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Video: Ralph Northam, Tom Perriello on “Meet the Press Daily”


I find Chuck(les) Todd to be completely insufferable, but for the record, see below for video of Ralph Northam’s and Tom Perriello’s appearances yesterday on “Meet the Press Daily.” Also for the record, I must say I DO agree with Chuck(les) Todd (frightening, I know) that the “Virginia Way” (e.g., supposedly putting the best interests of the state above parochial interests, the interests of the rich and powerful, etc.) b.s. myth – as opposed to the reality of it, which is a cesspool of corruption and corporate influence, something that is WELL alive in Virginia today! – has been dead for years, if it ever existed at all. I also agree with Chuck(les) that balancing the state budget is not exactly a big accomplishment, as it’s constitutionally required. As for having experience in Richmond as a precondition to being a successful governor, that would have eliminated Mark Warner and Terry McAuliffe from contention. As for calling Trump a “narcissistic maniac,” anyone who can’t see that at this point is either being dense on purpose or is just…Chuck Todd the pearl clutcher, smelling salts sniffer, etc.  Finally, this whole “pragmatist vs. populist” framing is idiotic, definitely needs to go ASAP.

  • C Pruett

    I do feel like asking Tom if he’s a pragmatist or a populist is a slow pitch down the middle. ‘I have to talk about how I’m running as both and also labels can’t contain me. Ok if I must.’

  • wizinit

    Northam is becoming the invisible man (except on massive paid media). I read he cancelled a June 3 Town Hall appearance. Is he sending MOMS and NARAL there in his stead?

    • Philip Whitman

      That’s…interesting. I was debating whether to attend Northam’s event or a town hall Perriello is holding at around the same time. I guess this settles it.

    • Mike H

      Yes. Northam cancelled his June 3rd town hall in Hampton Roads, while Perriello scheduled yet another one the very same day in Hampton. Perriello has now held over 350 unfiltered, in-person interactions across the Commonwealth in just 4 months! Hardest working and most accessible leader of people I’ve ever seen.