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Mark Herring Demolishes John Adams in July-August Fundraising; Justin Fairfax Edges Jill Vogel [UPDATED]


July-August Virginia fundraising numbers are coming in (see VPAP), and so far (6:10 pm) it’s looking good for the “blue team.” I’ll update this post as more numbers come in, but for now…enjoy! 🙂


  • Ralph Northam (D): Raised $7,214,788 in July-August, spent $3,345,225, had $5,615,156 cash on hand as of 8/31.
  • Ed Gillespie (R): Raised $3,690,705 in July-August, spent $4,362,537, had $2,600,351 cash on hand as of 8/31.


  • Justin Fairfax (D): Raised $439,229 in July-August, spent $208,477 and had $302,201 cash on hand as of 8/31.
  • Jill Vogel (R): Raised $402,841 in July-August, spent $173,386 and had $316,046 cash on hand as of 8/31.


  • Mark Herring (D): Raised $1,246,892 in July-August, spent $798,002 and had $2,919,679 cash on hand as of 8/31.
  • John Adams (R): Raised $250,647 in July-August, spent $336,634 and had $597,983 cash on hand as of 8/31.


HD-2: Jennifer Carroll Foy (D) raised $95,128, had $53,583 cash on hand; Michael David Makee (R) raised $33,727, had $27,944 cash on hand.

HD-10: Wendy Gooditis (D) raised $70,114, had $92,319 cash on hand; Del. Randy Minchew (R) raised $53,252, had $221,885 cash on hand.

HD-12: Chris Hurst (D) raised $157,274, had $146,925 cash on hand; Del. Joseph Yost (R) raised $78,768, had $132,538 cash on hand.

HD-13: Danica Roem (D) raised $218,885, had $160,314 cash on hand; Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R) raised $34,520, had $94,867 cash on hand

HD-21: Kelly Fowler (D) raised $52,338, had $35,973 cash on hand; Del. Ron Villaneuva (R) raised $58,771, had $63,183 cash on hand.

HD-27: Larry Barnett (D) raised $37,906, had $37,187 cash on hand; Del. Roxann Robinson (R) raised $25,975, had $85,032 cash on hand.

HD-31: Elizabeth Guzman (D) raised $163,227, had $110,752 cash on hand; Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R) raised $93,313, had $100,534 cash on hand.

HD-32: David Reid (D) raised $111,001, had $140,427 cash on hand Del. Tag Greason (R) raised $97,082, had $156,513 cash on hand.

HD-33: Tia Walbridge (D) raised $51,727, had $41,009 cash on hand; Del. Dave LaRock (R) raised $17,408, had $36,240 cash on hand.

HD-40: Donte Tanner (D) raised $108,939, had $69,991 cash on hand; Del. Tim Hugo (R) raised $92,909, had $174,079 cash on hand.

HD-42: Kathy Tran (D) raised $107,018, had $83,718 cash on hand; Lolita Mancheno-Smoak (R) raised $42,291, had $26,820 cash on hand.

HD-50: Lee Carter (D) raised $38,896, had $30,661 cash on hand; Del. Jackson Miller (R) raised $46,960, had $216,538 cash on hand.

HD-51: Hala Ayala (D) raised $144,697, had $78,611 cash on hand; Del. Rich Anderson (R) raised $91,803, had $147,629 cash on hand.

HD-67: Karrie Delaney (D) raised $115,281, had $97,001 cash on hand; Del. Jim LeMunyon (R) raised $145,493, had $90,084 cash on hand.

HD-68: Dawn Adams (D) raised $47,831, had $35,567 cash on hand; Del. Manoli Loupassi (R) raised $100,419, had $187,299 cash on hand.

HD-72: Schuyler VanValkenburg (D) raised $71,469, had $68,371 cash on hand; Eddie Whitlock (R) raised $104,951, had $78,337 cash on hand.

HD-73: Debra Rodman (D) raised $57,484, had $42,484 cash on hand; Del. John O’Bannon (R) raised $57,447, had $127,253 cash on hand.

HD-85: Cheryl Turpin (D) raised $61,754, had $95,304 cash on hand; Del. Rocky Holcomb (R) raised $67,331, had $51,426 cash on hand.

HD-87: Del John Bell (D) raised $160,632, had $131,771 cash on hand; Subba Kolla (R) raised $93,640, had $196,406 cash on hand.

