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Virginia Primary Day 2017 Results: Live Blog


It’s 7 pm, and polls are now closed in Virginia. In this live blog of the election returns, I’ll primarily be checking the State Board of Elections website, VPAP and the Fairfax County Board of Elections site, among other sources. Feel free to use the comments section of this post to report what you’re hearing. The races I’ll be closely watching are, in roughly the following order: 1) the Tom Perriello vs. Ralph Northam Democratic gubernatorial primary; 2) the Justin Fairfax vs. Susan Platt vs. Gene Rossi Democratic Lt. Governor primary; 3) key Democratic House of Delegates primaries (e.g., HD2, HD13, HD21, HD31, HD42, HD51, HD67, HD68…); 4) the Bryce Reeves vs. Jill Vogel vs. Glenn Davis Republican Lt. Governor primary; 5) the Ed Gillespie vs. Frank Wagner vs. Corey Stewart Republican gubernatorial primary; 6) key Republican House of Delegates primaries (e.g., HD28, HD42, HD56, HD72).

I’m also very interested in what turnout will look like today. For comparison purposes, turnout in 2009, the last VA Dem gubernatorial primary, was 319,168. Turnout in 2013, when Dems had LG and AG primaries, was 152,076. Turnout for the 2006 Webb vs. Miller US Senate Dem primary was 155,784. Turnout in the 2005 VA Dem LG primary was 175,170. And turnout in the 2016 VA Dem presidential primary was 785,041. Can we match that last one or even come close to it? We’ll see very soon…

UPDATE 10:05 pm: With all precincts reporting, Jennifer Carroll Foy appears to have defeated Josh King in HD-2 by 10 votes, 2,180-2,170. For everyone who says their vote doesn’t matter…ha! Also, congratulations to Elizabeth Guzman on her 52%-48% win over Sara Townsend in HD-31, and to Tia Walbridge for her 52%-48% win over Mavis Taintor in HD-33. It continues neck and neck between Kathy Tran and Tilly Blanding n HD-42; guess we’ll see tomorrow. Congratulations to Kelly Fowler in HD-22; to Melissa Dart for winning the HD-56 nomination; to Rebecca Colaw in HD-64; to Karrie Delaney in HD-67; to Dawn Adams in HD-68; to Kimberly Tucker in HD-81; to David Rose-Carmack in HD-83; and to Francis Edwards in HD-99

UPDATE 10:03 pm: Barring something really strange, Ed Gillespie’s going to hang on against Corey Stewart, as he’s increasing his small lead with a dwindling number of outstanding precincts. It also looks lie Jill Vogel will win the GOP Lt. Governor nomination, albeit not by much.

UPDATE 9:38 pm: With 96.25% of precincts reporting, Ed Gillespie’s hanging on, with 152,488 votes to Corey Stewart’s 149,458. For LG, it looks like Jill Vogel is also hanging on for the GOP nomination over Bryce Reeves. Also of note: looks like around 350k votes on the “R” side, over 500k votes on the “D” side. Bodes very well for November.

UPDATE 9:32 pm: It’s amazing how bad most of the polling was in this race. I’d single out the Washington Post and Quinnipiac polls – both of which had Tom Perriello beating Ralph Northam and Ed Gilliespie absolutely CRUSHING Corey Stewart. Of all polls, Change Research actually called a super-close race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, although they totally missed the Democratic race. So…polls really aren’t good at this is the bottom line (although the final PPP poll for the Virginia Education Association basically nailed it, predicting a Northam win by 10 points over Perriello, which is almost exactly what happened).

UPDATE 9:18 pm: Tom Perriello tweets, “Congratulations to . Let’s go win this thing—united. Let’s take back the House and ensure VA remains a firewall against hate.”

UPDATE 9:17 pm: Classy concession statement by Susan Platt. “We set out on a campaign to protect Virginians and stand up to Trump. I’m honored and humbled by the support we received. We came up short, but I am grateful to my supporters, particularly women, who stood with us every step of the way. I congratulate on his victory and look forward to working with him to make VA a better place to work, live and raise a family. To & , thank you for a spirited and substantive campaign of ideas that made our Party and the Commonwealth stronger. We must now unite as Democrats. We cannot allow the GOP to roll back rights for women and spread Trump’s hateful and dangerous agenda. There have been 40 LGs of VA: 6 Johns, 4 James, 2 Roberts, & 1 L. Douglas. I have no doubt that a Democratic woman will soon join that list.”

UPDATE 9:02 pm: In HD-2, it looks like it will come down to absentee ballots and even provisional ballots, as Jennifer Carroll Foy lead Josh King by just 1 vote (!), 2,116-2,115. Yep, every vote really does matter.  Also, congratulations to Tia Walbridge, the Democratic nominee in HD-33. Still neck and neck between Kathy Tran and Tilly Blanding in HD-42, with 12/19 precincts reporting.  Very close in HD-56 between Melissa Dart (51.3%) and Lizzie Drucker-Basch (48.7%), with 28/33 precincts reporting. House Democratic Leader Del. David Toscano (66.9%) is cruising over Ross Mittiga (33.1%) in HD-57. Del. Lashrecse Aird also cruising over Gerry Rawlinson in HD-63. Rebecca Colaw is leading in HD-64 with 46/51 precincts reporting, 38.4% to 33.1% for John Wandling and 28.6% for Jerry Cantrell. Congratulations to Dawn Adams, who looks to have won the 68th HoD district over Mary Jo Sheeley and Ben Pearson-Nelson.  Also an easy win for Del. Jeion Ward over challenger Mic Harris in HD-92.

UPDATE 8:53 pm: The more I look at the outstanding precincts, I think Gillespie will hang on against Stewart, maybe even increase his lead somewhat in places like VA Beach, Fairfax County, Roanoke County, Richmond City, Norfolk, Newport News, Lynchburg, Henrico County and Chesapeake City. We’ll see soon enough…

UPDATE 8:39 pm: With 81% of precincts reporting on the D side, it’s Northam 55%-Perriello 45%; Fairfax 48.5%-Platt 39.6%-Rossi 11.9%. With 81% reporting on the R side, it’s Gillespie 43.45%-Stewart 43.09%. Whoa! And for LG on the R side, it’s Vogel 42.4%-Reeves 40.8%-Davis 16.8%.

