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Monday News: Corker Warns Trump Leading Us to World War III; Pathetic Pence; Gillespie FINALLY Comments on Neo-Nazi Rally in Cville


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, October 9.

  • Quizzical

    It is interesting to recall that right after the election, Jared Kushner was publicly given credit for the Trump campaign’s innovative and inexpensive use of Facebook.

  • From my good friend, PW County teacher and community leader Atif Qarni:

    Dear PWC friends, I emailed the School Board and the Superintendent requesting to speak at the next school board meeting scheduled for October 18th during Citizen’s Time. The subject will be bullying in schools (recent incidents–Freedom HS student required to carry a note to wear a headscarf, Brentsville HS African American female student having pencils thrown at her hair by classmates, and Battlefield HS student threating on social media to kill all Muslims, etc.). There are so many more stories about bullying and discrimination in our schools that need to be heard.

    Please email pwcsclerk@pwcs.edu and sign up to speak. As parents and teachers, we need to be the voice for our kids and students. There have been too many disturbing incidents with students of color lately and the response rate by school administrators in many cases has been poor. If you are frustrated like I am, please sign up to speak and share your experience and demand that a cultural awareness program be implemented ASAP for our school system.

  • EW Jackson, shorter version: It’s all black people’s fault, stop complainin’ and start prayin’


    • True Blue

      What does the EWWW say about that white-on-white massacre of 58 concert-goers that just occurred in Las Vegas?

      • Railing against gun control, stuff like this (including not knowing how to spell “despicable”): “Already leftists launch into gun control hysteria: Never let a good crisis go to waste. Dispicable! Can we just mourn for fellow citizens!”

  • Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement following Scott Pruitt’s announcement to reverse the Clean Power Plan:

    “The lack of regard for public health is infuriating. Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Trump Administration’s decision to reverse the Clean Power Plan was probably made during Mr. Pruitt’s many meetings with industry and corporate executives and lobbyists – average Americans, without corporate connections, will suffer the most after this unfortunate decision.
    “An administration that actually cared about upholding the EPA’s mission would not reverse a lifesaving plan that prioritizes public’s health and a sustainable future. The Clean Power Plan was written to limit the carbon pollution emitted into the air that we breathe. The Clean Power Plan assisted with our nation’s transition to clean energy dependence and green jobs, the path toward a cleaner future.

    “This reversal puts Americans at risk in more than one way, and I urge Mr. Pruitt to reconsider.”