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Video: Justin Fairfax Utterly Routs Trump-Loving Jill Vogel in Virginia Lt. Governor Forum


The forum just ended, and it was a total rout of Republican Jill Vogel by Democrat Justin Fairfax. Check out the video, and my live tweets, below. And go Justin Fairfax, our state’s next Lt. Governor!

It’s really amazing how badly @JillHVogel was outclassed, outsmarted and routed by @FairfaxJustin tonight. No contest.

@JillHVogel doesn’t mention how Va. GOP massively politicized the judiciary, kicking Jane Marum Roush off the Supreme Court

@FairfaxJustin correctly points out that @EdWGillespie @JillHVogel @JohnAdamsforVA would be rubber stamps for @realDonaldTrump

@JillHVogel dodges, ducks and weaves to avoid talking about what Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump are doing on Title 9, etc.

As @FairfaxJustin talks facts, @JillHVogel rolling her eyes, smirking, looking at her friends in the audience for a lifeline

@JillHVogel now spewing out falsehoods about Medicaid expansion, which even a number of GOP-controlled states have done.

@JillHVogel really doesn’t want to talk about Medicaid expansion, desperate to change the subject to federal issues. Pathetic.

@JillHVogel blocking 400,000 Virginians from having health insurance and throwing away billions of $$$ for no good reason.

@JillHVogel claims to know a lot about energy, but having worked at @EIAgov for 17 yrs, I can definitively say she does not

@FairfaxJustin – @JillHVogel “addicted to ad hominem attacks”; notes that her primary opponent threatened to sue for defamation

And now @JillHVogel claims she didn’t say @FairfaxJustin was unintelligent, just uninformed. Riiiiiiight.

Why does @JillHVogel keep looking into the audience smiling and smirking? A bit uncomfortable getting her head handed to her?

@FairfaxJustin points out that @JillHVogel just hired another Trump adviser for her campaign, no wonder her campaign’s so vicious

And @JillHVogel’s retort? That @FairfaxJustin, a super-smart guy, is not smart enough to understand her legislation? LOL

@FairfaxJustin correctly points out that @JillHVogel’s transvaginal ultrasound bill made Virginia the laughingstock of the nation

It’s amazing how awkward @JillHVogel looks. Of course, given her horrendous, extremist positions, it’s not so surprising.

Not sure how @FairfaxJustin is restraining himself from laughing at @JillHVogel’s ridiculous, nonsensical, dishonest answers

And now, yet another one of @JillHVogel’s “greatest hits” – her mandatory, government-imposed “transvaginal ultrasound” bill…

@FairfaxJustin pummeling @JillHVogel for her, uh, factually challenged answers and horrible votes in the State Senate

@JillHVogel claims, laughably, that she supports paying for transportation improvements in Virginia, but she voted no to fund it.

BTW, @JillHVogel said “we own an AR-15 and I think they are great”

And now @JillHVogel arguing strongly against raising the minimum wage, even though a majority of Virginia voters support $15/hour #VALGForum

Sure you are – women’s right to choose, people’s right to vote, etc. But you want absolute rights on guns. Priorities, priorities….

In short, @JillHVogel doesn’t believe there should be ANY restrictions on ANY type of gun. That puts her in a tiny minority of Virginians.

Highly revealing to watch @JillHVogel, a few days after Las Vegas gun massacre, not back down AT ALL from her gun extremism. #VALGForum

@JillHVogel shows zero understanding of the constitution if she really thinks that the 2nd amendment means anything goes on weapons.

@JillHVogel doesn’t back down at all from being a tool and puppet of the extremist nutjob NRA.

@JillHVogel saying that any restrictions on guns – even machine guns, etc. – is unconstitutional. Totally out of the mainstream.

  • Such a mismatch, almost felt sorry for Jill Vogel…but not quite.