UPDATE 8:28 pm: With 72% of precincts reporting, it’s Northam 56%-Perriello 44%. Looks like the public polls – and Perriello’s “internals” – were wayyyy off on this one. For LG, congratulations to Democratic nominee Justin Fairfax, who is the apparent Democratic nominee, four years after losing the AG nomination to Mark Herring in a squeaker. And it’s STILL super close on the Republican side, with Ed Gillespie (43.5%) barely ahead of the surprisingly strong Corey Stewart (42.9%); while Jill Vogel holds a slim lead (42.0%) over Bryce Reeves (41.1%).

UPDATE 8:23 pm: On the Democratic side, we can now congratulate Danica Roem as the nominee for HD-13; Kelly Fowler for HD-21; Hala Ayala for HD-51 (over Ken Boddye); Kimberly Tucker for HD-81 (over Nancy Carothers); David Rose-Carmack for HD-83 (over Justin Morgan). It appears that Elizabeth Guzman will edge out Sara Townsend, but let’s give it a little longer…

UPDATE 8:20 pm: On the Republican side, 69% of precincts reporting it’s super close for governor and LG. For House of Delegates, it looks like Del. Ron Villanueva is going to hold on, but not by a particularly impressive margin. Definitely need Kelly Fowler to beat him this November! In HD-28, Susan Stimpson is in last place, with Bob Thomas winning easily and Paul Milde second.

UPDATE 8:13 pm: Barring some sort of dramatic turnaround, it looks like it’s going to be Northam-Fairfax-Herring for the “blue team” this fall. Tight race in HD-42 between Tilly Blanding (52.3% with 26% of precincts reporting) and Kathy Tran (47.7%). Also VERY tight race in HD-64, with Rebecca Colaw (1,238 votes) barely ahead of John Wandling (1,219 votes) and Jerry Cantrell (1,034 votes).

UPDATE 8:09 pm: With 58% of precincts reporting, Northam leads Perriello 56%-44%; Fairfax 48.4%-Platt 39.7%. With 59% of precincts reporting, Gillespie’s at 43.9% and Stewart at 42.0%; Vogel and Reeves basically tied at 42% each. Craaazy (in more ways than one – heh)!

UPDATE 8:03 pm: With 22/23 precincts reporting in HD-02, Jennifer Carroll Foy holds a 28-vote lead over Josh King. Doesn’t get much closer than that! In HD-8, it looks like Steve McBride is easily defeating Bryan Keele despite this incident. In HD-13, with 19/20 precincts reporting, Danica Roem appears to have won easily (47.3%) over Steve Jansen (23.7%) and Mansimran Kahlon (23.4%). That one’s going to be a fun general election matchup against “Sideshow Bob” Marshall.  In HD-21, it looks like Kelly Fowler will win easily – congratulations! In HD-33, Tia Walbridge leads 52.2%-47.8% with 17/31 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 8:00 pm: With around half of precincts reporting, it’s now Northam 122,535 (56.4%)-Perriello 94,880 (43.6%). It’s Fairfax 97,795 (48.6%)-Platt 79,580 (39.5%)-Rossi 24,069 (12.0%). With 51% of precincts reporting on the “R” side, it’s Gillespie hanging on to a slim lead over Stewart 43.8%-42.1%. Wow.

UPDATE 7:56 pm: It’s really striking how many more people cast Democratic ballots today than Republican ballots. Right now, for instance, with 1,105 precincts reporting, there have been about 140k Republican votes cast. On the Dem side, with 948 precincts reporting, we’re at 178k votes cast.

UPDATE 7:53 pm: With 1,105 precincts out of 2,561 counted on the “R” side, it’s Gillespie hanging on to a slim lead (43.5%) over Corey Stewart (41.8%) for governor; Jill Vogel holds a small lead (42.6%) over Bryce Reeves (40.6%). And on the Dem side, with 948 precincts reporting, it’s Northam 57.2%-Perriello 42.8% for governor; Fairfax 48.6%-Platt 39.5%-Rossi 11.9% for Lt. Governor.

UPDATE 7:47 pm: I’m going to focus a bit on the House of Delegates primaries. In HD-2, it’s neck and neck between Jennifer Carroll Foy (457 votes) and Josh King (446 votes). In HD-13, right now – with 4 of 20 precincts reporting – Danica Roem is way ahead, with 47.3% of the vote, to Steve Jansen (23.7%) and Mansimran Kahlon (23.4%). In HD-21, Kelly Fowler is cruising to victory over Tom Brock. In HD-31, it’s tight between Elizabeth Guzman (117 votes) and Sara Townsend (108 votes).  In HD-33, it’s also tight between Tia Walbridge (1,580 votes) and Mavis Taintor (1,479 votes). In HD-56, it’s ALSO tight between Melissa Dart (1,024 votes) and Lizzie Drucker-Basch (979 votes). In HD-67, it’s still early but looking pretty good for Karrie Delaney (186 votes) over Hannah Risheq (114 votes) and John Carey (40 votes). In HD-68, Dawn Adams is leading with 2,222 votes, followed by Mary Jo Sheeley (1,779 votes) and Ben Pearson-Nelson (992 votes).

UPDATE 7:45 pm: Dave Wasserman () of the Cook Political Report tweets, “Projection: Ralph Northam (D) has won the Dem primary, defeating Tom Perriello (D).” Very hard to argue with that, given the numbers I’m seeing…sigh.

UPDATE 7:42 pm: With 495 of 2,561 precincts reporting on the Dem side, it’s Northam 56.3%-Perriello 43.7% for governor. With 501 precincts reporting on the Dem side, it’s Fairfax 47.1%-Platt 41.0%-Rossi 11.9% for LG. On the Republican side, it’s Gillespie 42.8%-Stewart 41.6%-Wagner 15.6% for governor; Vogel 42.8%-Reeves 39.7%-Davis 17.5% for LG.

UPDATE 7:33 pm: With 351 precincts reporting on the Dem side, it’s now Northam 28,756 (55.8%)-Perriello 22,773 (44.2%) for governor; it’s Fairfax 23,319 (47.1%)-Platt 20,229 (40.9%)-Rossi 5,949 (12.0%) for Lt. Governor. With 403 precincts reporting on the R side, it’s Gillespie 18,988 (43.4%)-Stewart 17,976 (41.1%) for governor; it’s Vogel 17,585 (41.4%)-Reeves 17,522 (41.3%) for Lt. Governor.