HD-93: Del. Mike Mullin (D) raised $102,015, had $150,936 cash on hand; Heather Cordasco (R) raised $64,418, had $14,741 cash on hand.

HD-94: Shelly Simonds (D) raised $46,253, had $42,957 cash on hand; Del. David Yancey (R) raised $82,375, had $218,748 cash on hand.

HD-100: Willie Randall (D) raised $34,677, had $14,159 cash on hand; Del. Rob Bloxom (R) raised $18,090, had $70,756 cash on hand.

  • Northam for Governor Raises More Than $8.8 million in the General Election, From 13,630 Contributions; Has $5.62 Million On Hand

    Northam has raised more than $16.38 million for the cycle from 67,452 individual contributions with 89% being $100 or less

    Richmond — Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced it raised $7,214,788.57for the last reporting period ending August 31, bringing Ralph Northam’s total amount raised this cycle to $16,383,569.53. The Northam campaign currently has more than $5.62 million cash on hand as of the August 31 reporting deadline.

    During the period covering July 1 – August 31, Northam for Governor and Stronger Together PAC raised $7,220,900.81 from 11,963 contributions.

    Between Northam for Governor and Stronger Together PAC, Northam has a vast grassroots network with more than 67,452 contributions, with more than 89% of those contributions being $100 or less.

    “Virginians from across the Commonwealth support Dr. Northam because they know he will bring economic opportunity for all Virginians, no matter who they are or where they live,” said campaign manager Brad Komar. “Ed Gillespie will be nothing more than Donald Trump’s lobbyist in Virginia. He has a record of only showing up when he’s paid to, Dr. Northam has a record of showing up to serve Virginians. The difference could not be starker in this election.”

    Please note that Stronger Together PAC has a different reporting period and is not reported during this fundraising report. In the interest of disclosure, the campaign has provided those numbers below.

    Total for the cycle — Northam for Governor and Stronger Together PAC
    Raised: $16,383,569.53
    Contributions: 67,452
    Cash on Hand: $5,621,268.32

    Northam for Governor and Stronger Together PAC (July 1- August 31)
    Raised: $7,220,900.81
    Contributions: 11,963

    Northam for Governor – (July 1 – August 31)
    Raised: $7,214,788.57
    Cash on Hand: $5,615,156.08

    Stronger Together PAC – (July 1 – August 31)
    Raised: $6112.24

  • Justin Fairfax Outraises Opponent in Lt. Governor’s Race

    ARLINGTON, Va. — Today, Justin Fairfax announced an impressive $439,823 raised in just two months for this period’s fundraising deadline. Fairfax raised more than his opponent despite the Republican State Leadership Committee contributing $150,000 to her campaign just before the deadline.

    Justin Fairfax, a former federal prosecutor, made the following statement regarding his impressive fundraising numbers:

    “Thank you to all of the supporters who believe in our campaign. It is no small act to show this type of overwhelming support. Our message of economic security and opportunity is resonating across Virginia and I look forward to continuing to carry a positive message to voters. I’m confident that in fifty-two days voters will show the GOP that their divisive agenda has no place in Virginia. We will keep working to reach every voter in Virginia with a positive message of economic security and opportunity.”

  • Top contributors to Ralph Northam in July/August:

    $1,000,000 DGA Action 8/11/2017
    $700,000 Virginia League of Conservation Voters 8/31/2017
    $400,000 Democratic Party Of Virginia 8/31/2017
    $316,000 Bills Mr. Michael D 7/31/2017
    $300,000 NEA Fund for Children & Public Education 8/31/2017
    $160,000 Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political Education Fund 8/30/2017
    $125,000 American Federation of Teachers 7/28/2017
    $100,000 United Association 8/30/2017
    $100,000 International Association of Fire Fighters 7/31/2017
    $75,000 United Food and Commercial Workers 8/31/2017
    $50,000 Katz Marc H 8/30/2017
    $50,000 Silberstein Stephen M. 8/4/2017
    $50,000 AFSCME 8/31/2017
    $50,000 Rice Mr. Edward H Jr. 8/28/2017
    $50,000 Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC 8/30/2017
    $50,000 International Association of Fire Fighters 8/30/2017
    $50,000 Baltimore Washington Construction & Public Employees 8/30/2017
    $50,000 Brunckhorst Frank 8/23/2017

