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VA Democratic Party Calls on Clara Belle Wheeler to Resign from State Board of Elections


From DPVA:

DPVA Calls on Clara Belle Wheeler to Resign from State Board of Elections

RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker today called for Dr. Clara Belle Wheeler to resign her position as vice chairwoman of the Virginia State Board of Elections.

“In a deliberate effort to shake voters’ faith in the electoral process, Clara Belle Wheeler has made patently false allegations of massive and widespread voter fraud,” said Swecker. “These baseless allegations are intended to dissuade people from exercising their fundamental right to vote. Undermining the very electoral system with which she is entrusted is a dereliction of duty, and actively advocating for the election of Republicans while overseeing the election system is a conflict of interest. We call for her immediate resignation today.”

Wheeler’s allegations came to light in an article published by the Winchester Star. According to the Star, Wheeler told the Winchester-Frederick-Clarke Republican Women’s Club that:

  • “Massive, well-organized, well-orchestrated voter fraud … happens every day”
  • This year’s election is “the most important” election in memory because “if [Republicans] don’t win this election we will never win another election in Virginia because [the Democrats] will tear up the election process.”
  • “It’s not who votes that counts…It’s who counts the votes.”

The Star also reported that “Wheeler used the occasion to stump heavily for Republicans in the upcoming election, giving the women’s group tips on how to plug for Republican candidates in public places like the grocery store and how to wear bumper stickers on leather purses without getting sticker residue on them.”

  • old_redneck

    I’m a member of our county electoral board. This is outrageous!!!!!

    She needs to go.

    • Goengo

      Only since evidence of fraud was presented to the board and the 2 democrats decided not to investigate – which is a vote to allow it to continue.

  • From DPVA:

    Embattled Elections Official Admits to Quoting Stalin Often to Instill Fear in Voters

    In an article published today by the Winchester Star, Clara Belle Wheeler, vice-chairwoman of the state board of elections, admitted that she often quoted Stalin to instill distrust of the electoral system.

    According to the Star, Wheeler admitted she often paraphrased Joseph Stalin when telling voters, “It’s not who votes that counts…It’s who counts the votes.”

    The Star reported, “Friday night, Wheeler said she often uses Stalin’s quote, and attributes it to him, in order to illustrate the need for fairness and accuracy in U.S. elections.”

    Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker yesterday called on Wheeler to resign after she made baseless allegations that “massive, well-organized, well-orchestrated voter fraud … happens every day.”

    “We have an elections official who admits to quoting Joseph Stalin in her efforts to perpetuate distrust of the electoral process,” said Democratic Party of Virginia spokeswoman Katie Baker. “Furthermore, she actively advocates for the election of Republicans while overseeing the election system. This is a blatant conflict of interest: Clara Belle Wheeler should resign today.”

    • old_redneck

      Thank you!

    • Goengo

      Wheeler quoted Stalin just as I sometimes do. It’s not an endorsement of Stalin or his tactics (as I suspect you well know). It is an acknowledgement that when voter fraud is ignored, our elections are not fair. Ignoring it can undermine our democracy.

      I can’t imagine why anyone would claim this is an attempt to discourage voting. To me it is motivation to vote.

      Yes, she advocates for Republicans when she isn’t acting in her role as electoral board member.. The Democrats on the electoral board advocate for Democrats in their free time, too. Are you also calling for their resignations? Why not? Double standards are unacceptable.

      The issue of voter fraud has been presented to the electoral board – with specific evidence presented. The two democrats on the board refused to allow the board to look into the matter or eliminate the fraud presented to them because the fraud benefits the Democratic. Party. It’s one thing for a member to speak to fellow Republicans about electing Republican candidates in her free time. It’s far more serious to have democrats on the committee ignore voter fraud in order to ensure democratic wins.

  • old_redneck

    In case anyone thinks Wheeler is alone in her crusade against voting rights, check it out — she’s working in league with these crooks:


    • Goengo

      That article is pure bs.

  • Will

    Ms Wheeler has quoted Stalin, MLK, and many others to encourage people to go vote and to watch for voter fraud. Harrisonburg democrats have been caught turning in dead people names for registrations, overvotes in democrat precincts are facts, no they voter suppression. Consider this from the last general election: hillary clinton won ONLY 54 counties the last election, and most of those had MASSIVE OVERVOTES! Her supposed “2.5 million popular vote victory” came from areas where MASSIVE overvotes occurred. Heck, the Recounts were stopped in Chicago, Philadelphia, and other cities when it was realized there were more votes than registered voters! So yea, Ms Wheeler is right-there IS massive election fraud happening, and not one of those areas it happened did a republican win…you consider that.

  • jenncoolfla

    Let’s add Greg Riddlemoser of Stafford County’s Board of Elections to the recall! What he did during the election and immediately following are grounds for his recall!