UPDATE 7:27 pm: Now 240 precincts reporting, and Gillespie’s ahead of Stewart 44.9%-42.1%; Vogel ahead of Reeves 42.2%-41.3%. On the Democratic side, with 197 precincts reporting, it’s Northam 52.3%-Perriello 47.7%; Fairfax 45.7%-Platt 42.2%-Rossi 12.1%. Dave Wasserman tweets, “Northam (D) leads Perriello (D) 59%-41% in first heavily AA precinct in Henrico Co. Need to see more, but that bodes well for him.”

UPDATE 7:25 pm: With 61 of 2,561 precincts reporting, it’s Corey Stewart 3,044 (44.8%)-Ed Gillespie 2,957 (43.5%)-Frank Wagner 800 (11.8%). On the GOP Lt. Governor side, it’s Bryce Reeves 3,166 (46.3%)-Jill Vogel 2,559 (37.4%)-Glenn Davis 1,121 (16.4%).

UPDATE 7:20 pm: With 26 of 2,561 precincts reporting, it’s Tom Perriello 1,198 (51.4%)-Ralph Northam 1,133 (48.6%). On the Dem LG side, it’s Justin Fairfax 998-Susan Platt 944-Gene Rossi 283. Looks like a mix of locales, including some rural (e.g., Washington County, Pittsylvania County) and some suburban (e.g., Henrico, one precinct in Arlington).

UPDATE 7:14 pm: Geoffrey Skelley of Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” tweets – “As we wait for , let me lay out some geography to keep in mind tonight on the Dem side…Perriello should clean up in central/south-central VA as well as farther west. He represented VA-5, every indication is he’s strong there…Northam should do well in Hampton Roads & Tidewater. His state senate seat was in the vicinity & he did well there in the ’13 LG primary…NoVA & Richmond are the battlegrounds in D primary. Really tough to say what will happen in those areas…wouldn’t surprise me at all if Perriello is leading handily in the early going bc of where 1st reporting areas are.”

  • A_Siegel

    In France, based on the quality of the polling (which is illegal to share while voting is going on), there is a tradition of ‘unveiling’ winners exactly when polls close. This is based on exit polling. My understanding is that they’ve never gotten it wrong. … 7 minutes after polling closed, all races are at 0% … 🙂

  • #agentorange

    Interesting that Ralph seems to be winning more comfortably than expected, while Stewart is a lot closer to Gillespie than people expected.
    Perhaps more people voted Dem, leaving a higher percentage of the crazies to influence the repubs…

  • Sharon Ponton

    Must share Nelson’s vote: Perriello 1,765; Northam 177

    Platt 1116; fairfax 459; Rossi 188

    • Dan Sullivan

      Waynesboro’s vote: Perriello 730; Northam 320

      Platt 508; Fairfax 329; Rossi 137

  • Withheld Information

    Dave Wasserman’s Tweet rings true here: https://twitter.com/Redistrict/status/874781297230721026

    And congratulations to Ralph Northam! Doubtless he was crucial in wooing over moderate Republicans to vote Dem, and given the high turnout and his comfortable win over Perriello, as well as Gillespie’s narrow lead over a vile little beast like Stewart, I think Northam has a very, very strong chance at becoming Governor.

    • rvavoter

      Moderate republicans voted Clinton over trump, but we all saw how that turned out. It was millennials who voted for Clinton with 80% in the general, who also voted for Perriello and Sanders in primaries with 80%, so I’d guess we would prefer to lock in the millennial vote for future victories, not the moderate republicans. I like your description of stewart.

      • Withheld Information

        Many moderate Republicans didn’t vote at all actually. They might have favored Clinton, but the Comey letter near the end probably stopped many of them.

        In this scenario, it’ll be moderate Republicans and Virginian Democrats whi propel Northam to victory. Having millenials will be nice, and I hope they show up to vote, but it’s not a crucial voting block just yet. Give them another four years and they might be.

        • rvavoter

          Sorry I misspoke on that first example. It was that Clinton tried for mod republicans, not that they actually voted for her. It was a losing strategy. Northam will probably win Virginia, but it’d be a bigger win with policies and a budget that millennials want than with policies that moderate republicans want. It’s a risk otherwise, same risk as Clinton took. Millennials are the future of the party and they outnumber baby boomers. GenX also preferred Sanders and Perriello, so if Northam is depending on the older crowd, he should be aware that they regularly vote republican. And so should you.

  • Jean Valjean

    “In HD-31, with 25/26 precincts counted, it looks like Sara Townsend has defeated Elizabeth Guzman” I think you got that backwards?

  • Withheld Information
  • LibertarianDemocrat

    What are the odds that Perriello can be convinced to run for his old House Seat?

    • Withheld Information

      Unlikely but possible I guess. If there’s a Blue Wave in 2018 as many predict, he’d stand a chance at winning it back. And he’s got a higher profile now.

      At the same time, he’s also painted himself further to the left, while his old district is still red.

      I think he’ll probably nab another State Department job if the Dems win the White House in 2020. Or he’ll run for Senator if Warner or Kaine retire or take a Cabinet job.

  • Kindler

    First of all, congrats to Ralph – I’ll be with you all the way to November.

    Second, ‪a big thank you to Tom for running the type of race that makes me proud to be a Virginian, to be an American & to be a Democrat. Too few candidates run such thoughtful, substantive, even visionary campaigns, focused on getting out in the field and interacting with everyday folks.

    I hope that other Democrats in Virginia and elsewhere study the issues and solutions that Tom proposed and incorporate them into their platforms. Dude’s like a walking think tank.

    An American political system that has gone so far off the rails needs such calming, serious, intelligent and respectful voices as Tom and Ralph both brought to this race. Let’s keep this spirit moving forward and wipe the Republicans off the map…

  • LibertarianDemocrat
    • rvavoter

      I keep staring at this map. I guess those in the west (rightfully, in my opinion) prefer Perriello policy and are against pipelines – but why doesn’t the Perriello vote continue east in south where pipeline goes (and policies desperately needed)? Also this map ruins the corporatist dem idea that moderate and conservative dems have better chances than progressive dems in republican locales. Btw that’s how we got trump and this map doubles down on that.

  • TMac

    In other news,
    TMac wants to run for prez
    Well there is nothing wrong with wanting to be part of what will be a very interesting conversation, but he won’t be top of my list

  • Michael Beer

    Interesting and encouraging to note the number of democratic women who won primaries at House of Delegates and the local level. Almost a sweep of all races in which women contested. http://www.vpap.org/electionresults/house/ and http://www.vpap.org/electionresults/local/ . Also the turnout was encouraging with a 59% dem to 41% republican split. More than 160,000 vote differential.

