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Tom Perriello Raises More Than $4 Million, In Strong Position for Primary Campaign’s Final Days


Great news from the Perriello campaign; also nice birthday present for his mom, who just turned 75 yesterday — happy birthday!

Tom Perriello Raises More Than $4 Million, In Strong Position for Primary Campaign’s Final Days

92 Percent of Contributions $100 or Less

Perriello Campaign Raised More Than $255,000 Online Last Week Alone, At Average Contribution of $43

Today, Tom Perriello’s Democratic campaign for governor announced that it had raised more than $4 million in 2017. Despite just entering the race in January, while Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam has been a candidate since early 2015, Tom has brought in $4.09 million from 21,567 individual contributions, underscoring the strength of his rapidly-growing grassroots campaign. Last week alone demonstrates how the grassroots momentum is with Tom at this pivotal moment of the campaign: it was the campaign’s best online fundraising week so far, raising more than $255,000 online from 5,934 individual contributions for an average of $43.

With just nine days left, Tom’s campaign is well-positioned to win the June 13 primary, with close to three-quarters of a million dollars on-hand. For recent historical perspective, at the same juncture of the 2009 Democratic gubernatorial primary, Creigh Deedsthe eventual nomineehad $525,755 on hand, while Brian Moran had $707,237 on hand. Tom has also brought in nearly three times what Deeds did during the same fundraising period in 2009’s primary$1.87 million to $678,000.

“In the primary’s closing days, the grassroots momentum is on Tom’s side,” said Julia Barnes, Perriello’s campaign manager. “From the start, Tom has committed to an accessible, next-generation campaign of harnessing social media and digital tools to reach tens of thousands of voters directly across Virginia. We’ve done that, and we have also made unprecedented investments in our organizing and field program that will help our grassroots Virginia volunteers and supporters deliver a win on June 13 and make Tom the Democratic nominee for Governor of Virginia.”

Tom launched his campaign for governor on January 5, with no baseline PAC support, unlike his primary opponent. As a State Department official, Tom was prohibited from political activities such as fundraising since February 2014 under the Hatch Act. Tom has also pledged not to take campaign contributions from Virginia’s publicly-regulated utilities, including Dominion. More than 50 Democrats running for House of Delegates and all three Democrats running for lieutenant governor have joined Tom in rejecting Dominion’s contributions. Last week, Tom also joined a pledge to reject campaign contributions from oil, gas and coal companies.

In his campaign, Tom has been the most accessible, energetic candidate for Governor of Virginia—holding more than 350 public events, while traveling more than 20,000 miles to 52 counties and independent cities across Virginia. Tom has held nearly 30 town hall meetings across Virginia, and he has harnessed social media and digital platforms to reach hundreds of thousands of Virginians on Facebook via Facebook Live and posts. He has also led on putting forward the solutions to Virginia’s most pressing challenges, proposing plans to raise wagesguarantee paid leave, expand public education to include pre-K and community collegesupport clean energyconfront climate changefight for Virginia womentackle the racial wealth gapfix our broken criminal justice systemimprove maternity caremake Virginia more equal for our LGBTQ citizenscombat the opioid crisis, and support Virginians with disabilities and Virginia veterans — and he’s the only candidate from either party to lay out how he will pay for his agenda.

Total for Cycle – Tom Perriello for Governor
Raised: $4,095,821.01
Raised this period: $1,873,260.47
Cash on Hand: $733,904.42

  • Video: Tom Perriello and Jon Lovett in Arlington, Virginia (6/4)


  • old_redneck

    A friend of ours observed her 80th birthday today in Leesburg; we trekked up from the Northern Neck to join her family for a surprise party.

    At the party was another couple, friends of ours whom we had not seen for 10 years or so. Turns out, he’s dumb as a road-kill armadillo.

    No sooner did we recognize each other than he started asking me who I thought would win the primaries. I told him Gillespie likely had it in the bag for the Republicans; Northam and Perriello were statistically tied, so, wait for June 13/14 for that one.

    You would have thought I slapped him — “Gillespie? You think Gillespie will win?” After repeating myself, he started in on what a great governor Corey Stewart will be — Stewart will clean Gillespie’s clock, get rid of the illegals, stop confiscating guns, lower taxes, make Virginia great again.

    Thank God the guest of honor arrived about the time he was finishing his rant so I didn’t have to slap the stupid out of him. I avoided him the rest of the day.

    Sweet Jesus these people are dense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sounds like road-kill armadillo is smarter than this guy…

  • Northam Raises Over $2,000,000, Bringing Total Raised To Nearly $7.5 Million And Cash On Hand Over $1.3 million

    For the cycle, Northam has more than 53,000 individual contributions with more than 91% being $100 or less, and 85% of all money raised coming from Virginians

    Richmond, VA – Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced it raised $2,025,228 in the 2nd quarter. Northam has over $1,329,929 cash on hand as of the June 1st reporting deadline. For the cycle, the Northam campaign has raised $7,465,158.

    The campaign has a vast grassroots network with more than 53,214 contributions, and 8,057 to the candidate committee in this reporting period alone, with 82% of all contributions being $100 or less.

    For this period, 89% of the total amount raised came from Virginians. For the cycle, 85% of the total amount raised for the cycle came from Virginians.

    “Heading into the final days, our campaign has the advantage of more resources to communicate to voters, and broad support from Virginians who are fueling this campaign,” said campaign manager Brad Komar. “Momentum and enthusiasm are with Lt. Governor Northam, and we’ll be ready to take on likely Republican nominee Ed Gillespie, who continues to hug President Trump despite his disastrous first six months. Lt. Governor Northam knows how to win statewide, and will be a brick wall against the attacks on women’s reproductive care, Virginia’s Muslim community, and working families.”

    Total for the cycle – Northam for Governor and Stronger Together PAC
    Raised: $7,465,158.09
    Contributions: 53,214
    VA Raised – $6,359,376.45
    VA Contributions: 38,561
    $100 or less Contributions – 48,208
    Cash on Hand: $1,329,929.71

    Northam for Governor – Quarter 2 (April 1 – June 1)
    Raised: $2,025,228.31
    Contributions: 8,057

    VA Raised: $1,792,750.07
    VA Contributions: 6,777

    $100 or less Contributions: 6,578

  • Slavin Rose

    Had a couple of Perriello canvassers come to the house yesterday, the first time in 3 decades any political campaign has ever bothered. Fired up for Tom!