). I’m sure I would have felt the same way. However, if he is going to translate that experience and feeling into his position on gun control, that would be a mistake.

    In this country, we have a constant stream of gun violence incidents, and as a subset of that, a constant stream of mass shootings.

    You can pull that data up on any day, and see that as a society, this is the life we have chosen. It doesn’t have to be this way, and it doesn’t have to continue, but the fact that it isn’t this way does mean that this is the life we have chosen.

    There is nothing forcing us to keep on making the same choices.

  • Withheld Information

    Stewart wants to challenge Tim Kaine? He couldn’t even beat Gillespie, how is he going to beat Kaine?

  • Donte Tanner calls on Del. Tim Hugo to join him in supporting removal of confederate monuments

    Tanner sees no place for hate in the public square

    CENTREVILLE, VA – Today, Air Force Veteran and Small Business owner Donte Tanner calls on his opponent to join him in supporting the removal of confederate monuments in the Commonwealth of Virginia. After the divisive campaign of gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart who focused on this issue, Tanner is demanding that Hugo inform the voters of his stance on this issue that played such a prominent role in the Republican Primary.

    “I am a proud veteran of the Air Force, and I know what leadership looks like. That’s why today, I am calling on Tim Hugo to join me in supporting the removal of confederate monuments from public areas,” said Tanner. “There’s a difference between remembering our country’s history and revering it. Tim Hugo has taken some extreme positions over the years, and it’s time that he is held accountable. The people of the 40th District deserve a representative who stands with them and shares their values.”

    Tim Hugo voted twice in favor of HB 587 to keep the confederate flag and monuments in the public square. Hugo was also a past donor to Corey Stewart, having contributed $1,000 to his campaign.

    Donte Tanner is the Democratic Nominee for the 40th District, which Hillary Clinton won by 8 points in 2016.

  • Classy statement by Tilly Blanding:

    Though Tuesday night did not turn out how we all expected, I am immensely proud of what this campaign has accomplished since February. When I set out on this journey to run for office, I had no idea how I would be able to reach out to voters and raise the money we would need. But I should have known from the start that I was not on my own – you all had my back from day one.

    Our team ran an inclusive campaign that brought in people from all backgrounds, all belief systems, all parts of the state – to fight for our shared Democratic values. I am honored to have been supported by labor Unions, School Board members, Supervisors, immigration advocacy groups, and so by many wonderful supporters and friends. Together we built an amazing coalition that mobilized hundreds of volunteers to talk to thousands of voters about our message of equality and opportunity for all.

    Every day I was inspired by the stories voters shared at their door, and by the volunteers who gave up so much to be a part of our team. I am privileged that my story, of resilience of spirit while fighting for freedom and equality, touched so many of you, too. I ran my campaign the only way I know how – by being the authentic me.

    Like my mother used to say, “Get over yourself. Get up, and get going because there is still work to do.” From the beginning I have had pledged to continue to fight for all Democrats, no matter the outcome of my race, and that is exactly what I plan to do. Our Democratic nominee for District 42, Kathy Tran, will be a great Delegate down in Richmond. My goal has always been to flip this seat and that is exactly what we need to do.

    There is too much at stake in November’s election to sit this one out: a woman’s right to choose, equality for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, worker’s rights and the fight for a livable wage, and the rights for all immigrants.

    Thank you for believing in me, for supporting my campaign, and for being on this journey with me. I am forever humbled by this experience, and leave this campaign with no regrets.