  • rvavoter

    We had a chance to rid Dominion of deciding our politicians and policies for us, and finally catching up to almost every state with renewable energy and ending fracking. With these governor results I’m sad and angry. Any person who cares about climate change should feel the same. Dems can do their unity tour and Virginia rally but they shouldn’t expect activists and grassroots to show up- they are losing us and they don’t even care. They prefer to go after the republican vote. So then what do we have?, the party of trump and and the party of moderate republicans. We have no party of what the democrats claim to be about- equality, the working class, clean energy, unions, living wage, education, diminishing the gap between rich and poor and rebuilding the middle class, opportunity for all, etc. I don’t predict midterm wins nor a Northam win nor House wins, it is rather more likely more losses after insanely high losses over the past 8 years already. Our country is continuing in a horrific pattern, a speedway towards oligarchy, not representing people nor planet, and we all pay for this- morally, ethically, financially, and with the survival of humankind itself. We should expect democrats to represent people and planet, otherwise they are just mouthpieces about that and we are comfortable with the lack of action.

    • notjohnsmosby

      That’s the spirit! Remain petulant when you don’t get your way. Give up and blame everyone else.

      If you can’t tell the difference between Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam, or between Dems and Republicans in general, then perhaps you shouldn’t participate in the democratic process.

      • Sharon Ponton

        Dominion Democrats, McAuliffe, Kaine and Warner endorsed and supported another Dominion Dem, Ralph Northam for Governor. They succeeded in electing a man who voted for George Bush twice and was recruited by Republicans to join their party in 2009.

        Dominion, itself, threw a lot of money at this race, including writing letters to its employees, shareholders and retirees imploring them to vote for the right candidates…

        I remember recent elections…Warner barely won re-election and AG Mark Herring attained his victory through a recount. He would not have won without those Dems, like me, in rural Virginia.

        Yet the establishment Dominion Dems continue to ignore, belittle, and show disdain for the rural voters they haven’t already driven away. Dominion Dems McAuliffe, Warner, Kaine and Northam believe it appropriate to allow our properties to be stolen from us, our families to be forced to face each and every day the risk of 42″ pipe bombs blowing up in our yards, our mountains to be destroyed by mountaintop removal for
        pipeline construction, and our water and air to be polluted.

        Dominion and Dominion Dems need to understand that Tom Perriello’s loss last night, does not break our backs, nor our spirits. We will continue to stand up for our communities, and our rights. We will not bend to your will!

        Dominion Dems will have to take us from our communities in handcuffs before the first tree is cut, the first bucket of dirt is dug, the first blast occurs to destroy our mountains.

        Dominion Dems you are being put on notice today. This fight is not over!

        • notjohnsmosby

          What do all of the “Dominion” Democrats have in common? They’re winners.

          What do all of the “Non-Dominion” Democrats have in common? They’re all losers.

          That should tell you something.

          • You mean all these folks who signed Activate Virginia’s pledge not to take Dominion Power contributions? Note all the WINNERS listed below.

            Democrats In House of Delegates Districts Won By Clinton in 2016:

            HD 2: Jennifer Foy HD 10: Wendy Gooditis HD 13: Danica Roem HD 21: Kelly Fowler HD 31: Elizabeth Guzman

            HD 42: Kathy Tran HD 50: Lee Carter HD 68: Dawn Adams HD 72: Schuyler VanValkenburg

            HD 73: Debra Rodman

            Democrats In Remaining House of Delegates Districts:

            HD 3: Bill Bunch HD 7: Flo Ketner HD 8: Steve McBride HD 9: Stephanie Cook HD 17: Djuna Osborne

            HD 20: Michele Edwards HD 23: Natalie Short HD 25: Angela Lynn HD 26: Brent Finnegan

            HD 27: Larry Barnett HD 28: Joshua Cole HD 30: Ben Hixon HD 33: Tia Walbridge

            HD 55: Morgan Goodman HD 56: Melissa Dart HD 58: Kellen Squire HD 60: Jamaal Johnston

            HD 62: Sheila Bynum-Coleman HD 64: Rebecca Colaw HD 66: Katie Ann Sponsler

            HD 81: Kimberly Tucker HD 82: Leigh Anne Bowling HD 83: David Rose-Carmack

            HD 85: Cheryl Turpin HD 88: Steve Aycock HD 91: Michael Wade HD 96: Kelly DeLucia

          • Withheld Information

            Not a single state-wide official among them.

          • Sharon Ponton

            Ah, because they are bought and paid for by Dominion makes them winners? What it makes for is higher electric rates for ratepayers; thousands of landowners being forced to give up their properties against their will; those same citizens and their families property and safety being put at risk for the greed of a monopoly; the water resources of millions of Virginians being put at risk through contamination, pollution and sedimentation. You can call those Dominion Democrats winners if you like, I call them losers for turning their backs on their constituents in favor of the greed of their paymaster.

          • Withheld Information

            His Dominion donations were pretty small compared to what he raised on the grassroots level.

        • Withheld Information

          If you’re still hung up about the Bush votes, I can’t help you.

          Warner won in a Red Wave year. That he won at all while Republicans were winning in Mass, Maryland, and Illinois is incredible. Same for Herring and McAuliffe in 2013, where discontent with Obama was growing among motivated Republican voters. So none of that holds up.

          And trying to turn Dominion Power into some kind of boogeyman like Wall St. Was for Sanders is kind of… well it’s intellectually dishonest. If that’s your litmus test for a candidate then you’ll never be satisfied with any nominee.

          The important thing is to get Northam elected. Everything is irrelevant until he wins.

      • rvavoter

        This is a super loser comment. No matter that’s not what I wrote. And telling anyone they “shouldn’t participate in the democratic process” is shockingly immoral.

  • DPVA Statement on the Virginia Republican Primary

    Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement tonight on the Republican gubernatorial primary:

    “Tonight is a wakeup call for Republicans in Virginia and across the country — that their party’s values of hate and bigotry have become the norm of the Republican Party. The race to the right has clearly been a problem for Ed Gillespie, as he is heading into the general election without the majority of the Republican base at his side.”

