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Democrat Kelly Fowler’s Emotionally Powerful Video on Running for Her Daughters’ Future


This following video by Democratic Virginia House of Delegates candidate Kelly Fowler (21st district – Virginia Beach; definitely a winnable, “purple” district) is very moving, might even bring a tear (or several tears) to your eyes. In the video, Fowler talks about her 8-year-old daughter being “heartbroken” after Trump’s election in November, that “the message she got was that the other side won, they were right, and that being different was not ok.” Fowler’s response is a powerful, emotional one:

And that’s when I truly woke up. I knew I had to do something to save her powerful,
generous, brilliant, caring spirit. So I took her to the Women’s March in DC and during the experience I realized that I needed that as much as she did. I accepted the call to no longer be silent. In an effort to save my daughter I found myself and was forever changed. The next month I decided to show both my girls what democracy looks like and I’m now running for office in my hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I won’t lie to you: it’s really hard — every day. I ask that you support me and encourage me through this. I promise that I won’t stop because I am responsible for the world that they live in. Thank you.

P.S. For information on why Fowler’s Republican opponent is exactly what we do NOT need in the Virginia House of Delegates, see here. And go Kelly Fowler!

  • Jeremiah Soria

    I’m not seeing many ads or signs for her around my home, within District 21. Also, given the walkover she basically had after easily fighting off Tom Brock in the primary, she still is very much a longshot. I hope to be pleasantly surprised in November.

    • Villaneuva had a very unimpressive primary win. As for Fowler, she can always use more money and volunteers…