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Wednesday News: “Disastrous ACA Repeal Bill” “still very much in play”; Time for Dems to Embrace Single Payer?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, June 28.

  • From the Kellen Squire for House of Delegates campaign:

    ER Nurse Endorsed by “Run for Something”

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – ER nurse Kellen Squire (D- Barboursville), running for the 58th House of Delegates District, was endorsed as one of just seven initial candidates in Virginia who Run for Something will back with fundraising and possibly staffing support. Run for Something is a Virginia grassroots organization supporting millennial candidates (around 35 years old or younger) who are running for the first time – or second time in Kellen’s case – for public office. Run for Something acknowledged Kellen was stepping out to run in the 58th district, which has not been contested in almost a decade. “We’re particularly excited about supporting candidates in VA-28, VA-58, and VA-72, three districts that, more often than not, Democrats have let go uncontested over the last decade. We’re refusing to let past be prologue here.” Kellen is challenging Del. Rob Bell who Run for Something identified as being “as conservative as they come.”

    Candidate Bio:
    Kellen Squire solves problems under pressure as an emergency room nurse at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville. His campaign is focused on the government in Richmond working for the people. Kellen is a passionate about his faith and convictions, an avid outdoorsman, and a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Nursing. He lives with his wife and three children in Barboursville.

  • Quizzical

    The Senate bill will come up for a vote, I have no doubt. Maybe it will be passed. To me, the “second santa” theory explains what is going on as well as anything. The Republican Party, as the “second santa”, has to deliver tax cuts, and large defense spending bills. To take away benefits that had been delivered by the first Santa, the Democratic Party, in order to pay for the tax cuts, obviously is a primary goal too. So, as Tom Perez said, the Senate bill is all about the tax cuts.

    I haven’t read the entire Senate bill, but the excerpts that I’ve read are incomprehensible on their face. Not only was the bill crafted in secret, but it seems they did their best to hide the ball in the statutory language itself.

  • From the Joshua Cole for Delegate campaign:


    Run for Something has announced the seven 2017 Virginia House of Delegates races they are financially supporting. As reported in the Washington Post, districts where chosen where their money and support would make a difference. Joshua Cole is running in the 28th District against Robert Michael Thomas, Jr. after outgoing House Speaker William J. Howell (R) announced his retirement creating an exciting open seat race.

    Run for Something says of the decision, “our candidates may be facing higher odds because Democrats haven’t been actively organizing on the local level in these places. Voters deserve a choice when they show up to cast their ballots — and it’s on us to field candidates in as many races as possible, whether or not they seem like long-shots.

    Joshua Cole is motivated by the convictions of his faith and his civic duty to be a uniting force for a divided nation. Joshua will be a strong advocate for public education, transportation, health care, criminal justice reform, environmental protection, and the rights of the LGBTQ community. Joshua would be the first African American to represent the 28th District.”

    Run for Something has launched a PAC in Virginia, Run for Something VA, to support their endorsed candidates. Other supported races include Jennifer Carroll Foy or Josh King, VA-2, Chris Hurst, VA-12​, Danica Roem, VA-13, Donte Tanner, VA-40, VA-13, Kellen Squire, VA-58, and Schuyler VanValkenburg, VA-72​.

    “I am honored for the support from Run for Something and to be part of this special group of young progressives. The 28th is ready for fresh direction in Richmond, one that will put people first. With our campaign team growing, this support will help us mobilize in Stafford and Fredericksburg like never before.”

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