    “Over the past few months, Virginians have seen Ed Gillespie willingly skip debates, county party functions and events where he would have faced his opponents. He was a weak candidate for the establishment to pick as their chosen one, and instead refused to take positions on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, Trump’s proposed federal budget or the Russian scandals plaguing the current administration.

    “Just looking at tonight’s numbers alone — it’s clear that Virginia Democrats won’t stand for the Trump agenda and the rhetoric that has become all too familiar. Nearly more Virginians voted for Ralph Northam tonight than Ed Gillespie and Corey Stewart combined. So it’s clear that no matter who emerges as our opponent, Democrats are ready for 2017.”


    Weems, VA – Francis Edwards tonight announced his win in the 99th House District Primary.

    “Tonight, I am honored and humbled to receive the Democratic vote to be the nominee for the House of Delegates in the 99th District. This win would not have been possible without our team of over 70 volunteers who supported our campaign and worked the polls today. My Democratic opponent, Vivian Messner, a resident of Westmoreland County, and I campaigned hard. We attended several of the same events and had a friendly rapport. If elected, I will fight to protect the Chesapeake Bay and the Northern Neck waterways, and for affordable healthcare for everyone. I will work to find a way to bring internet access to every house and business in the Northern Neck so our children can have a 21st century education for the 21st century jobs we will create. I am fired up and ready to face the incumbent Delegate for the 99th district in the November 7th General election! In her last election, only 3.3 out of 10 people voted for the incumbent. Today 6 out of 10 want a change in representation, and today’s turnout was a sure indication that the Northern Neck is ready for a new delegate in Richmond! I am confident that we have a campaign strategy that will bring us victory.”

    In a joint statement, House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring said: “The impact that Francis Edwards has had on the Northern Neck and the state as a whole has been profound, and we are excited to see his continued contribution to Virginia as a businessman and community member. We thank him for his continued dedication to making the Commonwealth a better place to live and thrive.”

    Francis Edwards will face Republican Incumbent Margaret Ransone in the General Election on November 7, 2017.

    Francis Edwards is a resident of Weems in Lancaster County, Virginia, a political activist, and passionate about health care, human rights, job creation, the environment, and education.

    “I’m running for Virginia’s House of Delegates in the 99th District because I want to fight to keep our waterways and land a source of livelihood for our children’s future and for our economy,” said Edwards.

    “My number one priority is jobs. In order to bring jobs to the Northern Neck, an infrastructure that includes high speed internet must be in place. That’s what drives jobs and the economy and until we have that, the rural communities, particularly here in the Northern Neck, are being left behind.”

    Edwards will use his management style, which involves bringing stakeholders together to discuss and take ownership of solutions to problems, to bridge the partisan divide in politics. “I know how cable companies think and if anybody can work with them to bring the solution, I’m confident in my qualifications to do that,” he said. “I will work with members of both parties and am already reaching out to business leaders to let them know I am actually very business friendly and that we can work together.”

    In addition to jobs, the environment and healthcare are top priorities. The environment is the most important resource for the 99th district. “For my neighbor the waterman and my neighbor the farmer, it is how they make their living. That is why I’m the anti-fracking candidate. We all live downstream.”

    By blocking the expansion of Medicaid, the current House of Delegates, including the incumbent of the 99th, made it difficult for low income families to afford insurance. Edwards will fight for fair and affordable health care for all.

    Francis and his wife of twenty-three years, Donna, have four sons and three grandsons. Donna, a native of neighboring Gloucester County, grew up in the house her great grandfather built over one hundred years ago. Francis was raised in England and as a young man came to the United States. In London, he grew up in public housing. “From the time, I was a child, America was like a magnet for me. Like many of your ancestors, I settled here in the Northern Neck.”

    Francis has had a successful career as a business executive. For this, he credits England’s affordable education, which enabled him to attend Cambridge University where he earned a Master’s degree in engineering and a post-graduate degree in business administration.

    As CEO of QVC Germany, the shopping channel, he worked with German cable and media regulators to build a successful business from the ground up, creating 2,400 new jobs.

    For the past 10 years, he has provided resources and free consulting to more than 20 small businesses.

    Locally, Francis and Donna actively support the Animal Welfare League, helped raise funds for the Free Health Clinic and new YMCA buildings, and are lifetime supporters of the Lancaster Community Library.

    “[Edwards’] English upbringing makes him ever so polite and terminally reasonable. But fear not. As a marathon runner, he can focus and stay in the game. He has a campaign organization up and running and he has been traveling the 99th listening to voters,” stated Diane Waltrip, who has helped elect Democrats in the Northern Neck for over twenty years and served nearly ten years as County Chair among other positions. She declared, “Edwards is a stand-up guy. He is smart, solid, and he is focused to win!”

  • Karrie Delaney Wins Democratic Primary for Virginia’s 67th House District

    CHANTILLY, Va. — Community leader Karrie Delaney tonight released the following statement after winning the Democratic Primary in Virginia’s 67th House District:

    “I’m honored that the voters of the 67th District share my vision to stand up and make Richmond work for Northern Virginia. I would like to thank John Carey and Hannah Risheq for stepping up in a time when we need strong Democratic candidates to get involved, and I look forward to continuing the conversation to forward our democratic ideals. Now we must come together as a party and turn our attention to Jim LeMunyon, a representative who has spent the last 8-years cozying up to Richmond special interests and has consistently been a rubber stamp of approval for Richmond’s radical agenda. Northern Virginia deserves better and is ready for a change. I’m running for Delegate to fight for our fair share of education funding, comprehensive transportation solutions, innovative economic growth, and health care for all. I also want to give special thanks to all our grassroots supporters for their tireless work knocking over 17,200 doors and making over 25,000 phone calls to voters across the 67th District.”

    In a joint statement, House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring said:

    “Karrie Delaney has long been an advocate for children. She has worked in foster homes and at a nonprofit dedicated to ending sex trafficking – tangible proof of her progressive values. We commend Karrie for always listening to every voice that needs to be heard.”

    Karrie Delaney will face Republican incumbent Jim LeMunyon in the General Election on November 7, 2017.

    Follow Karrie on Twitter and Facebook
    Learn more about Karrie’s grassroots campaign on the website

    Karrie started working at a group home for foster children – an experience where she learned how policy decisions can either serve or fail our most vulnerable. Later, as a crisis counselor, Karrie stood by women who were assaulted and raised awareness about the abuse of women around the world. When Karrie became a mother, she turned her focus towards local issues as Gov. McAuliffe’s appointee to the Virginia Commission on Youth, as well as former Chair of Fairfax County Citizens Corps Council and the current Chair of Fairfax County Library Board of Trustees. She lives in Chantilly with her husband, Patrick, and their two children.

