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Rep. Dave Brat (R) Skips Virginia 7th CD Citizen-Led Town Hall


by Chrystal Doyle

VA 7th District’s Citizen-Led Town Hall tonight was a tremendous example in civil discourse and mutual respect. While our Representative Brat chose not to attend, constituents hoping to run against him were present to listen to questions, concerns, and personal stories in his absence. People from all walks of life publicly shared words they wish they had the chance to speak to Brat about healthcare, the environment, gun control, civil rights concerns, and more.

Their questions will be compiled and footage from the event shared with our Congressman. He may choose to marginalize voices in his district, but they will not be silenced. Whether he chooses to listen to them, reflect upon them, learn from them, and lead from them is up to him. We have recorded video and audio, which will be made available via DropBox once downloaded and reviewed. For now, please take a moment to review Facebook Live footage from tonight’s successful town hall. https://www.facebook.com/VA7USA/videos/259428887881686/

If you only have a few moments to spare, please consider listening to the heartfelt testimony of the woman who was present for the horrific events in Charlottesville at the 48 min mark and her experience fighting alongside those who feel the brunt of hate and discrimination in and near his district.

Thank you,

Chrystal Doyle, Advocate & Organizer
VA 7th USA, United in Service & Action

  • Victoria Graves

    I’m the woman at the 48 minute mark (I start talking at 46:19), I wanted to thank you for recommending my words and ask that you correct/clarify that I was not physically present in Charlottesville the day of the attack. The thing I discussed witnessing was a vigil in Richmond where other people who WERE discussed their experiences. I also relayed accounts given to me by my friends after the event in informal settings. Thanks again!

  • Victoria Graves

    (Woman at 48 mark again), if you want to contribute to some of the medical funds lacking donations I mention earlier in my testimony, here’s an incomplete list of verified links: