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Audio: Ed Gillespie Goes Full Donald Trump/Corey Stewart on DREAMers


Ed Gillespie’s xenophobic, nasty, racist approach (as expressed on right-wing talk radio, audio below) might appeal to hardcore supporters of Donald Trump and/or Corey “Trump before he was Trump” Stewart, but other than that, it seems to me that this is a huge loser politically (not to mention morally) for Gillespie. First of all, quoting far-right wingnut Sen. Tom Cotton is not exactly encouraging. Second, and much worse, comparing DREAMers to someone who committed a “brutal murder here in Northern Virginia” (and “who was brought here as a child illegally”) is beyond repulsive (note: 99.99% of DREAMers are achievers, scholars, workers, etc — NOT criminals!). Third, just don’t vote for this crap in November — that is, if you want a Virginia that’s open, welcoming and prosperous as opposed to one that’s closed, bigoted and economically failing.

  • jim b

    When will we see old Ed wearing a robe or hood ? I was watching a Nats game last night and some sheriff was doing a campaign commercial for Ed and it sounded like what the nazi storm troopers at Charlottesville were up to.

  • Dan Rather:

    “Game On.”

    Throughout the entire Trump presidency, while Democrats and even many Republicans have been howling in anger and disgust, President Barack Obama has been largely silent. That is the usual norms for an ex-president, but as we have seen time and time again, the norms of our democracy are being shattered at a blinding pace.

    Make no mistake, the fact that President Obama has weighed in on the DACA decision, and in the way he did through a social media post on his Facebook page that takes direct aim at President Trump and his rationale, is an unprecedented political moment. What will be Mr. Trump’s response? How will this shift the tectonic plates of our national governance? Is it best for the Democrats to have a person who will almost assuredly not hold future elective office be their standard bearer on this? Is this a one-off statement or a re-engagement in the political trenches?

    In an unprecedented era, we once again find ourselves on uncharted ground. Mr. Obama has thrown down the gauntlet. We will have to see what happens next.

  • Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA02) statement:

    “While benevolent and well intended, it was illegal for President Obama to create this program; a President does not create laws. Therefore, President Trump is right to put the authority back into the hands of Congress. I believe Congress should create, negotiate, and pass a law protecting those in this stateless limbo, which should contain disincentives to future illegal immigrants from attempting the same and border security measures. There are DACA recipients who are as American as myself. Americans do not punish children for their parents’ sins. Under this Congress and this President we have returned to proper immigration enforcement and significantly reduced border crossings. Now is our time in Congress to lead with justice, mercy, and compassion on this issue.”

  • AaronWesterland

    “(note: 99.99% of DREAMers are achievers, scholars, workers, etc — NOT criminals!)”

    So their home countries must be chomping at the bit to get them back right?

    All this talent and promise?

    Oh, they’re not?

    They fight us tooth and nail on repatriation?

    Wonder why.

    Maybe because they’re just problems that were dumped on us and no one wants them back, save for cheap labor and votes here in the US?