  • Press Release from Dr. Dawn Adams, Democratic Candidate for the Virginia’s 68th House of Delegates District

    Good Evening,

    I am incredibly humbled and grateful to the voters of the 68th District of the Commonwealth of Virginia for choosing me to represent them, their families, and the values of the Democratic Party in the fight to bring new leadership to the General Assembly this November. The citizens of Richmond, Chesterfield, and Henrico have made it clear that we need a new voice, unbound by special interests, to speak from experience on their behalf to ensure access to quality affordable healthcare, to champion students and teachers of our district’s public schools, and to rebuke the unprincipled direction of Donald Trump, Manoli Loupassi, and Republicans in the General Assembly. I am emboldened by your overwhelming show of support and stand steadfast and ready to carry the momentum of an impassioned Democratic Party straight on through to November 7th.

    I want to acknowledge the formidable efforts of my Democratic colleagues in this primary. Ben and Mary Jo showed true conviction and dedication throughout the entire race. Both campaigns have graciously conceded and congratulated our effort and I look forward to working with each of them as allies to defeat Loupassi and bring back effective representation to the district. I truly admire their sacrifice and determination to serve our community and know their passion for public service is unwavering.

    Furthermore, I would not have had this incredible opportunity to continue to carry the torch for our values if it weren’t for the tireless efforts of my family, my campaign staff, and dozens of committed volunteers. Over these past few months, we knocked on thousands of doors, made thousands more calls, and took the time to listen to the real concerns of the voters of the 68th District We stand committed to ensuring those concerns are brought to the forefront of the debate in the coming months and proving to each and every one of you that our answers to those concerns would prove more effective at improving the lives of our citizens than the status quo.

    When we began this campaign back in February, we did so from a place of conviction. We did so with the understanding that the go-along to get-along attitude of our current representative was nowhere close to good enough to what the citizens of Chesterfield, Henrico, and Richmond deserve. We did so knowing that the district deserves a representative that could leverage decades of experience ensuring patients the best care to effectively bring the same kind of bedside manner in representation our citizens in the General Assembly. I readily admit that I began lacking the polish of a seasoned politician but I have learned an incredible amount from our citizens, our teachers, our health care providers, our environmentalists, and our local advocates. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned about the needs of our children. I’m ready to speak truth to power and I could not have done it without the voters of our community stepping up and demanding the best for their future. I thank you all again for your generous vote of confidence and look forward to speaking more with the hard-working citizens of the 68th District even more in the months to come.

  • House Dems Statement on June 13 Primary Election Results

    RICHMOND, Va. – House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring tonight released the following joint statement on tonight’s primary election races for House of Delegates:

    “We are profoundly grateful to the eighty Democratic challengers who have heeded the call to step up and serve their communities in this uncharted era of the Donald Trump presidency. They are farmers and teachers, law enforcement officers and stay-at-home parents, veterans and small business owners. More than half are women, about a quarter are people of color, and at least six are members of the LGBTQ community. The vast majority have never run for office before. All were inspired for different reasons, but all share our core Democratic commitment to fighting for working people.

    “Tonight, the nation is looking to Virginia as a harbinger of how our party will respond to the devastating presidency of Donald Trump. The tide of resistance will come from the grassroots, where we can stop the implementation of Trump policies at the state and local levels across the Commonwealth. House Democrats won’t let the GOP strip health care from 3.4 million Virginians with pre-existing conditions, and we won’t let them succeed in their sustained assaults on the health and rights of women. House Democrats stood strong and, with the support of our Governor, blocked Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and allow state-sponsored discrimination against the LGBTQ community. We will continue to fight as they continue to stand against an inclusive economy that works for working people.

    “We need strong Democrats to push back against Trump’s agenda in the House of Delegates and beyond – and since the Republicans aren’t going to do it, it’s up to us to achieve the progressive vision of Virginia. Along with the office of the governor, our General Assembly is one of the final defenses against the destructive policies of Donald Trump, and we can’t let it be filled with Republicans who want nothing more than to see the president’s policies enacted here in Virginia. It’s on us as Democrats not just to fight back, but also to fight for our positive progressive vision of an economy in which good health care, a good education, and a good job are accessible to every hardworking person in our state.”

    Below is a list of the winners in Virginia House Districts that have conclusively announced election results:

    HD 57: House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano
    HD 63: Delegate Lashrecse Aird
    HD 70: Delegate Delores McQuinn
    HD 92: Delegate Jeion Ward
    HD 08: Steve McBride
    HD 13: Danica Roem
    HD 21: Kelly Fowler
    HD 31: Elizabeth Guzman
    HD 33: Tia Walbridge
    HD 42: Kathy Tran
    HD 51: Hala Ayala
    HD 56: Melissa Dart
    HD 64: Rebecca Colaw
    HD 67: Karrie Delaney
    HD 68: Dawn Adams
    HD 81: Kimberly Tucker
    HD 83: David Rose-Carmack
    HD 89: Jerrauld “Jay” Jones
    HD 99: Francis Edwards

    NOTE: The HD-02 race between Josh King and Jennifer Carroll Foy has not yet been called.


    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Kelly Fowler tonight announced her win in the 21st House District Democratic Primary.

    Fowler states, “I am honored to have earned this nomination. My team of grassroots volunteers and staff have knocked over 2,000 doors just in the past 4 days, and we had an army of volunteers at the polls. My plan to fight for our community through access to affordable healthcare, quality education and good jobs has clearly resonated with the people of District 21. It is now time to turn our focus to November, and I will continue to work diligently to to become your State Delegate. Thank you to my supporters for standing with me in the fight against Donald Trump and Richmond Republicans, who work to advance his harmful policies at the state level.”

    In a joint statement, House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring said: “Kelly Fowler embodies Democratic ideals in her commitment to building a stronger community in Virginia Beach by helping to relocate military families. A strong and dedicated mother, Fowler was inspired by her daughters to run for the House of Delegates. For that, we are inspired by her.”

    Fowler will face Republican Ron Villanueva in the General Election on November 7, 2017.


