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Sunday News: “The Hoods Are Off”; “White supremacists cheer Trump’s response”; RIP Heather Heyer, Murdered by Neo-Nazi Thug


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, August 13.

  • Heather Heyer profile from Miller Law Group website (https://www.millerlawgrouppc.com/firmbios/support-staff/heather-heyer/):

    Heather Heyer is one of our Paralegals here at Miller Law Group and continues to be an irreplaceable asset to our firm. Heather was born and raised in the beautiful state of Virginia. Originally from Ruckersville, VA, Heather now resides here in Charlottesville.

    For over four years Heather has played an essential role in our bankruptcy department and office as a whole. Heather works closely with clients to assist and ensure that although the bankruptcy filing process may seem confusing and cumbersome, our office and staff are here to help them every step of the way. Heather possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the bankruptcy field and works closely with our clients to guarantee a positive experience in what is sometimes a stressful situation. After you meet with an attorney, Heather will be one of the first points of contacts here at Miller Law Group. Amongst other things, Heather completes our data entry, is our main point of contact for document intake, and works with directly with our attorneys and clients to prepare their bankruptcy petition. Heather takes pride in assisting clients on getting a fresh start to financial freedom and looks forward to many more years of helping clients find financial relief.

  • Virginia Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria/Arlington):

    I will introduce a bill in Virginia in the next session to allow localities the power to ban the carrying of weapons by non-law-enforcement within 1000 feet of a permitted political protest where law-enforcement is present.

    The police are already there. There is no good reason why people need to bring their own guns to such an event. Thank God we did not have people shot. I’m trying to prevent next time.

    We can and should ban cars from such an event. We should be able to ban guns too. Frankly, they can do far more damage more quickly.

    Rest in Peace, Heather Heyer. Thank you for protesting against white supremacy. May you not have died in vain.

  • From Tom Perriello:

    Today white supremacists invaded my hometown and along with thousands of others I came out to say this hate has no place in our Commonwealth. The scariest image this morning wasn’t the salutes, but the KKK in their new robes: racist private militias posing as state actors to protect nazis. The rally was planned and instigated for months by one side only, yet after an act of domestic terror that resulted in the death of peaceful Virginians, President Trump blames “both sides.” It’s unacceptable and we can’t be afraid to call this what it is: the last gasp of a dying ideology. This is the moment when leaders of the Republican Party have to decide whether they want to cower in the shadows of this racism or show moral courage and speak to American principles.

    Please give here to support the victims of today’s violence:

  • Edward N Virginia

    TEXT OF EMAIL TO FIFTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT REPUBLICAN PARTY COMMITTEE below. I started a conversation with the Committee, and to my Delegate Rob Bell, about non-partisan work to stop all forms of hate violence:

    Respectfully, after today,

    can we perhaps agree that

    1. Charlottesville City Council poorly planned and poorly communicated for this weekend and may have contributed to heightening the anxiety and anger audiences by their poor planning and poor communications (comments by the judge who issued the injunction requiring the rally in the downtown park suggest that the judge found social media or other comments by City Councilors and/or others offensive to an intention to protect Mr Kessler’s First Amendment rights; of course Virginia ACLU had argued that representing Mr Kessler)

    2. Law enforcement plans, and/or chain of command, were inadequate to protect residents and visitors in the City (anyone watching live streaming or recorded video could see hundreds of crimes being committed with no police intervening; we just heard Attorney Fogel, a local Charlottesville attorney, and vocal Democrat, comment that it seemed that law enforcement ‘allowed’ assaults and other violence)

    3. A comprehensive and thorough investigation – with state, local, and federal authorities – must be done, including investigation of all crimes involving hate.

    Can Republicans reach out to to Democrats, and invite other Parties or parties, who have a stake in civil order and civil peace, to help restore civil order and civil peace that can be sustained?

    Thank you.

  • From AG Mark Herring’s office, which notes that “Attorney General Herring will be attending these church services along with Gov. McAuliffe and LG Northam this morning.”

    This Morning – Governor McAuliffe to Visit Charlottesville Area Faith Communities

    Charlottesville – Governor Terry McAuliffe will visit two Charlottesville churches this morning and speak to congregants about the violent demonstration that took place yesterday in the city. Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam will join the Governor at both services.

    9:30AM — Governor McAuliffe to Visit Mount Zion First African Baptist Church
    105 Lankford Avenue Charlottesville, VA 22902

    10:30AM -Governor McAuliffe to Visit First Baptist Church
    632 West Main Street Charlottesville, VA 22903

  • Quizzical

    Notwithstanding all the so called militia men toting military style rifles, there were no shootings in Charlottesville. I haven’t read so far that there were shots fired even. I’m thankful for that. Even so, a lot of bad things could happen by mixing these open carry militia types into an already explosive situation. Among other things, if someone did start shooting, the presence of all these militia types would make it really hard for the police. Remember Dallas? So it was idiocy.

    We’ve essentially been in war continuously since 9/11. Anyone of military service age who fancies himself or herself as the next Audi Murphy has had plenty of opportunity to get a piece of the war. Dressing up as a soldier, complete with rifle, to try to intimidate protestors in Charlottesville is contemptible.