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DPVA Calls on Jill Vogel to Condemn Corey Stewart’s Transphobic Attack on Danica Roem


From DPVA:

DPVA Calls on Jill Vogel to Condemn Corey Stewart’s Transphobic Attack on Danica Roem

RICHMOND, Va. – The Democratic Party of Virginia today called on Jill Vogel to condemn Corey Stewart’s transphobic attack on journalist Danica Roem, our Democratic nominee in the 13th House District.

Vogel appeared with Stewart yesterday at a “Bikers for Trump” campaign rally for the Republican ticket, where, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Stewart “referred to Roem as ‘he’ and said she is part of the category of Democrats he considers ‘weirdos’”.

“Jill Vogel has tried to cozy up to the LGBTQ community, yet she campaigned yesterday with a man who called a transgender candidate a ‘weirdo’ and referred to her with a masculine pronoun,” said Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “If Jill Vogel truly stands with the LGBTQ community, she will condemn this transphobic attack. She had a choice between hatred or unity, bigotry or fairness, yesterday or tomorrow. And Jill Vogel chose hatred, bigotry and yesterday.”

“Senator Vogel sent campaigners to Pride festivals in Virginia this year, and at Pride, we speak out against discrimination no matter who it affects,” said Roem. “Senator Vogel, please condemn this hate speech and work with us to make Virginia a more inclusive commonwealth.”

The Republican Party of Virginia recently paid for a campaign mailer that misgendered Roem, as reported this weekend by the Washington Post.

If elected, Roem would be the first openly-transgender lawmaker elected and seated in a state legislature. She is working to unseat Delegate Bob Marshall, who sponsored a “bathroom bill” even more extreme than North Carolina’s HB2.

  • Pride Fund Calls on Jill Vogel to Condemn Corey Stewart’s Transphobic Attack

    Washington, D.C, October 30, 2017 – Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC – America’s only national LGBTQ political organization solely focused on gun violence prevention– today released the following statement in response to Jill Vogel’s failure to condemn Corey Stewart’s transphobic attack against Pride Fund endorsed transgender candidate, Danica Roem. Jill Vogel is the Republican nominee running for Virginia Lieutenant Governor against Democrat Justin Fairfax.

    “Vogel’s decision to campaign with Corey Stewart, and her failure to condemn his blatantly transphobic remarks proves that she will not be an ally to the LGBTQ community,” said Jason Lindsay, Executive Director of Pride Fund to End Gun Violence. “We demand Jill Vogel denounce Stewart’s disrespectful and hurtful comments immediately.”

    “Sadly, this is not the first time we’ve seen Vogel exploit transgender people for political purposes. Her campaign previously sent out a piece of mail, stating: ‘Do you want Barack Obama to set transgender bathroom policies at your children’s school?,’” said Lindsay. “We’re confident that voters will make their voices heard on Election Day by rejecting Jill Vogel and her hysterical fearmongering campaign by electing Justin Fairfax, a true advocate for the LGBTQ community.”