    Kelly Fowler is a Virginia Beach local running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 21st District. Kelly and her husband Dave were raised in the 21st District in military families and are now raising their two daughters here as well. Kelly is a former Virginia Beach public school teacher who now leads a team of real estate agents who specialize in military relocation. Dave is a deputy with the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Department. Kelly is on the Board of Directors of her Home Owners Association and is an active volunteer in the Hampton Roads region. She is passionate about Medicaid expansion, fully-funded public schools, and inclusiveness for all in the community.

    “I never thought I’d run for office. But it’s clear that now more than ever we need a government that we can trust and that cares, so I’ve stood up to run. I ask for your support.” -Kelly Fowler

  • Melissa Dart’s statement upon securing the democratic nomination for the 56th district:

    Henrico, VA – Candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 56th district, Melissa Dart issued the following statement upon receiving the results of the June 13th primary:

    “It has been an honor and a privilege to spend the last four months meeting residents across the 56th district, many of whom I’m blessed to now call friends. I am proud of the race we have run together focused on issues such as affordable healthcare and quality education, both of which remain underfunded and out of reach for too many Virginians.

    I have spoken with Lizzie Drucker-Basch and thanked her for her strong advocacy on behalf of her children and all people in the district with preexisting conditions who are struggling with the healthcare system as well as those who continue to go without access to broadband internet. I have been very impressed by Lizzie’s passion and conviction and I’m sure that we will be seeing many more good things from her.

    As I look ahead to the general election, I am eager to continue championing the values of inclusion, respect, and an economy that works for working people, which we advanced in this primary. It is time that the 56th district receives the attention it deserves from the Democratic Party, and as the first democratic nominee for this district in eight years, I intend to build on this momentum and to continue to push for the rights of the working class, students, women, and everyone else who has been left behind by the status quo.”

    In a joint statement, House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring said: “Melissa ran a strong campaign driven by her commitment to expand access to quality education and affordable health care. Those core Democratic values are particularly important to her, both as a health care administration professional and as the mother of three young boys. The Democratic Party needs more women like Melissa to stand up and fight for the hardworking people of our communities.”


    ROUND HILL, VA. – Tia Walbridge tonight announced her victory in the 33rd House District Primary. Walbridge released the following statement after securing the nomination:

    “First off, I want to thank my supporters, the hard-working men and women who fought so hard on our behalf, and the people of the 33rd District for giving us this opportunity to hear your stories, your concerns, and your aspirations for our community. During this campaign you canvassed, held meet and greets, and made phone calls – your energy and enthusiasm is why we won and why we’ll win in November.

    “I want to congratulate Mavis Taintor and her supporters on an excellent campaign fighting on behalf of the people in our community. Although we may have been opponents in this primary, I look forward to working with her in the days and months ahead.

    “This campaign will now continue to the general election and so will our fight on behalf of the values of the 33rd District. Against intolerance and partisanship, against opposition and difficulty, those values will always be at the forefront in this campaign. Whether it’s ensuring quality, affordable health care for all Virginians, creating an economy that works for everyone, strengthening our public schools, or protecting the rural heritage of our district, we have heard your voices and we will fight for you every step of the way.”

    In a joint statement, House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring said: “A farmer and a small businesswoman, Tia Walbridge embodies the strength of rural Virginia. We commend her for her dedication to her community, and know that she will continue to be a tireless advocate for the 33rd district.”

    Walbridge will face Republican incumbent Dave LaRock in the General Election on November 7, 2017.

  • McEachin Statement on Justin Fairfax’s Lt. Gubernatorial Primary Victory

    Congressman Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement following Justin Fairfax’s victory:

    “I want to congratulate Justin Fairfax on his victory this evening. I have watched Justin work hard over the past five years. If Democrats were gathered, Justin was there. If there were important issues, Justin spoke out. If leadership was needed, Justin was willing to provide it.

    “Justin is going be a strong asset to our ticket this fall. His energy, his passion and his sincerity will resonate with voters.

    “As a former State Senator, I can say from experience, that Justin is exactly the kind of Lieutenant Governor we need. He will stand up for Virginia families to lead the Senate. He will be a strong partner for our next governor.

    “I also want to thank Susan Platt and Gene Rossi for standing up and running. I know from experience that it’s not easy. No matter how often you do it, putting your name on a ballot takes courage. And both of them did it for the first time this year! I sincerely hope our Party has not heard the last of these two. As Democrats, as Virginians, we will all benefit with their continued involvement.”

  • Gene Rossi:

    When I was a kid, playing basketball, one of the most important lessons I learned is that sometimes, you can hit every shot, make every play… and things just don’t go your way.

    Unfortunately, tonight was one of those nights. A few minutes ago, I called to congratulate my friend Justin Fairfax on winning the Democratic primary for LG.

    I’m glad to endorse Justin. And when we spoke, I told Justin that it’s important for Virginia’s next LG to have a passion for protecting people, to be a fighter for those who can’t speak for themselves. Justin agreed.

    Our fight isn’t over. I’m looking forward to meeting more Virginians as we work to get our Democratic ticket elected this fall. That starts tomorrow, with a big unity rally at George Mason University – I hope you can join me!

  • DPVA Congratulates Ralph Northam on Victory

    RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker tonight released the following statement on the victory of Ralph Northam:

    “On behalf of our Democratic family, we are proud to congratulate Dr. Ralph Northam on his victory in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Ralph has nobly served the Commonwealth of Virginia for many years, and we are energized and inspired by his selfless commitment to serve. We know that in the era of Donald Trump, we need robust leaders at the state level who won’t stand for the attacks on the citizens of our Commonwealth, whether they be from Donald Trump or from his Republican allies in Virginia. Ralph ran a campaign grounded in a progressive vision for a Virginia that works for working people. He’s fought for the rights of women throughout his career, and he will stand up to the Trump Administration to carry on the fight for the progressive vision of Governor McAuliffe. No matter which of Donald Trump’s allies emerges tonight from the Republican primary, we are confident that Ralph is ready to take him on in the general election.

    “We’d also like to thank Tom Perriello for his principled, issue-driven and energetic campaign. Tom has served Virginia well throughout the years, and we congratulate him on a campaign well run. We are the party of hardworking people fighting for hardworking people, and both Tom and Ralph are the embodiment of that core Democratic value. We look forward to our continued work with Tom as we all fight for a more progressive Virginia that doesn’t leave anyone behind.”

  • Statement from Hala Ayala on the Results of the Primary Election

    WOODBRIDGE, Va – Hala Ayala issued the following statement on the primary election results for the 51st District of the House of Delegates:

    “I am honored to be the Democratic nominee for my community. I believe our current Delegate isn’t listening to us, and I know we can do more to make Prince William County even stronger. I’ll focus on improving our schools, working to reduce traffic congestion and creating new jobs. I’ll also make sure we protect women’s rights and the right of quality, affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

    “After tonight, our work continues and the general election begins. I want to thank Kenny Boddye for running a positive campaign and sharing his personal story and experiences. I hope to earn the support of his voters and all residents – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – as we work to make Prince William County an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”


    Henrico Public School Teacher Set To Take On Republican Opponent

    Henrico, VA, 6/13/2017 – After the results of today’s Republican Primary, Schuyler VanVanvalkenburg, a public school teacher at Glen Allen High School, is ready to take on his opponent in the general election.

    VanValkenburg issued the following statement:
    “I would like to congratulate Eddie Whitlock on his win in the primary, and I look forward to debating him on the issues. I am running to strengthen our public schools, create 21st century jobs, and bring Henrico values of fairness and decency to our state legislature. As a public school teacher and father of three, these are the issues that matter to me, and these are the issues that matter to voters.”

    The 72nd District is one of the true tossup districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Currently represented by retiring incumbent Jimmie Massie, it was won by Hillary Clinton in 2016 and by Ralph Northam in 2013.


    Great Falls, Virginia — Former Joe Biden chief of staff and candidate lieutenant governor Susan Platt issued the following statement:

    “Earlier this year, we set out on a campaign to protect Virginians and stand up to Donald Trump. I am honored and humbled by the support we received across the Commonwealth. I am grateful to my supporters, particularly women, who stood with us every step of the way.

    “I congratulate Justin Fairfax on his victory and look forward to working with him to make Virginia a better place to work, live, and raise a family.

    “To Justin and to Gene Rossi, thank you for a spirited and substantive campaign of ideas, and thank you for the experience of campaigning with you across the Commonwealth. Our primary campaign has made our Party and the Commonwealth stronger.

    “We must unite as Democrats for victory in November. We cannot allow Virginia Republicans to roll back rights for women and spread Donald Trump’s hateful and dangerous agenda across the Commonwealth.

    “There have been 40 lieutenant governors of Virginia, including 6 Johns, 4 James, 2 Roberts, and 1 L. Douglas. I have no doubt that one day soon, a Democratic woman will join that list.

    “Let’s go elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November.”

  • Congressman Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement following Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam’s victory:

    “I want to congratulate my former colleague and longtime friend Ralph Northam on his victory tonight. This was a hard fought campaign and Ralph put himself and his views out there in front of Democrats each and every day.

    “Ralph has spent his entire adult life making sacrifices and giving back. As an army doctor, he was there for wounded and dying soldiers in the field. As a pediatric neurologist, he has volunteered, for almost two decades, with a hospice for children in Portsmouth.

    “And I can tell you from personal experience, from serving alongside Ralph for eight years that Ralph is honest, honorable and always, always tries to do the right thing.

    “I am confident that his record of service and sacrifice provides a strong contrast to Ed Gillespie who has spent his career being an insider lobbyist.

    “I also want to take a moment to acknowledge and credit Tom Perriello. Tom stepped up and ran, running a strong issues-based campaign. As a party, we are very fortunate to have Tom and I certainly hope we see his name on a ballot again sometime soon. I know, like and respect Tom and I know he has a bright future, which is good for all of us Democrats.”

  • Nation’s Largest Organization for Women in Politics Vows Continued Support for Virginia Candidates in Wake of Successful Primary Results

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, released the following statement congratulating their endorsed candidates on victories that will help change the landscape of the Virginia House of Delegates in November. EMILY’s List endorsed the following winning candidates in their primaries: Danica Roem (HD-13), Kelly Fowler (HD-21), Hala Ayala (HD-51), and Delores McQuinn (HD-70). They also endorsed Wendy Gooditis (HD-10), Delegate Kathleen Murphy (HD-34), and Cheryl Turpin (HD-85), who will now enter into competitive general elections.

    “Virginians went to the polls today and chose a path forward for their state,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List. “With such a critical election ahead, it is essential that we have strong candidates who will protect the interests of women and working families. Republicans have shown that they will not shy away from an agenda that endangers reproductive rights, limits access to health care, and opens the door to discrimination. We congratulate these women, whose success tonight signals a changing tide in Virginia, and look forward to working tirelessly to ensure that they are elected to office in November.”

    EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, has raised over $500 million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates – making them one of the most successful political organizations ever. Our grassroots community of over five million members helps Democratic women wage competitive campaigns – and win. We recruit and train candidates, support strong campaigns, research the issues that impact women and families, and turn out women voters. Since our founding in 1985, we have trained nearly 10,000 women to run and helped elect 116 women to the House, 23 to the Senate, 12 governors, and over 800 to state and local office. Forty percent of the candidates EMILY’s List has helped elect to Congress have been women of color – including every single Latina, African American, and Asian American Democratic congresswoman currently serving.

  • DPVA Congratulates Lieutenant Governor Nominee Justin Fairfax

    RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker issued the following statement on Justin Fairfax’s victory in the primary for Lieutenant Governor:

    “We’re proud to congratulate Justin Fairfax on his victory in the primary for Lieutenant Governor. Justin has fiercely fought to protect the people of Virginia, and his time spent leading prosecution against human traffickers and major narcotics operations is commendable. Justin will be a strong leader in Virginia’s Senate who can ensure the policies of Donald Trump aren’t implemented by the General Assembly, which is why we’re so proud he will be representing us. We would also like to thank Susan Platt and Gene Rossi for their dedication to the Commonwealth and for their principled campaigns over the past months.

    “Along with our gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam, Justin joins Attorney General Mark Herring, whom we thank for fighting for the safety of our communities, on our 2017 Democratic ticket. Our dozens of House of Delegates candidates also deserve our sincere gratitude – for their willingness to stand up after Donald Trump’s election and fight for the progressive Virginia we know we need. We’ve had a surge of candidates in every corner of the Commonwealth, and it’s because every one of them stepped up when they were called. We’re so thankful for their passion and dedication. Additionally, so many Democratic candidates for local and municipal office were elected across the Commonwealth last night, building out our strong Democratic bench at the local level.”