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Saturday News: Arch Conservative George Will Calls GOP “Party of the Grotesque”; “Robert Mueller is going after all of it.”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, August 5.

  • Benjamin Mays

    The Jeff Lawson story: “WVEC chief meteorologist Jeff Lawson to take time off after having part of his tongue removed” is sad and scary. He is a good guy and, unlike many TV weatherpersonalities, not a climate denier. I wish him the speediest of safe recoveries!

  • Steve McTeer

    Perhaps someone other than George Will would be a more credible source for comment, as he is very inconsequential in today’s world and is struggling for recognition, something he has not enjoyed in a positive manner for several years. I think you can do better in your choices of contributors.

    • Wait, George Will is now a “contributor” to Blue Virginia? LOL, that’s news to me!

      • Steve McTeer

        Looks to me as though this site highlighted Will’s comments as the headline of an article by him. Maybe I gave him to high an honor by characterizing him as a “contributor”, something your reply indicates would be against your better judgement. 🙂

        • If putting an article by someone in the daily news headlines or quoting someone from an article makes them a “contributor” to this blog, then I guess at this point we have thousands of “contributors” by this point.

  • Quizzical

    Is the Bob Heghmann of Virginia Beach, who sued the GOP for fraud, the same New Hampshire attorney who ran against Scott Brown in the Republican primary in 2014 and who garnered 784 votes?

    • “He was a Granite State resident for more than a decade – and a Trump campaign volunteer there – before moving to the Beach last year.”

  • Quizzical

    The trouble for Tangier Island is that they are already late, as every coastal city needs funds right now for, shall we say, “resiliency measures.” Miami is just the bellwether, but Norfolk isn’t far behind Miami.

    Norfolk is no longer asleep to this threat, and I don’t see how Tangier Island could justify priority over Norfolk for either federal or state funds. They don’t even try. The hope for Tangier Island is that they can get a project approved when no one is paying attention. They missed the boat on that.

  • Quizzical