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Video: “Join Me in Welcoming the Atlantic Coast Pipeline – A Big Ass Pipe, A Bigger F*** You”


Sorry, but anyone who supports this monstrosity is NOT pro-environment, is NOT serious about solving the climate crisis, and is NOT a particularly sharp tool (although they most likely ARE a tool – of Dirty Dominion Power). F*** this thing, seriously. Great video, by the way!

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline from Thomas Frack on Vimeo.

  • Elaine Owens

    Really good ad. One tiny caveat: People living in the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian regions pronounce the word “Appalachian” with a short “a” in the “lach” syllable, not a long “a.” Using a long “a” is a sure mark of a “foreigner.” 🙂

    • parabellum


    • rva

      This “ad” is brilliantly funny and on point, but…really?! I lived in SW for 8 years and never knew the pronunciation of “Appalachians”, and it bugged me, because I can copy almost every other detail of the awesome local accent. Rarely I heard the word from locals, it was an “ah-ey’ sound, both short and long a, like southern and irish.
      Anyhow ad is AWESOMELY PERFECT.