    DNC Congratulates Justin Fairfax on Debate Victory

    After Justin Fairfax’s clear victory in tonight’s Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial debate, DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh issued the following statement in response:

    “After tonight’s debate, it is clearer than ever that Justin Fairfax is the best candidate for lieutenant governor and would most importantly put Virginians over millionaires, billionaires and special interests. Fairfax will work hand-in-hand with Ralph Northam to create economic opportunity for all Virginians and build a modern workforce of tomorrow. Fairfax will always fight for affordable access to quality health care, especially to ensure a woman can make her own health decisions. Meanwhile, Jill Vogel quickly showed just how desperate she is to win this race when she devolved into petty, personal attacks, sinking as low as to question Fairfax’s intelligence. Time and again, Vogel clearly demonstrated she will be Donald Trump’s and Ed Gillespie’s puppet by supporting everything from cruel health care repeal plans to a tax plan that would line the pockets of their fellow millionaires and billionaires while increasing taxes for many hard-working Virginia families. Both Vogel and Gillespie would happily cut taxes for the top 1% and jeopardize funding for public education, transportation, and health care, and Virginians will reject them this November.”

  • From the Justin Fairfax campaign:

    Statement on Virginia Bar Association Lieutenant Governor Forum

    “Justin showed an definitive command of the issues tonight; focused on increasing access to affordable healthcare for all Virginians, expanding economic opportunity throughout the Commonwealth, and keeping Virginians safe with common sense gun reform. We need a bold leader with an intelligent vision to chart our way forward– and that leader is Justin Fairfax. With only 4 weeks to November 7, we are eager to take our vision of a positive, inclusive Virginia to voters across the Commonwealth.

    Jill Vogel’s unfitting remarks about Justin’s intelligence tonight truly showed the stark contrast Virginians have. We do not need a lieutenant governor who stoops low enough to insult her opponents. I am proud to stand with Justin every day, but tonight he showed who has the real experience to lead Virginia.”

  • DPVA Congratulates Fairfax on Decisive Victory in LG Debate
    Fairfax lays out a positive economic vision while Vogel says he can’t “talk intelligently” about issues

    RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker issued the following statement on Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee Justin Fairfax’s decisive win over Jill Vogel in tonight’s debate at the University of Richmond Law School:

    “We could not be more proud of Justin Fairfax, who tonight laid out a positive vision that builds on the work of Governor McAuliffe to grow an economy in which everyone can rise. Justin supports raising the minimum wage, training people for higher-paying jobs, and getting 400,000 people access to affordable health care through Medicaid expansion. Meanwhile, Jill Vogel made a demeaning and condescending attack on Justin’s intelligence and said people who make the minimum wage don’t want a raise. She also said that she wasn’t running for Lieutenant Governor to take anyone’s rights away, even though she has sought to limit women’s reproductive freedom by forcing them to undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasounds. Virginians’ choice is clear, as Justin Fairfax will fight for all Virginians. We congratulate him on this decisive win and look forward to electing him as our next Lieutenant Governor on November 7th.”

    The debate, which was hosted by the law school in partnership with the Virginia Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, can be viewed in its entirety on Justin Fairfax’s campaign Facebook page. Vogel said she thought Fairfax was “not informed enough” “to talk intelligently” about issues around the 43:00 minute mark.

  • ToddSmyth

    Holy crap, no exaggeration in the post title.

    I would like to see our candidates respond to cherry picked study’s used to say why regulations don’t work with something like: The United States has the worst gun violence in the world because of elected officials like my opponent who cherry picks studies to justify her defense of mass murder. Her campaign is funded by the NRA, who represent the gun manufacturers who make massive profits every time one of these mass murders happens. After the events in Las Vegas, the stock value of gun manufacturers sky rocketed in the U.S. Every mass murder we have financially benefits my opponent.

  • Kenneth Ferland

    The Seattle study being talking about here was utter garbage using exotic and flawed methodologies. The consensus of all studies on minimum wage is that it dose not hurt employment at all. Seattle saw unemployment DROP, and even restaurant employment went up.