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Democratic Chair Calls on Ed Gillespie and Chris Grisafe to Reject White Supremacist’s Endorsement


CONTACT: Bruce Neilson

Local Alt-Right member Supporting School Board Candidate Chris Grisafe and incumbent Elizabeth Schultz; Ed Gillespie holding Grisafe fundraiser

While white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members demonstrated in Charlottesville with a torch-bearing rally and anti-Semitic chants, local white supremacist “Resistance Media” (@ResistCM14) celebrated the horrifying spectacle by featuring the torch rally photo as the profile banner on their Twitter account.

In Fairfax County, Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie has endorsed and advertised a fundraiser for Chris Grisafe, candidate for School Board At-Large. Resistance Media has endorsed Grisafe and is fighting to block Democrat Karen Keys-Gamarra from being elected as the only African American on the School Board.  Disturbingly, Republican School Board member Elizabeth Schultz has a history of sharing the white supremacist’s tweets, and Resistance Media returns the favor by writing favorably about Schultz on their website.

Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Sue Langley said, “The endorsement of Chris Grisafe by Resistance Media is too offensive to describe in words. I call upon both Ed Gillespie and Chris Grisafe to denounce this blogger’s endorsement and to disavow his involvement in Republican politics.  There is no place in this Commonwealth, this County, or even in partisan politics, for these hate groups or their adherents and enablers.”  Langley added, “I also call upon School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz to stop furthering the messages of this known white supremacist.”

Resistance Media info: Website resistancemedia.org.  Twitter @ResistCM14 (previously @schooltyranny16)
Elizabeth Schultz’s mentions of Resistance Media: https://goo.gl/wzpDXH

Below: Images from Resistance Media’s twitter account

  • Justin Fairfax nails it, in stark contrast to his Republican oppponent:

    Statement on Confederate Statues

    ARLINGTON, Virginia– Today, in response to Charlottesville’s decision to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Emancipation Park, Justin Fairfax released the following statement:

    “As I have stated publicly, I personally believe that confederate monuments and statues should be removed from our shared public square. Just as in Charlottesville, localities should be empowered to decide how to deal with these divisive and harmful symbols in order to bring all of our communities together.”

  • Governor McAuliffe Statement on Confederate Monument Removal

    RICHMOND – Governor McAuliffe released the following statement on the future of Confederate monuments in Virginia:

    “The discussion regarding whether to relocate Confederate statues is an important and legitimate conversation that should take place in each community that contains one. Monuments should serve as unifiers, to inspire us collectively and to venerate our greatest citizens. Unfortunately, the recent events in Charlottesville demonstrate that monuments celebrating the leadership of the Confederacy have become flashpoints for hatred, division and violence.

    “As we attempt to heal and learn from the tragic events in Charlottesville, I encourage Virginia’s localities and the General Assembly – which are vested with the legal authority – to take down these monuments and relocate them to museums or more appropriate settings. I hope we can all now agree that these symbols are a barrier to progress, inclusion and equality in Virginia and, while the decision may not be mine to make, I believe the path forward is clear.”


  • Attorney General Mark R. Herring issued the following statement regarding Confederate monuments in the Commonwealth:

    “I agree with Gov. McAuliffe and Lt. Gov. Northam that this is the time for each community to engage in an inclusive conversation on the future of its Confederate statues and monuments. In my opinion, these statues should be relocated to museums or removed. Gov. McAuliffe said it well: these symbols are a barrier to progress, inclusion, and equality in Virginia.”

  • A_Siegel

    As to Resistance Media, example of recent Nazi-embracing tweeting called out: https://twitter.com/A_Siegel/status/897958817765367808

  • Patricia Adams

    Resistance Media has posted an article stating that they are demanding that Blue Virginia retract this article, calling it defamatory and threatening to sue. I have taken further screenshots of some of their white supremacist articles and headlines if you need them.