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Tuesday News: Village Idiot Warned, Looks at Blinding Sun Anyway; Same Village Idiot Has No Clue on Afghanistan; 10 Demands in Cville


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, August 22.

  • From Sen. Tim Kaine’s office:


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, released the following statement after President Trump’s address to the nation on Afghanistan:

    “For months, my colleagues and I on the Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees have been calling for a strategy that defines our objectives in Afghanistan and the region. The President broadly outlined a vision tonight, similar to past efforts, and we’ll now need to hear specific details from our diplomatic and military leadership to ensure any strategy is comprehensive and will help achieve the aim of ensuring Afghanistan does not become a breeding ground – as it once was – for terrorists that seek to harm us and our allies.

    “Congress should now have a long-overdue debate and vote on our ongoing military action against ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban, including in Afghanistan. The majority of us weren’t in Congress in 2001 to vote on the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that’s still being used to justify our current military action, and we owe it to our servicemembers and the American people to define the U.S. mission and publicly reaffirm our commitment to this fight. Senator Flake and I have introduced an AUMF to serve as the starting point for this discussion, and I hope the Senate will stop dodging its responsibility and finally pass an updated AUMF.”

    Kaine has long been a leading voice in the Senate on Congress’s role in authorizing military action and the need for a new AUMF against ISIS. In 2013, Kaine voted in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to authorize military force against Syria following Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people. In May of 2017, Kaine and U.S. Senator Jeff Flake introduced a bipartisan AUMF against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. Kaine and Flake’s bipartisan AUMF explicitly authorizes military action against the three terrorist groups, gives Congress an oversight role it currently lacks over who can be considered to be “associated” with the terrorist groups and in which countries military action can take place, and provides an expedited process for Congress to re-authorize this AUMF in five years. Lastly, it repeals the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs. Full text of the AUMF is available here.

  • Southern Liberal

    Sounded to me like he was trying to provoke Pakistan and India at one point in his speech.

  • First primary challenger in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District exits race, backs Abigail Spanberger

    GLEN ALLEN, VA – Dr. Kim Gower, candidate for the 2018 Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 7th District, has ended her campaign and publicly announced her support for Abigail Spanberger’s candidacy.

    “When I entered the race, my primary objective was to bring the best possible representation to our community,” said Gower. “Now that Abigail has entered the race, I am confident that this will be accomplished. Abigail brings critical experience and the necessary knowledge, skills, and dedication to her candidacy, and I fully believe she is ready to work with people in this community to solve the challenges folks in Virginia’s 7th District will face in the coming years.”

    Throughout her campaign, Gower engaged with voters across the district. She has also pledged her support to the House of Delegates candidates running in 2017. Gower will continue to work for those campaigns and serve on several committees, focusing on education, voter information and involvement, and social justice.

    Gower is not ruling out future political runs, but at this time, she is confident that Spanberger will be a representative who brings strength, intelligence, and transparency to people here in central Virginia, and to those across the country.

    Spanberger is appreciative of Gower’s support. “It’s been wonderful getting to know Kim at events throughout our region over the last month. I appreciate the depth of conversation and the commitment she brought to her campaign. Her endorsement means a great deal to me personally and I look forward to our continued work together and friendship.”

  • Elizabeth Guzman Calls on Opponent to Denounce Trump

    Lingamfelter’s Calls Trump’s Response on Charlottesville “Spot On”

    Dale City, Va. – On Tuesday, August 22nd, Elizabeth Guzman, Democratic nominee for the 31st District, called for Scott Lingamfelter to retract his statement agreeing with the President’s response to events in Charlottesville.

    “Virginia is a state that is inclusive, a home for any family to work hard and build a life for themselves, and a place where businesses can thrive. Scott Lingamfelter should denounce the President’s defense of Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists,” said Guzman.

    In the aftermath of violence in Charlottesville, Lingamfelter posted on Facebook that agreed with President Donald Trump, who claimed that “both sides” share the blame in the violence.

    “Scott Lingamfelter’s support for President Trump’s defense of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists demonstrates his lack of moral leadership,” said Keith Brannum, campaign manager for Guzman. “The President has been universally denounced by business leaders, the military, and his own party. It’s time that Lingamfelter do the same.”

    Please see the following photo of Scott Lingamfelter’s statement on Facebook below: