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Video: Democrats Present “Better Deal” in Berryville, VA


The presentation is scheculed for 1 pm today in Berryville, Virginia (Clarke County). I often (usually?) disagree with Democratic operative/progressive activist Matt Stoller, but he’s a super-smart guy (one who’s usually VERY critical of the Dems…from the left), and he has an interesting take on this that I think is worth sharing (bolding added by me for emphasis):

FWIW, I like Better Deal and I think Better Jobs and Better Wages is a good message. Better skills, meh. But two out of three is solid…There is a cartel of pollsters, consultants, and media buyers in the Democratic Party. They are skilled, but adhere to a set of norms. Most candidates are new to political marketing and accept what this cartel says. Even if they don’t, they still have to use their stuff. If you wanted to run on something that involved corporate power, you would have to fight, not the GOP, but your own consultants. You’d basically have a whole set of campaign operatives – who ostensibly work for you – badmouthing you as ‘difficult’. Messaging would be written in committee, with populist candidates compromising with non-populist consulting. Weak language was the result. This wasn’t because the cartel is bad, but because the cartel doesn’t do policy/ideology, They get this from party leaders. If you were to do aggressive populist policy, you’d be out on a limb, with no support from anyone. Very risky. Very hard as a candidate. This “Better Deal” framework changes the norms of the cartel. Now that internal discussion on how to message will function differently. Better Deal, Better Jobs, Better Wages isn’t a slogan everyone will use. It’s a framework that makes a lot of new messaging possible.

  • Perseus1986

    I want to think this is a good “Deal” but I just don’t buy it. It just seems like a potpourri of various policy ideas with no comprehensive change. Donald Trump won because he sought to comprehensively change the political system (for worse), but that’s what attracted voters to him. We are coming off of the worst period of economic stagnation since the depression; voters are not ready to buy back into the status quo, and a platform that sounds like it came out of marketing focus groups from the late 90’s or early 00’s isn’t going to inspire enthusiasm. We can’t solve 21st century problems with 20th century ideas!

  • Les Aker

    The most charitable thing that can possibly be said about this announcement is that a clown car showed up in Berryville and the Democratic party’s leadership got out of it. This video is billboard space on why Trump won.