  • Top contributors to Ed Gillespie in July/August:

    $2,000,000 A Stronger Virginia 7/24/2017
    $133,000 Faison Jay W. 7/18/2017
    $100,000 Wynn Stephen A. 8/8/2017
    $100,000 Uihlein Richard E. 7/25/2017
    $50,000 Gilliam Richard Baxter 8/8/2017
    $50,000 The United Company 8/29/2017
    $50,000 Atkins Paul S. 8/24/2017

  • Top contributors to LG nominees in July/August:

    Jill Vogel
    $150,000 Republican State Leadership Committee 8/31/2017
    $10,000 McWaters Jeff 7/23/2017
    $10,000 Gilliam Marvin 7/12/2017

    Justin Fairfax
    $25,000 Gupta Margaret 7/23/2017
    $25,000 Bills Michael D 7/18/2017
    $20,000 Jecklin Ivan 8/11/2017
    $15,000 Abramson Ronald D 8/24/2017
    $10,000 Warner Mark 8/8/2017
    $10,000 Smith Diane M 8/29/2017
    $10,000 Frederick David 8/31/2017
    $10,000 Service Employees International Union C.O.P.E. 7/27/2017
    $10,000 Virginia Legislative Black Caucus 8/30/2017
    $10,000 Matthews Suzann W. 7/10/2017

  • Top contributors to AG Mark Herring in July/August:

  • $500,000 DAGA VA 2017 8/4/2017
    $75,000 The NEA Fund for Children & Public Education 8/30/2017
    $50,000 International Association of Fire Fighters 8/3/2017
    $20,000 One Commonwealth PAC 8/30/2017
    $15,000 Abramson Mr. Ronald D. 8/27/2017
    $12,500 United Food and Commercial Workers International Union 8/30/2017
    $10,000 Warner The Hon. Mark R. 8/15/2017
    $10,000 AFSCME 8/31/2017
    $10,000 Virginia State UAW Political Action Committee 8/30/2017
    $10,000 Galaria Irfan 7/19/2017
    $10,000 Baltimore Washington Construction & Public Employees Laborers PAC 8/31/2017
    $10,000 SEIU COPE 8/7/2017

  • Top Contributors to John Adams in July/August

    $10,000 Estes Express Lines 8/31/2017
    $10,000 Gilliam Marvin 7/12/2017
    $10,000 Annandale Millwork and Alalied Systems Corp. 8/31/2017
    $5,000 Minor G. Gilmer III 7/18/2017
    $5,000 Genworth Financial GNA Corporation 8/31/2017
    $5,000 Schaubach Dwight C. 7/28/2017
    $5,000 Williams Mullen 8/8/2017
    $5,000 Christian and Barton LLP 8/31/2017
    $5,000 McGuire Woods State PAC 8/31/2017
    $5,000 Crutchfield William G. 8/31/2017
    $5,000 Southern States PBA 8/31/2017
    $5,000 Massie for Delegate 8/24/2017
    $5,000 Dominion Political Action Committee – VA 7/28/2017
    $5,000 Smith Gerald 8/24/2017
    $5,000 John Crane Inc. 8/24/2017
    $5,000 Melton Paul 8/24/2017
    $5,000 Morgan Herbert N. 8/31/2017
    $5,000 Hunton & Williams 8/23/2017
    $5,000 Mahoney Paul 8/31/2017

  • Nice!

    VanValkenburg Reports Outstanding Fundraising Totals

    Public School Teacher Records 2,385 Individual Contributions. His Opponent Received 59.

    Henrico, VA, 9/16/2017 – Schuyler VanValkenburg has posted another phenomenal fundraising period. As of the most recent filing required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, VanValkenburg has raised a total of $159,809. VanValkenburg, a public school teacher, recorded 2,385 individual contributions for July and August and has an astounding 3,592 total contributors through September 1st.

    VanValkenburg issued the following statement:

    I am truly grateful for the thousands of people who have donated to my campaign. These donations will allow us to continue to talk to voters all over the 72nd district and share my vision for how we can move Henrico County forward with energetic new leadership.

    The finance reports are even more staggering when you look in detail. In the most recent period, VanValkenburg raised $71,469 to opponent Ed Whitlock’s $69,951. Furthermore, Whitlock recorded only 59 individual contributions.

