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Northam Campaign: “Gillespie and Republicans…’creating their own Pravda'” Here in Virginia


Just what we do NOT need here in Virginia (bolding added by me for emphasis).

Turns out “fake news” is real, just not the way Donald Trump thinks it is. The Republican Governors Association—the GOP’s official campaign arm dedicated to electing Republican governors nationwide—is connected to two websites that purport to be independent news sources but are, in reality, propaganda platforms that support GOP candidates.

The first, launched in Virginia as a way to boost Ed Gillespie’s flaccid campaign, is the at-least-mildly-obvious Republican Standard, which describes itself as “a new media journal delivering clear, factual and smartly-balanced information to Virginia’s public square.” The Republican Standard, which is run by GOP operatives tied to Gillespie and “to a firm that has been paid by the RGA,” devotes most of its space to pro-Gillespie items and pieces that shed an unfavorable light on Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam. (When contacted for comment on the site, the Gillespie campaign refused to say anything, instead referring questions to the RGA.) The site’s senior editor is Shaun Kenney, and his Republican Standard bio conveniently fails to mention that he used to be executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia.

So, yeah, we now have one right-wing political blog here in Virginia that’s bought-and-paid-for by Dominion Energy, the theoretically state-regulated monopoly utility that, in fact, uses its money and influence to buy up/”capture” our Commonwealth’s political system, regulatory agencies, etc. And we have another right-wing political blog that the Northam campaign calls “Gillespie and Republicans…’creating their own Pravda,’ a nod to the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.” So much, apparently, for that “Blogger Code of Ethics” we discussed way back when at the Sorensen Institute. Sigh.

  • Speaking of Pravda…how about VA GOP Chair John Whitbeck’s strange version of reality?


  • Shaun Kenney

    RGA can link to our news articles and op-eds same as anyone else. Besides, Media Matters and Blue Virginia have been playing this game with progressives for a decade or more. Didn’t you come to an arrangement with Dominion 10 years ago?

    BTW, nice ad wall. Hard to take this critique seriously when there is literally a “for sale” sign on your website. In the meantime, we will at least adhere to the spirit of ethics in new media, even if others violated it in the breach many years ago.


    • a) What “game” are you referring to with MediaMatters? No clue what you’re referring to
      b) An “arrangement with Dominion?” Again, no clue what you’re referring to
      c) What’s wrong with having advertising? The key is fully disclosing who we work for, which I do (e.g., not working for any of the folks currently advertising on the side of this blog)

      • True Blue

        This excerpt explains the situation well and shows that RGA’s fake news site reflects just another version of Koch or Fox NoNews influence:

        “The GOP’s efforts to inject actual propaganda into the media bloodstream is insidious, to be sure, but it’s also an indicator of fear. If Republicans thought their candidates could win on their own merits and their own records, they wouldn’t be stooping to tactics notoriously employed by Russia, the former Soviet Union, and other totalitarian regimes. Republicans fear the truth about their own party so much that they’ve created an official party outlet that seeks to cloak partisan spin in the guise of real news.” C. Fiddler