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Video: Corey Stewart Vows to “Send Tim Kaine to the Curb” in 2018


Fresh off his near-successful, neo-Confederate campaign for the VA GOP gubernatorial nomination, Corey Stewart speaks at the far-right “Rally Against Political Violence” at the White House and vows to “send Tim Kaine to the curb in 2018. This is going to be…uh…fun? Well, it will be fun beating him, that’s for sure!


    How many times is this guy going to run for State-wide office — he’s already failed in two efforts to get nominated for something. He’s entering Harold Stassen country.

    • Perseus1986

      If I were him I’d be worried about his County Supervisor’s seat. His Republican colleagues on the board and in the county un-endorsed him, that must be pretty embarrassing, though I’m sure he’s encouraged by his close loss in the primary just now. I guess in 2019 he’ll either be in the Senate or out of a job.

      • dave schutz

        Pers, I’d love to have you and Skep be right. Stewart did substantially overperform his statewide totals in Prince William, though. I think Tim Kaine is a wonderful human being and leads a blameless life! And that there is no ‘live boy or dead girl’ history out there to push the seat towards Stewart in the coming election. So between your two choices, I pick ‘out of a job’. Like I said, here’s hoping.

      • LibertarianDemocrat

        I live in PWC. The problem is that the local elections are barely noticed. There has to be a Democratic candidate who can fire up the base and get them involved. The votes are there to kick Corey out; we just need somebody who gives people a reason to show up!