    The majority of Ed Whitlock’s money came from PACs and GOP officials, rather than from voters. Furthermore, Whitlock, a foreclosure and debt collection attorney, has now loaned his campaign a total of $100,000.

    VanValkenburg issued the following statement:

    My opponent has loaned the equivalent of two years of my salary as a public school teacher to his own campaign. I am proud of the over 3,000 individuals who have backed my campaign, and I know that my opponent will not be able to buy his way into the House of Delegates because of the work we have done to engage voters in the community.

  • From DPVA:

    Cha-Ching: Trumpworld Gives Big to Ed Gillespie

    Did Trump Money Buy Gillespie’s Silence This Summer on ACA Repeal and the President’s Charlottesville Response? Trumpworld is all in for Ed Gillespie.

    A new fundraising report released late last night showed that prominent supporters of President Trump have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Gillespie. In fact, three of Gillespie’s top five donors — financier Steve Wynn, White House advisor Paul Atkins and businessman Richard Uihlein — are also major political and financial backers of the President.

    The donations from Trump’s political allies were a rare bright spot in what was an otherwise dismal financial report for Gillespie. And the influx of Trump money to the financially beleaguered Gillespie campaign helps explain Gillespie’s stunning refusal to break with the President on issues like Trumpcare and Charlottesville.

    Trump donors are well known for using their financial position to punish Republican politicians who break with the President. Wynn (Gillespie’s second biggest donor) infamously used his financial leverage to get Senator Dean Heller to back Trumpcare. The threat worked: Heller, like Gillespie, eventually fell in line behind the President.

    “Today’s fundraising report proves that Ed Gillespie’s cash-strapped campaign is now financially dependent on Donald Trump’s closest allies,” said DPVA spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “This summer, Trump allies seemingly bought Gillespie’s silence on everything from Trumpcare to the President’s response to the violence in Charlottesville. Trump’s pals know that Ed Gillespie will be the President’s lobbyist in Richmond — and that’s why they are investing big in this race.”


    Wynn Gave About $1 Million To Trump’s Inauguration. “For last month’s inauguration, Wynn turned party planner and helped secure some of the entertainment. ‘We haven’t added everything up, but it’s $800,000, $900,000 or a $1 million,’ he said of his personal contribution to the event.” [Bloomberg, 2/6/17]

    Wynn Was On Trump’s Inaugural Committee. “Billionaire casino moguls Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn have joined President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural committee and will help raise the millions needed to pull off the Jan. 20 event.” [USA Today, 11/15/16]

    The Uihleins Gave Over $600,000 To Trump. “Other highlights: Republican megadonors Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein gave a combined $500,000 (Uihlein earlier gave $108,000 to Trump’s campaign and super PACs).” [OpenSecrets, 4/19/17]

    Uihlein Was On Trump’s Fundraising Committee. “In Wisconsin, the story is different. The two top Republican donors here, Diane Hendricks and the husband and wife team of Elizabeth and Richard Uihlein, have both joined the leadership of Donald Trump’s fundraising committee after giving to Gov. Scott Walker in the GOP presidential primary.” [USA Today, 8/31/16]


    Atkins Is Trump’s Leading Adviser On Financial Regulations. “A provision tucked into the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform law requiring companies to release a ratio of CEO compensation versus median worker pay has nothing to do with preventing the next financial crisis, said Paul Atkins, former SEC commissioner and President Donald Trump’s leading advisor on financial regulations.” [CNBC, 2/7/17]

  • First-Time Candidate Debra Rodman Outraises 17-year Politician John O’Bannon in House District 73

    Henrico, VA– Heading into the fall campaign season, the latest finance reports in House District 73 show strong momentum building for challenger Debra Rodman while 17-year incumbent Delegate John O’Bannon III stalls.

    Grassroots support drove Rodman’s fundraising, which boasted over 2,500 contributions averaging just $22.25 per contribution. In contrast, O’Bannon received just 137 contributions averaging over $419.

    “I am tremendously proud of the widespread support that I received in July and August,” said Debra Rodman. “We have worked extremely hard to promote our message of affordable and accessible healthcare, high quality public education, and an economy built for the 21st century, and this outpouring shows that our campaign is really resonating with voters and the grass-roots.”

    Rodman’s broad support base stands in stark contrast to O’Bannon, who again relied on large contributions, almost half of which came from corporations or special interests.